Monday 1 April 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

01 April  2019


Journalist Nilanthan shared with his Diaspora audience the message that there was a true force of Tamils which the current generation Tamil leaders in ‘motherland’ were not able to   access. ( That reminded me of our Advertising executive at Airlanka who shared with me his experience in Male. Basically – a Sikh on the beach had asked the Sri Lankan (of Sinhalese origin) ‘Are you from motherland?’ The Sri Lankan had asked ‘which motherland – yours or mine?’

The motherland of Tamils is Tamil Nadu in India. Yes, we do  identify with that nuclear power that we have access to – especially against  racial majority who use that majority power to discriminate against us and deny us our earned benefits and access to opportunities within their custody. But unless those who identify with that core power are elected as leaders, that power would not work for us.

Truth is a natural uniting power. We are often not conscious of the support of our own Truth or the Opposition by our own Truth – often referred to as our conscience. Take for example – the killing of Rajiv Gandhi which is attributed to the LTTE. Anyone who takes political credit by associating with the LTTE and this includes former Chief Minister of Northern Sri Lanka – Mr Wigneswaran, will not be able to access this nuclear motherland power which includes acceptance of India as One land. Then there is the fact that the killing happened within Tamil Nadu where a good proportion of Tamil militants were coached. Our Truth from within would block our access to this nuclear power in Tamil Motherland.

If Northern Sri Lanka is being referred to as Motherland – then the question arises as to whether Journalist Nilanthan is himself guilty of separating internally on the basis of those who followed the caste system and militants who followed no-caste system. A young parent in Thunaivi – a toddy-tapper village in Northern Sri Lanka, stated about his community – that when he played football as a youngster he felt the passion from within to prove himself and hence excelled in football – back then. Now, that is gone and they are not as good in football. Likewise – in armed combat. The LTTE was good at it because the passion was channelled through racism pathway. But once the LTTE joined forces with Presidents of Sri Lanka – it was a no-race fight – between combatants and politicians. Thus the Tamil militants defeated themselves.

Journalist Nilanthan brought out an example of a Canadian Tamil researcher into the caste system. From the details provided I concluded that this Canadian Tamil was the grandson of the Hon Chellappah Suntharalingam who demonstrated passionate commitment to caste based separation. Before I lived in Thunaivi I also would have opposed such separation. But by living in Thunaivi – I learnt that our differences were irreconcilable and that I was made a junior in physical activities – including in self-protection for which I went to the Police. The revenge attack was to stone my cottage. This helped me realise that I was interfering with their ‘sense’ of freedom – especially after many from that area became militant leaders. Many who appreciated my services there stated that this was their natural way and would not bring real harm. But I had knowledge of  some youth from that area taking a girl from another village to an abandoned house and raping her. The parents of the girl were reported to have complained to the Police but one of the guys is the son of a village leader which led to covering up the incident. Generally, family relationships in Thunaivi are weak due to lack of respect for  parents – especially mothers. The Chulipuram rape of an eight year old kid happened due to such community culture. Ms Ananthi Sasitharan whose status was elevated by Mr Wigneswaran, is from that area and is an heir of LTTE which promoted those of junior caste to senior positions. Who is the senior in terms of Tamil Nationalism – Mr Sasitharan or the caste conscious Hon Chellappah Suntheralingam? One who praises both – is lying.

When we are strongly driven by desire we do not identify with our own Truth and our Truth becomes dormant until the opposition is true. Despite the donation of land for pathway and development secretariat – a member of the Tamil Diaspora originally from that village – put up a memorial building in the name of his father. That building was built on someone else’s land. Thunaivi folks invited Mr Wigneswaran – then the Chief Minister - as the Chief Guest and did not invite me at all. We respectively became the media of our own cultures – one to win votes and the other to promote the rule of law despite the hardship. Former carries the high status as Judicial senior in the Sri Lankan system!!!!! What a comedy ! Even today, majority Tamils would take Mr Wigneswaran’s word over mine in the Tamil Nationalism issue because he carries that status – the very status that Sri Lanka as a unitary state facilitated.

Now, Thunaivi has elected as their leader – a relative of the youth who was reported to have been part of the group that raped the student from another village. Some in  that group were already into drugs in 2008 when I had the opportunity to observe them closely.  This leader lacks credibility to cure them of their addictions to pleasures – especially intoxicants. In order to treat them as Equals – the heirs of Hon Chellappah Suntharalingam would need separation to the extent of ‘gap’ in standards that cannot be cured in one generation.

Truth alone has the power to free us from our desire for quick money and status. I have used our family temple as the common ground – and am developing that separation through those who demonstrate lack of respect. So long as the caste system prevailed – we had the opportunity to be seniors and juniors. But due to LTTE, who are heroes to many in that area -  we now have to keep our distance from each other – to prevent interference in the other’s culture. So – whose motherland is Thunavi ? – Gaja’s or Mr Wigneswaran’s voters’ ?

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