Friday 26 April 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
26 April  2019

Export not to Sri Lanka - the Intelligence Failure by Australian Armed Forces

(He was normal when he went to study in Britain, and normal when he came back. But after he did his postgraduate in Australia, he came back to Sri Lanka a different man.) – The Australian

Years ago – while travelling from Jaffna to Colombo by the noon train – a young lady in Muslim robes sat next to me. I learnt that the young lady was a medical student. The train was not air-conditioned  and got delayed due to signal issues. I was wondering how that young lady who revealed that she was wearing jeans underneath her robe could bear the heat. I wonder what she would think about the hijab being banned by law in Sri Lanka – a topic that was discussed by Ms Indeewari Amnuwatte  with President’s  Counsel Ali Sabry at

The uniforms we wear give us a sense of commonness as well as sense of duty. Many wear them as rituals to get brownie  points with seniors. I started wearing the Hindu woman’s hijab – the sari to school – when I enrolled in a boys’ school towards following  a course in engineering at tertiary level. Later when I was offered a place to serve articles at an accounting firm where my uncle was an influential client – I was advised  by my uncle to wear sari. But I found that most of the Sinhalese students wore western dresses. I continued to wear the sari to office but did wear western dresses to the Institute of Chartered Accountants where I attended lectures. At Air Lanka – the rule was for female staff to wear the sari. Here in Australia, I wore the sari to work when I felt isolated. To me that was an act of civil disobedience against those who were failing to practice the Equal Opportunity laws in employment. At the University of NSW they did not get the message and it eventually got added to the pain of those who would take an eye for an eye. Sri Lankan Muslim Nizamdeen who did not do his search about the negative multicultural karma that the UNSW carried – despite me having written a book ‘ Naan Australian’  - about it-  became a victim of this negative karma. The NSW Police who participated in the development of that negative karma – shared their status with Nizamdeen who was suspected as Terrorist by Australian Federal Police.  Now we learn from the ABC as follows:
[The Prime Minister has confirmed counter terrorism officers from the Australian Federal Police will help Sri Lanka with its investigation into the Easter Sunday bombings.
Scott Morrison says Australia's offer of help was accepted overnight.]


AFP needs to first learn from the law abiding Australians of Sri Lankan origin and bring about closure – to any wrongs by the AFP. The Australian article ‘Sri Lankan bomber in Aussie terror net’ helps us decide including through the following:

[The Sri Lankan suicide bomber who studied at a Melbourne university was one of the subjects of a ­terrorism investigation by Australian security authorities after ­intelligence emerged linking him to ­Islamic State operative Neil Prakash. The Australian can reveal that Abdul Lathief Jameel Mohamed, one of nine suicide bombers ­responsible for a string of attacks across Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, was investigated by the Joint Counter Terrorism Team in 2014.]

The following part of the above mentioned article confirms that Australia leads Sri Lanka in radicalization:
[One of Mohamed’s sisters, Samsul Hidaya, last night revealed how he had become “deeply ­religious” in ­Australia and returned to Sri Lanka a different man.
Ms Hidaya said Mohamed had became increasingly withdrawn and intense as he descended into extremism.
“My brother became deeply, deeply religious while he was in Australia,” Ms Hidaya told the Daily Mail.
He was normal when he went to study in Britain, and normal when he came back. But after he did his postgraduate in Australia, he came back to Sri Lanka a different man.
“He had a long beard and had lost his sense of humour. He ­became serious and withdrawn and would not even smile at anyone he didn’t know, let alone laugh.”
Ms Hidaya said after returning from Australia, Mohamed would berate family members for ­religious lapses and would not let his children listen to music.
Another of Mohamed’s sisters, Fathima Zeenia, told police in a statement seen by The Australian, that he had completed a “course” in Indian Kashmir, a hotbed of ­Islamic radicalism and militant training.
Mohamed travelled to Syria and joined Islamic State before ­returning to Sri Lanka.]

That brings to mind an uncle of mine who started singing the ‘Separatism’ song after he came to Australia and joined the ‘seniors group’. My uncle said it was Seetha who went after Ravana and that Ravana did not kidnap Seetha. That is how we allow ourselves to be brainwashed when we have idle minds.

In any religion, the priests are allocated high status. But if those priests undertake secular education – they are likely to forget which pathway they are following. The other day my husband ‘told me’ something about this issue instead of submitting to me as his senior in this issue. I said to him that he was not even my equal in this issue – leave alone my senior. My husband apologized – stating that he was still in ‘teaching’ mode. My husband teaches Maths and I usually listen when he says something about Maths. If in doubt I ask.

The sister of Abdul Lathief Jameel Mohamed – with an independent mind – recognized that she lost her brother in Australia. The Priest in Mohamed who was born in Australia, was telling her and others in the family how to show respect for him – possibly because he wanted to live the intellectually  idle life like his Australian counterparts. My uncle was not the only one. I was shocked to hear similar interpretations by another LTTE supporter who was elevated in status due to such following. They could not have actually believed in their ancestors who gave us the Ramayana interpretation that I am familiar with.

We do not know whether the events of the original Easter happened. But even if there is one believer after all these years  - then the value is true. In addition, this is a common avenue through which we bring order into our family and community lives. Many Australians – including Prime Minister Scott Morrison indulged in sports activities on Good Friday. But we did not operate  our Opportunity shop in Northern Sri Lanka – where Good Friday is respected as a day of  mourning by most Christians. At family level – we abstained from little pleasures that we otherwise would have enjoyed. As our daughter said after the Sri Lankan tragedy that one of the deepest lessons they were taught by us was to respect all religions. They know through common life that we have multi-religious representations in our home. No, I do not have any Muslim representation but I do pause before a mosque when I am walking. I did this many times in Melbourne near our son’s home.

Active respect may be difficult for those who grew up in ‘no religion’ homes. Those who are separatists in religion – be it Buddhism only - Christianity only or Islam only – groups would need to stay away from groups. There are many Australians without commitment to particular religion. Our Australian armed forces have their fair share of that category. Our police are notorious for unlawful arrests which are upheld as lawful by the Judiciary in the case of migrants who seem insignificant. I was ‘shocked’ to learn this through my experiences here in Australia. Those officers listen to their masters’ voices and indiscriminately  damage the boundaries of  their own institution to please custodians in power.

If Mohamed was linked by AFP to Islamic State – why was this intelligence not shared with the Sri Lankan Government?  If the arrests without belief are greater in value than the arrests with belief – the Nature demotes their self-confidence in this migrant issue. They become dual personalities – one being official to get the grades and the other personal – individual to individual – involving no external subjective power.

If the Australian Federal Police failed to prosecute Mohamed within Australian shores – then they are disqualified from participating in this global operation which would lead to punishing Sri Lankans. Likewise other Defence forces participating in this operation. They may confidentially provide support to their Lankan counterparts – but not openly take the ‘telling’ position – not after they told me by unlawfully arresting me and labelling me as Sri Lankan when by law I was Australian and I openly stated it. We Sri Lankans are ‘cheap’ to Australian Armed Forces. They have no right to participate in this sacred mission.

To us the People real problem is accumulated at the People’s level. That is the part we have control over. The Sri Lankan Defence Minister/President  who opposed ‘Foreign Judges’ to inquire into the war crimes issue – in which many more deaths happened and due to which ongoing pain is being experienced by Tamils. The President has to be impeached since he passed the buck on to his defence secretary who heard only his master’s voice. The master needs to be dismissed first – as per the rule of Dharma.

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