Wednesday 24 April 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

24 April  2019

Paying Respects to Suicide Bombers

The reasons for the Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka would confirm local as well as foreign participation. Likewise between us Sri Lankans – those of local order and those of global order. If the local order is reliable – the global order will sit as the crown in that mind. Our personal belief is the basis of that local order.  But often w get distracted by the disorderly big picture and fail to find order in our own minds. This often leads to mental disorders.

Yesterday, I wrote under the heading ‘The Resurrection of  Lasantha’s Journalism’. It just came to my mind when I was focused. But later I realised that it was from a deep communication without form and without conscious reasoning. I was later satisfied also that it made sense in terms of the Journalistic skills that is being pooled in Sri Lanka through this painful experience. At individual level I cry with the victims – especially Australian Sudesh Kolonne whose agony would communicate itself to any parent.  Then the resolve  to prevent such pain for others becomes stronger. Then I am ready to work the global order in which I have invested through my pain here in Australia.
Today, when I was directed to Sri Lanka Mirror article headed ‘Thowheed Jamath, BBS both funded by single secret account’ I thanked Lasantha for his blessings. The above article was published on 05 December 2016  - at

I may or may not have read it. But those details were not in my conscious memory. I wrote as follows yesterday:
[In terms of Sri Lanka, at local level – Buddhist extremists have demonstrated much stronger opposition to non-Buddhist groups including Christians. Not so local Muslims. But taken at global level – BBS network is much weaker than the parallel Muslim groups.]
Hearsay and Belief based knowledge may look the same but Hearsay has very short life. Going global likewise could be through hearsay information and through use of what others have discarded. If used beyond the environment in which it was born – it would bring disorder to the mind of the user.
I do not know whether the above report had political influence – given that the State Minister for Defence and Mass Media – the Hon Ruwan Wijewardene is part of the UNP and is also the great grandson of the Hon D S Senanayake – the first Prime Minister of post colonial Sri Lanka. But my belief took me to the same conclusion that was published in 2016 and hence to me it is true and valid.
It was on this basis that many Australian academics recognized me as one with strong insight. I identified with the needs of the University system through my genuine practice of the laws of Accountancy and the laws of Democracy. Every believer has that deep insight. This is the basis of subjective system and its hierarchy.
If any of the Buddhist monks had had this true belief – they would have identified with this connection that was in the mind of Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. The above article confirms this connection as follows:
[The secretary of Thowheed Jamath was arrested on a complaint by BBS secretary Galagodatte Gnanasara Thera, but both were in the pay from the same account.
The two groups had seriously misled their followers and provoked citizens into racial and religious clashes, the sources said, adding that strong legal action would be taken against both to establish peace and reconciliation in the country.]
My article was based on the commonness I felt with Muslims largely through my Sri Lankan workplace experiences. One of them – the brother of  Samad Ali who worked with me as my junior and was always respectful of me – amazingly identified me from a distance more than 30 years later. This brother worked  at that place only for a short  time. But they took their true positions with me and with each other and hence carried that relationship as part of their common structure. Anti Discrimination laws protect such true orders.
How come the Buddhist monks did not read the disorder within their own group? Were they distracted by political benefits that were handed out to them? If yes, they are traitors of Buddhism.
One of the accusations is that intelligence was not used to prevent the attacks and protect the public. But did not the above article carry that intelligence in 2016? If President Sirisena who is responsible by law for armed  Defence of the nation – had believed in the UNP – that belief would have informed him. In politics – Belief is the foundation and hence we elect. But last year the President confirmed that he was more with the former President and his family than with the current UNP led government. This blocked the passage of belief and hence the deterioration of the position of the value of head of Defence position.
Mr Jehan Perera – executive director – National Peace Council of Sri Lanka states as follows in his article ‘GOVERNMENT’S MESSAGE TO PEOPLE IN TIME OF TRAGEDY’:
[The general impression based on media reports is that at least some of the attackers were Muslims and most of the attacks were carried out by suicide bombers.  Sri Lanka has had its grisly toll of suicide bombers during the period of the war, but these were all members of Tamil ethnicity who belonged to the LTTE.  One of the targets for a suicide bombing on this occasion was a Christian church in Tamil -majority Batticaloa in the former war zone of the east.]
It was after hearing Mr Jehan Perera who has made above average effort to recognize value in Jaffna Tamils – that I headed the article ‘Hostilities – Not Terrorism in post-war period’.  Mr Perera referred to Terrorism in Sri Lanka. In his  above passage Mr Perera again relates to LTTE. But unless he experiences in common with the LTTE  and the Tamil community that includes the true value of the Tamil militants – he would not know the answers why ? Lasantha did and he could have known. Obviously – Mr Perera ignored the ‘insider’ intelligence that came through me. When the intellect is active – it often blocks the access to belief.
One who seeks to access the psyche of the suicide bomber needs to first pay her/his respects to her/him. Finding fault with them makes us outsiders and therefore blocks our access to their truth. If we need a visible pathway – we need to find fault with ourselves first and become humble enough to mentally follow their pathway. That would help us identify with the Jihad / Soorasamharam structure of one who has very little knowledge of the common law. Hence the ‘Customer is right’ principle in democratic business.  
There were a few Tamils who also tried to use this opportunity to find fault with the Sinhalese government. I ignored them and took my rightful position as one common by Truth to militants and the law abiding Tamil in higher levels of the Tamil community.
A true Buddhist in the Sri Lanka Reconciliation forum simply identified with the solution that I was pointing to – confirming the value of our common experiences and the networks of belief developed through them. To me, that is the real value that of that forum.
One example on the Tamil side is highlighted as follows:
[From all the incidents above it is very clear that Pallewatta Gamarala (President) is a traitor. Once this traitor violated the constitution and made a 1000 million USD loss for the country. Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe too should bear the responsibility for not ousting from the presidency within an hour
following the illegal conspiracy on October 26th. The premier is exposing now that he and the deputy defense minister was not allowed to participate in the Security Council meetings, following a major catastrophe the country has ever faced. He should have raised this issue in the parliament before and made awareness to the public and to the speaker. He did not do anything as such.
] -

Telo is part of the militant structure. Whether it is the President of Sri Lanka or the Prime Minister – they are both part of the lawful structure common to all Sri Lankans. Until TELO becomes their senior by position in that structure – it has no authority to ‘tell’. As News 1st says – ‘We Report You Decide’. You have the right to ‘tell’ only when you are senior by position and/or belief that has been declared – as in Vaddukoddai Resolution. Militants did not empower that Resolution. They used it to empower themselves in the pathway of armed war.

We are currently in political mode and hence the use of belief based pathway needs to be divided. The President disconnected from the UNP intelligence and intellectual governance in October which as per my belief was due to the temptations of going back to the past where he was dependent on Mr Rajapaksa who was showing Mr Sirisena the big picture. That big picture has a big piece of hearsay value through China’s money brought in through Mr Rajapaksa who seriously lacked investment in global governance but was indebted to the global community whose name and facilities were used to defeat the Tamil Tigers. The owner of Shangri La hotels – Mr Robert Kuok – a Chinese-Malaysian, failed to show respect for Tamil pain when the Shangri la  Luxury hotel was built in Hambantota and later another  in Colombo near the area where the Defence Headquarters were attacked by suicide bombers. To the extent the suicide bombers were genuine and sacrificed their lives – their ghosts would be invoked by those who lack belief in that land. That land was Defence land for a long time and had the power to protect Defence personnel who believed in that land and their work.  

Relatively speaking, the Northern part of Sri Lanka – where due respect has been paid to such suicide bombers and other combatants has confirmed that it was cured itself of frivolous use of power. The pain that the folks have been enduring – without taking revenge – has developed as a protective structure. In Batticaloa – this does not happen largely due to Karuna abandoning those whom he led in combat.

The deeper we go – the clearer our mind becomes until Truth alone fills our mind.
I have had this experience of identifying with the Truth of such souls in my family circles. Hence I recognize that Lasantha’s Truth came to me in this issue. I was largely the  medium. I become the medium through the Truth in my writings for which I was punished or largely ignored.

Both Presidents who had the responsibility to be accountable to global community through the UN failed to respect the UN but used it to ‘show’ their own narrow world. This opens the doors to disorders in wider world and hence the International infiltration by those who are committed to only one order – the one they are clever at. Yes, the LTTE suicide bombers would empower them if the common order is not stronger. 

The solution is not to invoke the LTTE or invoke the other side’s disorder also on the same footing. In a political environment, it is highly unlikely that the leaders would inquire into BBS on the same footing as Thowheed Jamath.

But the following highlights the Lasantha connection – through Time – 08 January:
[A closest ally of ex-defence secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, now a retired major general, had coordinated these Muslim and Sinhala extremists, it has now come to light.
He was also head of the special security operations committee that functioned on Gotabhaya’s instructions during the last presidential elections.
This committee had planned a conspiracy to seize power on January 08, but was foiled.
Investigations into the conspiracy made no headway.]
Such planning confirms fighting against Natural forces. When the place is fixed – time becomes the common indicator. When the place is open – the common cause becomes that of the larger group. Hence Christian v Muslim.

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