Wednesday 10 April 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
10 April  2019

Globalization & Lankan Politics

All of us contribute to and carry personal karma as well as group karma – such as through families, work organizations and political groupings. In groupings where faith needs to be the driving force, benefits based calculations and quid pro quos need to be classified as the returns through lowest pathways. One who votes through personal truth would self-govern. The parties may change but one who votes on the basis of true experience would enjoy self-governance – whatever the shape and form of political government may be. Those of us driven by our individual truth, would connect to the candidate beyond political and cultural alliances. That is the soul-connection that leads our self-governance. This is the power of democracy also.  Those driven by group power are tied to group karma – especially when they derive benefits as per that group power.

Sri Lanka is getting ready for Presidential elections  and as a  Tamil who benefited from Tamils who invested in Education, I am interested in the outcome that would lead to self-governance by those to whom education is of high priority. The way my personal truth led me – I completed my self-governance experience at the University of NSW. It was not through politics nor through business. Hence the experience which was also militancy against those in management, did not hurt anyone else in real terms. That is Gandhi’s Sathyagraham. It is based on the principles of meditation –which confirms to the true practitioner that when we forego benefits – our contribution is raised to the structural level and beyond to Energy level. At structural level, we benefit from all others who also genuinely invested in the structures of that institution. Beyond that at Energy level we become universal / global and have access to the consolidated power of all those who invest in that issue. This is recognized as Perinpam (bliss) in Tamil. Deriving immediate benefits is known as sitrinpam (pleasure). One who foregoes the latter is assured of the former. Those in the former group add value to their natural side even if they vote for the other side at the physical level. Likewise, one who does not vote – but naturally identifies with the same values as a leader – would influence votes for that leader through those who do vote. That is Diaspora power as well as Ancestral power. Tamils were prevented from voting in 2005 Presidential elections but to the extent they were self-governing – they voted for the side that would lead them to self-govern officially in any free environment. Such power waits beyond time and place borders to manifest Itself.  It was this power that rendered global value to the victims of 2009 war which defeated the Rajapaksa government.

If therefore such leadership returns to power at national level, which is the highest common level for Sri Lankans, without the Rajapaksa government confirming remorse acceptable to the true victims of war and their heirs in Sri Lanka, then we go back to 2005 state of mind, by supporting militancy that hurts the genuine investor in self-governance just because they are in the side of  opposition and/or are independent individuals.  The reverse does not apply to Tamils as a community because Sinhalese governments hurt the self-governing Tamil much more than LTTE hurt the self-governing Sinhalese.

At self-governance level and global level – we vote for issues and not for particular groupings. In Jaffna my vote is for the leader who facilitates self-governance without hurting others’ true investment in governance. Every unit of contribution I made/make  to self-governance – including by disciplining service providers, would influence voters to whom those areas are home areas. The supply of self-governance energy is continuous and often happens through small gaps between dictatorship which occupies majority Government bodies – irrespective of whether they are led by Tamils or Sinhalese. When we discipline the community that we believe we belong to – we promote self-governance as a group by removing the blocks to soul power.

If Mr Gothabaya Rajapaksa  becomes president, we need to conclude that majority Sri Lankans are dependent on armed power of dictatorship. That would also be a victory to militants to whom fighting physically is the preferred culture.  Those who use weapons only to defend would not invoke the other side. It’s testing time for Sinhalese voters who may vote at national level – the same way they voted at local level. This happens when they  lack the education to raise local  values to national level and beyond or are not yet self-governing. Sri Lanka’s sovereignty would be confirmed to wider world through national elections.

A free election would confirm the truth of the common voter of this generation through the elected leader. Where a government is independent – it becomes a facility to the self-governed. Through such facility the government gets empowered by the individual – who may not even be a voter. Promoting self-governance at voter level – would lead to every leader enjoying victory – through her/himself or through others. That is when we are all Sri Lankans.

Like the saying  about woman’s work, developing the local voter to self-govern, is never done. 

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