Friday 10 May 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

10 May  2019

Isolation Sans Truth leads to Extremism

[It is because of these Sri Lankan characteristics that we have a common Sri Lankan identity. We cannot allow extremism to suppress them. If extremism is attempting to suppress these characteristics, we have to take every necessary step against it,” PM said.] Ada Derana
To my mind the Prime Minister means that he does not want extremism.  The question is ‘how much have we contributed to, to preserve diversity within Sri Lanka?’ Unlike in Australia, religions are identified through positive values at policy level in Sri Lanka. We have ministries for all major religions. The danger  with  belief based identities is that the truly senior religion would naturally become the leading force due to being closer in total value, to the absolute value(god) that all reliable religions lead to. Language does not carry that power. Language gives a common form to particular group of believers including in land that is their home. On that basis – to the extent we group on the basis of land where majority to whom that land is ‘home’ speak a particular language – already have their privacy to develop towards that absolute ownership. But without that base – such claims have no value beyond statistics.

[We hereby state that the united Canadian Sri Lankan community in Ontario overwhelmingly oppose and reject the Tamil “Genocide” day in Toronto, Brampton along with the Tamil “Genocide” Education Week Bill that was tabled at the Ontario Parliament by MPP Vijay Thanigasalam from Scarborough Rouge-Park. According to the 1948 UN convention terminology, “Genocide” does not meet the criteria for such proclamation as it never took place in Sri Lanka. Any such false impartial declarations to hamper the reputation of Sri Lanka and it’s people in Sri Lanka and in Canada may lead to a future lawsuit.
We must also point out that Toronto, Brampton, Ontario and Canada is home to a large concentration of Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, Malay and Burgher communities of Sri Lankan origin that voted for you to unite us and not divide us.
Sri Lanka experienced a 30 year long post colonial conflict that came to an end in May of 2009. Many Sri Lankans, including family, friends, co-workers and associates of our community were affected. We have received information that certain parties are polarizing this situation for their own separatist cause and political agenda. The latter acts are given prominence instead of remembering Sri Lanka and all it’s people that were effected by this unfortunate post colonial conflict.
Therefore, we oppose and reject any proclamation of Tamil “Genocide” passed in Toronto, Brampton or anywhere in Canada. In a time where our community is trying to overcome and unite to heal wounds of recent tragic terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka we feel such proclamation will only divide and bring back discomfort, and political tensions into our community. For any future proclamation(s) we kindly request you to reassess and have a proclamation similar to that of city of Ottawa to remember all Sri Lankan’s that perished in the 30 year long post colonial conflict.
Our community has mobilized and started a large scale campaign to raise awareness regarding current/future impartial divisive proclamations and bills. We stand united and say never again to any form of violence and terrorism in Sri Lanka, so please assist Sri Lanka and the diaspora to rebuild a united peaceful society.
Thank you,
United Canadian Sri Lankan’s in Ontario ]

First of all – since I am not Canadian,  eligible to vote to elect political leadership at Scarborough Rouge-Park – I should not have been asked to sign the petition. This amounts to ‘conversion attempt’.

Secondly, the threat of legal action is indicated by the following:

[Any such false impartial declarations to hamper the reputation of Sri Lanka and it’s people in Sri Lanka and in Canada may lead to a future lawsuit.]

My way is to take the Common Victim position and file the lawsuit on the basis of my Truth. So long as my claims are within my truth – they would develop commonness in that land. When the need for that commonness is stronger than the need to be ‘marked right’ by the Courts – the Court outcomes would be part of the process and not the final outcomes/destinations. Publicly threatening future  legal action confirms to vexatiousness.

As for the Tamils who are claiming Genocide at local level – they are letting the genie out of the bottle. Migration is rebirth. We are entitled to identify with the genes as a root cause for our problems and opportunities but when invoked – they become genies/pootham/voodoo-image. Mr Sarath Fonseka highlighted in parliament as follows:

[MP Wimal Weerawansa: Did you not know that when you appointed him as the President that he would lead our country to a disaster like this?

Field Marshal Fonseka: I knew. I was against him being fielded the common candidate. It was Chandrika Kumaratunga who brought this kodivine (voodoo).]

I encouraged Mr Sirimanne who lost two of his children in the Easter Bombings to add to his proposed  legal action the members of the National Security Council which would include the President through the Attorney General as well as the Prime Minister. In addition, I urged that the leader of the opposition who was president who claims credit for defeating the LTTE terrorism, also to be included for false claims. I firmly believe that all three were negligent as per the true powers they claimed to have. Elected leaders claim belief based powers. When they lack such powers – it is in breach of our Human Rights to stand within our own truth and do our duties as individuals. Hence their false claims  qualify  as a breach of fundamental right.

Thirdly the position of opposition taken as follows ‘Therefore, we oppose and reject any proclamation of Tamil “Genocide” passed in Toronto, Brampton or anywhere in Canada.’ is false. The declaration ‘Sri Lanka experienced a 30 year long post colonial conflict that came to an end in May of 2009’ is as one sided as the Genocide declaration. If it is belief based the petitioners are entitled to declare it within their territory – as happened with Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976. They are like prayers which cannot be fought against by those outside that circle of belief / religion.

Hinduism in Sri Lanka is different in many forms of practice to Hinduism in India. Yet all three leaders – mentioned about go to Thirupathi and other Hindu shrines openly. To be reliable, the wording of a law needs to confirm the Truth discovered by someone in that environment covered by the law. Hence with Buddhism foremost clause – there is no room for religious equality provisions in the constitution. But to politicians that article 9 – is untouchable due to extremism within the Buddhist community.

As mentioned above, the PM has stated ‘We cannot allow extremism to suppress them. If extremism is attempting to suppress these characteristics, we have to take every necessary step against it’

The bible of any religion reflects the consolidated value of the truth discovered by the leaders of that group. As per my experience, a true believer in the whole has the capability of invoking the other side within juniors of the group or return the outcome to the sender of another group that initiated the blame or credit.

So long as I took junior positions allocated to me in my workplaces in Australia – I was a junior in that system. This was also the case with may Tamils in public service and also the case with Sinhalese during colonial rule. I rebelled when the outcomes produced by me were not integrated with mainstream which was largely autocratic and other migrants who took higher positions practiced reverse autocracy. I guess I knew intuitively that I had to take a stand and publish my findings for the sake of Democracy in whose name I was recruited. I did not win in court but the pathway of truth carried my work to libraries – as heritage value.

Whether as per my truth I consider what happened in Sri Lanka to be genocide – the answer is no. To the extent other Tamils consider it to be so – we become Equal  Subsections within the Sri Lankan Tamil community. The moment we accepted India’s help – we lose the authority to declare on behalf of Sri Lankan Tamils. In this instance Indian political group that  funded Sri Lankan Tamils to fight locally  is the parallel of IS in the Easter bombings. Sri Lankan Tamils who accepted that direct funding arrangement weakened their natural power to work the Sri Lankan system. They became juniors at regional level.

Likewise we need to trace the effects of Buddhism foremost in the constitution. Given that as per natural system – Buddha was born in India and therefore was Indian and Buddha realised Nirvana in India – any instrument of law based on land must exclude all other bases of grouping. Like Islam and Tamil – they are abstract ‘nations’ and not relative within a land-based ownership. Hence Buddhists who included Buddhism foremost article in the Constitution sowed the seeds of extremism in Sri Lanka. In democracy, no entity is senior to another and hence the ceiling through Equality.

As per my discovery – from that point onwards junior works the system and the senior has the duty to facilitate the junior to draw her/his/its benefits and not ‘tell’ the junior. Hence the user-pays system. Likewise Buddhists who are allocated senior position by  the constitution -  have the duty to facilitate non-Buddhists to draw their own benefits through the lawful pathway. When they do not – for example the block through the 6th Amendment to the constitution which includes the law  that “ No person shall, directly or indirectly, in or outside Sri Lanka, support, espouse, promote, finance, encourage or advocate the establishment of a separate State within the territory of Sri Lanka.”  and there is active resistance – that is labelled as ‘extremism’

The parallel of that for religions would be “ No person shall, directly or indirectly, in or outside Buddhist/Islamic  Institutions, support, espouse, promote, finance, encourage or advocate the establishment of a religious state within the  territory  of Buddhism/Islam.

Such limitations block sharing and limit the person to the primary level. Hence the wedding celebrations by political leaders during this period of mourning.

If Buddhism is foremost – then through seniority India where Buddha was born is the leader. Hence as per Dharma / Natural law of belief – India is the whole in which Sri Lanka becomes the State.

The minds of politicians who failed to repeal article 9 shrunk to that little Buddhist Lanka level. When the wheels of Natural Justice / Dharma are thus blocked – the return happens from time to time to maintain the balance of Sovereignty – to support all those who have lived within their Truth.

Hence Prime Minister – unless you are ready to repeal article 9 – your promise is as false as the promise to foreigners by the President – that Sri Lanka was safe now for tourism – to prove which he had his son’s wedding at Hilton. The true statement in the above is ‘go to South India – the way I shifted from Shangri la to Hilton. If Tamil Tigers could shift - so can I and  so can you.  The relativity is valid within the area where we feel free to speak and act. The truth then evolves. From then on that is the law of that place and position.

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