Tuesday 30 April 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

30 April  2019

Mutiny at Presidential level?

On 27 April I raised the question ‘Is Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa the next  Defence Secretary
of the latest  Australian Territory - Sri Lanka?’

Yesterday I learnt that the latter was effectively manifested through the Burqa ban law – which is a strong topic of discussion here in Australia due to White Supremacist like Pauline Hanson whose heir carried the force to Christ Church. If we do not cure ourselves within our local time and place circles, our negatives become sins that are inherited by our heirs and we ourselves take them into our next life. The IS is not local to Sri Lanka. LTTE was. The government made it international. If Sri Lankans abandon Muslims, local Muslims would not have the strength to resist external attractions. Laws that indicate to the lazy mind, that Muslims in Sri Lanka are a threat to Sri Lanka’s peace, are likely to push these women and their children towards the parallel of Vaddukoddai Resolution at their own local levels. To the extent they are genuinely hurt one of two outcomes would happen. Those who live at cost-benefit level – i.e. for a living would rebel which would then defeat the core purpose of such a ban. They were the Tamils who empowered militants. The other outcome is to sacrifice locally and raise their level of thinking to multicultural level and export themselves to empower those outside Sri Lanka. Majority Sri Lankan  Tamils are of this kind. Either way – Sri Lanka loses. Following is an example of latter published by Al Jazeera through its report headed 'Unacceptable': Sri Lankans share their views on face veil ban
Qaanita Razeek, 33, co-founder of Soup Kitchen Sri Lanka which helps the destitute, regardless of race/religion, wearer of niqab
While I understand that there is a difference in scholarly opinion about the wearing of the face veil, I made the choice to wear the niqab 16 years ago and asking me to unveil now is like asking to strip me of my identity.
Looking at the larger picture and the purpose with which I want to live my life, staying home is not an option for me, and I am trying to figure out a way around this.
The values we genuinely develop and carry are our protective structures. Damaging that protection is damaging to the security of the environment that is ‘home’ to the developer.

The first part of my title in my 27 April article – is confirmed by the Daily Mirror report headed ‘MR meets former defence heads

I was reminded of my dear friend at the University of NSW – Dr David Garlik who referred to such projections as ‘prophesies’. I said to David that all those who were true to their jobs have that capability. Hearsay is without belief. It dies quickly. Intellectual discrimination based knowledge raises emotions to the higher level where both sides are recognized at the same time. That is the level of law.  The mind of one who absorbs the pain of ‘loss’ without taking revenge and carries on with life with whatever is available to her/him -  and becomes an example at that level – carries the ‘gap’ as energy that works the whole. The heirs of such a person would carry healthy genes. Some militants who gave up higher status are of this category.

If however, one takes over another’s position in the same structure outside due process – one loses the energy to work that system. One who has low position taking over the higher positions openly, amounts to mutiny. The seeds were already sown in October 2018. Now the new government is visibly public.

The truth then is that Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is happy to be Defence Secretary in the leadership of Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa. This disqualifies him from the criterion needed to nominate himself as a Presidential candidate. Every true Sri Lankan would disqualify him from her/his list.
The reasons why PM Ranil Wickremesinghe was not kept in the loop is now confirmed. This was confirmed as follows by News18  report headed ‘ No Need for India to Send NSG Commandos, Lanka Can Tackle Terror On its Own: Mahinda Rajapaksa’

[“India has been helpful. But there is no need for the NSG to come in. We don't need foreign soldiers. Our forces are capable enough… (We) just need to give them powers and freedom,” he told News18 in an exclusive interview. ]

When someone connected to us dies and we pay our respects to them genuinely – we inherit their good qualities. When we use their name without respect - to draw current benefits – we inherit their negatives. This is why they say not to talk ill of the dead or  ill of someone who is not present to defend her/himself. The above formation is an official form of LTTE – with Prabhakaran look alike  by character - leading the bogus claimant to the official position of President.
Truth Reveals Itself and one who sees the true picture is protected by Divine Forces.

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