Wednesday 17 April 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

17 April  2019

Tamil Nation – another Limuria?

Many of us identify nepotism as a huge problem in Sri Lanka. One such victim is Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. If the Rajapaksa family had not nationalised its own cultural order Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa would have no reason to be anxious. To artificially go from local Sinhala only to global America is like having bipolar disorder.
An American of  Sri Lankan origin wrote as follows in this regard within a ‘boys only’ forum into which a couple of us girls have been admitted – largely as observers:
[A few of my good schoolboy friends think Gota ought to be "executed"; some think he did a great job in making Colombo look a clean spanking city, a sort of Switzerland of the tropics, but Orwellian with "white vans", much like Omar Bashir of Sudan, whose   Janjaweed horsemen committed genocide in Dafur.
How a non-citizen Sri Lankan like him (US citizen) can wield so much power over a people and nation shows what  Sri Lanka has become, vis-à-vis this talk about a Constitutional Council.
 But if at some point, the US decides to prosecute him for murder of Lasantha, just as they did with President Noriega of Panama for drug deaths, the game is over for him. I am told he also faces charges of corruption over the Ukraine MIG aircraft deal and the offshore illegal armory he sponsored. Serious allegations.
 One thing you must know about Sri Lankans. It is that they are a "revengeful people" (not my words). They also believe in "guilt by association".  Be mindful of such observations made by distinguished Sri Lankan legal eagles.]

That is the picture of Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa as seen by Americans of Lankan origin. If there is at least some Americanism in Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa he would identify with this and be warned. The above person is highly educated and is much  more American than Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. His cleverness is shared more with educated Sri Lankans. Since both sides to the Sri Lankan war chose to take higher positions than the educated amongst them – they limited themselves to ‘tribal laws’. This was confirmed by Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa – reported as follows:
[“It was about March 2006 when Mr. Solheim came to see H.E. after he became president and had also said, in the midst of other things: ‘Prabhakaran is a military genius. I have seen him in action etc., etc. to which the President had responded: ‘He is from the jungles of the North. I am from the jungles of the South. Let’s see who will win!’]
LTTE Eastern Commander Karuna’s assessment was reported as follows:
[However, his (Solheim’s) assessment of the LTTE leader by all means seems to be correct. He had said; “There was lack of vision on the part of Prabhakaran. He had a violent response for every issue’ while pointing out ‘except for Anton Balasingham, nobody else within the LTTE had international exposure. The downfall of the LTTE was due to an isolated war lord sitting there basically taking all the decisions not based on proper information’.
This statement on the LTTE leadership was vindicated by another statement made last week by one time Prabhakaran’s second-in-command, former Deputy Minister Vinayagamoorthi Muralitharan alias Karuna Amman during an interview with the Indian Express when he had reportedly said; “Prabhakaran was a good man, but he had no knowledge of globalisation.”]

Now that Prabhakaran is no longer in the scene, but the ‘victory’ was being used to ‘capture’ international status by the Rajapaksa brothers – including Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, international players seem to be  playing the Sri Lankan game. Had ‘closure’ happened in 2009 – the above threat to Gotabhaya Rajapaksa would not have become a reality. Many Army officers were posted as Ambassadors to confirm the military leadership of the Rajapaksa Family. That ought to have alerted the UN.  
The above American highlights this as follows:
[Renouncing US citizenship means nothing, though an opportunistic and ungrateful act by Gota. Los Angeles Sri Lankans ought to kick his ass for such an unpatriotic act - and issue a public statement.
 But it will not save Gota from the long arm of the law, of US extra-territorial reach.
 The latest has been El Capo, the notorious drug lord and murderer, now facing death sentence in an American Court. (America is the real ICC, with apologies to the late Justice Christie Weeramantry.!)
 America today has legal overreach, just as it has overreach to dominate global finance. It can turn on the screws on just about anybody on the planet……
So please, please Gota, don't try to mess around with the US, even though you give up US citizenship. Your buddies in Los Angeles will not come to help you. They would fear that they too would be branded with hot coals and deported to Sri Lanka!
 But America can sit on its hands and wait. You, your brother MR and family might all be swept away in a populist mass uprising, and assassinated. Sri Lanka has the highest political assassination rate (2 1/2, one Prime Minister and 1 1/2 Presidents assassinated!).
 The trigger point for all this would be a sudden collapse of your economy - with people dying of starvation, them roasting in unrelenting extreme heat and temperatures, and unclean drinking water, and general lack of basic needs.]

The above applies also to the supporters of militants who would not hesitate to destroy civil governance structures to show off their military might. To the extent we have used the UN to criticize the Sri Lankan government and not our side to the war – we would lack the courage to prevent another war. Take for example – SBS reporters Mr Raymond Selvaraj and Mr Kulasegaram Sanchayan who won the NSW Premier’s award for their report "Untouchables amongst us". Their report was based on India’s caste system and not Northern Sri Lanka’s. If they are Tamil Nationalism supporters – then as per their mind structure – the then junior castes have now become senior due to their military might. In other words the caste problem in Northern Sri Lanka is swept under the carpet.

The reality in Thunaivi – a toddy tapper village’ is that they have become laws unto themselves. Just yesterday, I said to our coordinator whose family is of toddy tapper origin but has chosen to live in multicultural part of Vaddukoddai – to not give recognition to the folks in Thunaivi breaking open the lock to enter our temple grounds to celebrate New Year in the night! I said to her that they would not do it in our presence and since we cannot correct them of their habits of invasion – to ignore the breaches but to just replace the locks. Those who want the military out of North – need to first develop an internal defence force of urban standards and not of  jungle standards. Until then I have to not take my earned position there to live in our cottage in the temple premises. To my mind, the militancy has empowered junior castes to think they are equals or seniors to the educated class. All those who ignore the deeper reasons for the war – are contributing to such ‘takeovers’ – largely towards quid pro quo recognition within the Diaspora.

Mr Kulasegaram Sanchayan for example asked  Mr Madhava Gopal who claimed to have heard the voice of the sages – whether Mr Gopal had seen a psychiatrist regarding bi-polar disorder (at 12:20 - )

I was actually classified as a mentally ill patient after Magistrate Pat O’Shane heard my trespass matter. Eventually Magistrate Pat O’Shane confessed to suffering from bi-polar disorder. To my mind, I also contributed to that confession, through my Truth. It happened because Ms Pat O’Shane, like Mr Rajapaksa was a dual citizen and not a common citizen like myself.

In his evidence to Court headed by Magistrate Pat O’Shane, our son Pradeep included the following in support of me:

‘…….It is truly shameful that a person who has stood by their principles is being humiliated in this manner. My mother, Mrs. Paramasivam, has been uncompromising in maintaining her honesty, and it is disheartening to see her being punished for this. Whilst, being family, I would blindly support my mother, in this instance I do not need to be blind, because being aware of the matter, it is clear that she has been treated unjustly. She has my full support  and admiration, simply because she has her integrity.’
The above happened in 2005. The higher  judgment came in 2012:

[A study in 2012 by Michael Eburn and Ruth Townsend of the Australian National University College of Law examined 56 Supreme Court appeals of cases heard before O'Shane between 1999 and 2012. Of the 56 appeals, 35 (62.5%) were upheld. Of the 16 criminal cases included, 14 appeals were upheld. Eburn and Townsend wrote: "The Supreme Court has found that O'Shane had got the law wrong in 14 out of the 16 criminal cases ... In one case she dismissed a charge even though the accused had entered a plea of guilty." Supreme Court judges criticised O'Shane for "denying the prosecution procedural fairness," and "failure to comprehend the basis of the prosecution case or the evidence before her, use of intemperate language and making numerous errors of law." Eburn and Townsend compared the records of two other magistrates with similar experience and found only eight and nine appeals against them respectively. They called for O'Shane's resignation.]

The above confirms that Magistrate Pat O’Shane lacked the authority of law to punish me

When we make  statements on the basis of our feelings they are like Affidavits. When we use hearsay – that is hallucination. Those who lack depth that comes from research as to why something happened – but gamble with what happened – end up hallucinating. If we lack the experience – we need to not ‘judge’

If Mr Sanchayan is in support of a Tamil Nation within Sri Lanka – then he would appreciate that Mr Gopal was referring to Limuria which according to the reports currently available was  British Indian Ocean Territory. This means that that particular land did exist before British arrival and even though it is  not visible now – it was an independent territory. This means also  that those who do believe Mr Gopal would access the power of Limuria and therefore be Equal citizens within the lands like Sri Lanka – so long as they believe they are currently Tamils. The parallel of that is my son’s belief in me – which contradicts the public records registered by Australian authorities – including the ones who rewarded Mr Sanchayan. In contrast the highest recognition I received here in Australia was nomination by Australian Hindu Council as a Gargi Awards finalist. The question is who made the greater contribution to multicultural Australia?

Truth is eternal and my sacrifices here  in Australia have helped me in sharing my wisdom with the needy in Sri Lanka who are being cheated by both sides to the bipolar war which was escalated to global level to win locally. A friend of mine whose immediate family member does suffer from bipolar disorder stated that such folks would think they were powerful enough to achieve anything when they are in their highs and when they are in their lows they would think they cannot do anything. Truth is realized when we recognize both at the foundation level and thereafter have no fear nor desire – just peace in negative outcomes and bliss in positive outcomes.

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