Saturday 20 April 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

20 April  2019

Rights based Presidents

A media personality asked me in relation to my article headed ‘ Chief  Minister or President or v.v.?’ whether  an educated  Tamil candidate losing at the Presidential elections would be worse for Tamils? I responded as follows:
[Participating with faith will bring us victory at the global level. The idea is to lift the game to global level and keeping it there. Pele who is exactly one year junior to CVW made it at that level due to his faith in his ancestors. CVW has the credibility due to his judicial background. We need to present him to show our investment at global level – and this would split the votes of the SLFP. NOT PARTICIPATING would be worse for Tamils because it would confirm that we lack the confidence to go beyond provincial level]
This morning’s news brought confirmation of the above through the following in New York Times article headed ‘Sri Lankans Accuse Him of Wartime Atrocities. California May Decide’ :
[Harshana Rambukwella, a political scientist at the Open University of Sri Lanka, said that if Mr. Rajapaksa runs for president, he could potentially leverage the California litigation to drum up nationalist sentiment among his base within the country’s Sinhalese ethnic majority.
The essence of the candidate’s argument, Mr. Rambukwella said, would be that human rights campaigners are persecuting leaders who liberated Sri Lanka from civil war.
But rights advocates say that the California cases are important because they focus international scrutiny on the Rajapaksa family’s wartime actions.]
When we share in the pain of genuine victims – we are naturally empowered by their rights. Human Rights violations affect all of us on earth because they upset the balance between right and wrong as per the Truth. If we are right to us as per our conscience then we are right as per the system of Truth. Whenever there were unjust laws, those who lived by their conscience – fought against such laws. The value of their work and sacrifices in doing so automatically went towards righting the Universal balance. Jesus was such a leader. By following such a leader – we lead the government, including the government that follows the laws that it has introduced. This is the power of the voter who identifies with the whole. Those who vote on the basis of human rights – vote for global governance.
All of us know what our rights are when we go into our truth. Rights are gaps between our contribution and benefits at a certain level. When we form a common group such gaps are pooled at group level and ones with greater gaps are the true leaders of that group. They become the government.  If during the time of a particular government, we enjoy our earned rights without interruptions and blockages, they are our true government. When we are blocked in our path – then the government during whose tenure it happened needs to be governed by us or separated from us. The first stage of such separation is the formation of Opposition. If a government punished us through armed force – to that extent we are entitled to use arms to oppose them. When we use greater force than is needed to defend our rights we become their enemies.
In the above matters which include the death of  – Journalist  Lasanatha Wickrematunga, the Rights of the group of Journalists were murdered during the Rajapaksa regime. Unless the authorities could establish that Journalist  Lasanatha Wickrematunga acted in breach of the laws covering Journalism in Sri Lanka, that government is proven to be guilty of failing to protect the rights of Journalists in that nation. Journalists and Free Media are important in connecting the individual to the whole – by helping the common reader work out which are  rights based actions  and which are in breach of her/his rights as per the parallel in the reader’s home where the reader is governor. Killing such Journalists would not eliminate the breaches of rights of the citizens.
I explain this natural escalation of our ‘rights’ as follows:

[Mr. Geoffrey  Alagaratnam PC
Bar  Association of Sri Lanka
153, Mihindu Mawatha
Colombo 12

……………………It is important during these times of International Conflict and Terrorism fears, that we prevent abuse of power through hasty application of Public status. Mr. President, ultimately – the Court, like the Parliament, is limited to its own contributions to Common values when judging us – the People. The ultimate Judge is the Lord. We, the litigants – have the duty to bring our Truth to the Common Court. Often, the Courts – including the Australian Courts, fail to identify with our Truth even when it is delivered in the language of the Law – as interpreted by us. But, to the extent we are true to our own conscience – our declarations of Truth are heard by the Lord of Natural Justice. That is how, I believe I also contributed to the fall of Mr. John Howard, former Prime Minister of Australia (Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam v John Howard S51 of 2001 in the High Court of Australia) who was present at the spot of 9/11 attack. ]-]

[Mr. Howard’s excision policies following the Tampa reality, took place effective 08 September 2001. A few months prior to that my High Court appeal against Mr. Howard and Others on the basis of Unlawful Racial Discrimination, was dismissed for ‘procedural reasons’. A migrant taking a racial discrimination case to our judiciary is likely to be dismissed for ‘procedural reasons’ and it never gets the real hearing of the court. Hence, to me, the above High Court decision is largely to boost legal business rather than to be fair and just to asylum seekers. If it were indeed due to genuine feelings – the decision amounts to a handout one of common belief  ]
We must escalate our pain through the highest pathway that we have contributed to – through which we have accumulated ‘rights’. Nature does the rest.

If Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa were elected President in a free environment, then the majority race demotes itself to the lower level of civilization. Then those who do follow the lawful pathway to oppose the actions of that presidency and government during that presidency become the real government as per the lawful pathway. They have the real power to defeat such persons in real life. That was Gandhi’s pathway.

Thus the common voter determines the height of our civilization. It’s better to be a simple voter in a corrupt system than to be president.

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