Friday 17 May 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

17 May  2019

Merely Sinhalese or Sri Lankans?

This morning I said to our son to pay his respects to Mr Bob Hawk, who according to me was a caring leader. I have never met Mr Hawk or any other Australian PM in person but  as a citizen I did not experience too much pain under Mr Hawk’s leadership.

I did under Mr Howard’s. The Courts dismissed my Racial Discrimination complaints. But the gods heard me. In the process I learnt about the parallel difficulties within mainstream also. When we fly – we do not have direct influence over the actions of the pilots. But as per my cultural grooming – I pray for our common safety. Had I been a safe driver/leader in my environment, then I have the ‘right’ to access the common safety Energy pool. For this reason, I follow the crew’s safety instructions during take-off. That shows respect for others’ work and training. I do likewise to the operator of the cleaning truck that operates on Coogee beach, in the early hours of the morning. That is when I have the natural right to expect good experience when I go to the Beach. ‘Customer is Right’ principle is developed on that basis. Likewise in Democracy, the Citizen is Right until proven otherwise. Our experiences educate us about our leaders – whether they are positive or negative for us. Tomorrow I cast my vote. At surface level – it may seem just another number. But in terms of Natural Powers – it is far stronger than the vote of any other Australian known to me. I voted mentally thus in the 2015 Sri Lankan Presidential and Parliamentary elections. I now feel that I voted for myself through the best fit available at the political level. The right to that kind of vote through Natural Energy is accumulated on daily basis in our own home environments.  

On that basis, yesterday I wrote to our Minister as follows in this regard, under the heading Why Should I Vote for your Party?:
[Mr Coleman, I am a senior citizen and I carry much wisdom in Democratic Public Service. When my time and brain are  wasted with frivolous questions – your system gets weaker and my attitude towards government changes. Systems are only as good as completed use by customers. The main flaw in the system seems to be that it is not tailored towards the common Australian citizen of the current generation. It seems to be an imported system with many unwanted requirements – which confirm lack of trust. You need to become the customer and know whether you have used our resources well. Each completed experience is your real vote until the next experience. The questions asked seem to be for application of citizenship. I have supplied a copy of the  original certificate and yet I have been put through this. Please go through the process yourself or one of your staff who is a migrant and ask yourself whether public resources have been invested wisely.]

After I wrote the above, our son arrived from Melbourne,  listened to my pain and asked me to ‘wait’. Just before going to bed I asked him to ask our youngest daughter who is also in Melbourne. He messaged her and confirmed that she had the original with her name also included in it. I took it as my family system working for me more than the government system which has weaker ‘trust-developing’ Energy.

In democracy, the junior has to be taken as ‘right’ until proven otherwise. We would be challenged by dismissals and failures but we need to get up and keep going.

It is the turn of Muslims to be taken as being ‘Right’ until proven otherwise by the Government of majority race. The Leader of the Opposition, Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa has the DUTY to represent them in this situation. Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa referred to Black July and expressed concern that it might be repeated. This confirms that despite his long rule – he did not cure the Sinhalese youth of their disorderly conduct. To the extent he is using their desires as quid pro quo platform – he would not have the right to cure them. Those who sell their vote to be ‘free’ as per their desires – would take his place – as if they were the President in their home areas. That is how suicide bombers are also developed. They take the position taken by their leader who is the only leader known to them.

Following is a report about the message from an educated leader of  Muslim community:
[President’s Counsel Ali Sabry says that the number of members in terrorist leader Zahran Hashim’s group grew significantly following the ethnic clashes in March last year and that this goes to show extremism feeds extremism.] Ada derana

The above is a return warning to Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa. The IPKF – Indian Peace Keeping Force  came into Sri Lanka in 1987due to 1983 massacre of Tamils living in majority Sinhalese areas. On that basis one is entitled to conclude that ISIS was the Islamic Peace Keeping Force that mentally came into Sri Lanka after the ethnic riots last year. By conduct IPKF was a killer force and not a peacekeeping force. No one can stop natural partnerships  based on true experiences. The gods would not intervene unless man seeks the other side. Krishna in Mahabharatham was that divine force and the minorities humbly asked for Him – as power of One – against majority whose leader chose the armed forces of Krishna’s kingdom. Krishna’s real power was the Common goodness in all – including those in Opposition.

This is an opportunity for Mr Rajapaksa and his party to join forces with the minority Muslims . They would if they truly cared about Mother Lanka. If they don’t we would conclude that they are merely Sinhalese and not Sri Lankans.

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