Saturday 27 April 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

27 April  2019

Educate us please Mr PM about Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution which has Radicalized politicians 

[Prime Minister Wickremesinghe in a special address to the nation, yesterday stressed the importance of enacting laws to deal severely with academic institutions that impart extremist views.

“If we are to efficiently combat global terrorism, we have to broaden the scope of this old definition to allow us to arrest those aiding terrorism and confiscate their property,” he said.] – Daily News article – ‘New laws needed to fight global terror – PM’

The Government did arrest Tamils and their properties were taken over by the Government during the war against LTTE. The government needs to stop using the easiest way out and go deep into itself for the Truth that it already has access to.

The breakdown in communication between the President and the Prime Minister happened due to lack of belief between the two politicians. Politicians have no right to make laws without belief. The first set of laws needed are to charge politicians who use religion to win votes. The Sri Lankan Constitution carries ‘Buddhism Foremost’ article which makes the whole constitution undemocratic. One who believes in democracy would not believe in the Sri Lankan Constitution.

When Tsunami happened did the Government move to pass new laws against Nature? Americans have a well balanced system of law and yet 9/11 happened. Truth has its own power. It does not need any human law to regulate it. If the politicians who swear to uphold the constitution, fail, don’t pass new laws to arrest the citizens who did not take oath to uphold the constitution. You did that during against Tamils ever since independence and you still had the attacks. The way the Truth of the good cannot be controlled by human laws – the Truth of the bad also cannot be controlled by human laws.  Laws without belief are frivolous and vexatious. Laws without logical balance – lead to mental disorders in the minds of those who abuse them. The current Sri Lankan president is an extreme example.

Before initiating new laws, use the existing laws to punish those who incite religious and ethnic violence.

Reuters have reported :
 ‘Exclusive: Sri Lankan ex-defense chief Gotabaya says he will run for president, tackle radical Islam’
That is pure looting and is inhumane.

Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution requires the state to protect Buddhist values and to ensure the freedom of other religions to practice their own. Every member of the government has the duty to ensure that this is upheld – given that it looks like Muslims v Christians to the surface reader.

Politicians who lost control have to learn from the citizens. Every Buddhist who is empowered by Article 9 is a radical. It was included in the constitution by fundamentalists with very little experience in natural common governance. At the fundamental level – land is the basis on which ownership is determined. One who occupies without belief sows the seeds of fundamentalism / radicalism. When a Buddhist indicates such radicalism – it is the duty of every Buddhist leader to discipline and educate such radical.

If the government is not careful – White radicals like the Christchurch bomber are likely to march into Sri Lanka under the leadership of Pauline Hanson and those who did not really participate in the pain of victims – be it 9/11 or Easter Sunday or Christchurch experience – will be as ignorant of this menace until Sri Lanka becomes the battleground.

Those who tolerate inequality to the extent their own dignity is damaged -  promote radicalism. If you need laws – bring Equal Opportunity Laws through which citizens would discipline each other. I suggested this to Dr Deepika Udagama – before the lady became chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka. But the lady stated that Sri Lanka already had the laws to uphold those values. I suggested it because it helped me bring action at the level I was capable of contributing to through my pain. But I was a lone voice in the wilderness of pundits – including two former Attorneys General – Tamil Mr Shiva Pasupati and Sinhalese Mr Sunil de Silva – at Sri Lanka Reconciliation forum.

No – the leaders will not protect us from radicals. When we believe in each other – we do not need leaders who tell us. It’s now up to the People – to dismiss political radicals at the polls. Abuse of  majority power also confirms radicalization.

The Believer has Absolute Power. One who treats that as a matter – is a radical. One who learns some Maths would know the difference which is also confirmed by the saying that the value of the whole is greater than the sum of the individual  parts.

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