Tuesday 16 April 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
16 April  2019

Sri Lankan Vedham

Administrative power requires a structure. Governing power works through any structure.  Governance power is absolute power and its Administrative shape and form are determined by the power Itself. We become mere media. One we give it particular shape and form and largely for the purpose of deriving benefits we lose the connection with the original governing power. This happened to both sides to the Sri Lankan war and hence their respective wins were short-lived. After the 19th Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution, the position of President has become largely a governing position. In October last year, the current president confirmed his disconnection with Common Sri Lankan Governors. Even Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesighe seemed to have weakened his own connection and hence became a victim of the October coup. It took Tamil National Alliance to restore him in  the  position of Prime Minister. As individuals they go to Hindu temples. But as Administrators – they confirm that Buddhism is foremost. This then means that Buddhism is relative and hence is not governing power. All non-Buddhist believers in their respective religions would be empowered by the governing powers at their  places of worship and belief and also  by opposing those who continue to use Buddhist status in politics. The deeper we go into our own Truth the weaker the majority force becomes. One of the preventive pathways to protect this is the Equal Opportunity pathway which provides the privacy needed to develop governance power which makes the multicultural whole healthier.

 In his Colombo Gazette article [A ‘Rajapaksa manifesto’ for presidential polls], Mr N Sathiya Moorthy states:

[Whether it’s Gota Rajakasa or incumbent Maithirpala Sirisena who will be their presidential candidate, if they were to win the highest office in the country, he would end up playing second-fiddle to Mahinda R, if the latter became Prime Minister.]
True. But Mahinda Rajapaksa’s power is largely highly subjective administrative power and is the parallel of the power that the LTTE enjoyed with the idle minded part of Tamil community. Neither had the governing power to invoke Sri Lankan Vedham/wisdom without specific form other than Sri Lankan.
At this point, my attention was drawn to the SBS  program entitled ‘Tamil Vedham is more than four million-years old’.  The introduction went as follows:
[Madhava Gopal from Salem, Tamilnadu, India, has written a book on Tamil Vedham which he claims to have existed 4 million years ago.  He also claims that this knowledge was lost when Lemuria submerged into the sea.  Madhava Gopal wants to share what he has learned with everyone.
Madhava Gopal talks to Kulasegaram Sanchayan about him and his work.]

Mr Kulasegaram Sanchayan, together with Mr Raymond Selvaraj of SBS Radio Tamil were honoured with  NSW Premier’s Multicultural award for  Best Radio Report for their story "Untouchables amongst us".  I identified with Mr Kulasegaram Sanchayan’s confusion as to whether Mr Gopal was referring to Hindu Vedham as Tamil Vedham. I did however identify with Mr Gopal’s experience – in going into the ancient past through meditation – and hearing the messages of the sages. This power is presented as follows by Wikipedia:

[The knowledge in the Vedas is believed in Hinduism to be eternal, uncreated, neither authored by human nor by divine source, but seen, heard and transmitted by sages.]

I used the above in giving form to my support/vote  for Julian Assange. I was an elementary  practitioner of Hinduism but my belief has been deep as far back as I can remember. Mr Gopal refers to sages talking to him when he goes into deep meditation. I had this experience in terms of Hinduism – while I was experiencing discrimination pain at the University of NSW.  I had ‘lessons’ including about why there were animal forms in front of the altar in Hindu temples. The higher divinity in man is in the altar and the animal in man is outside the altar representing the Opposite of  the divinity inside the altar. That animal is known as the vehicle – meaning we need to travel on it and not allow the animal to travel on us. This made perfect sense to me and yet I did not read it anywhere else nor did I learn about it in any school. This is why I identified with Mr Gopal’s presentation – except that he gave it specific form as Tamil which is personal to himself. But the value that both of us recognize is that such a system exists. When we forego earned benefits and endure the pain to ‘belong’ in an Administrative structure – that also has the same effect as meditation. We gradually identify with the minds of the architects whose energy is the nuclear energy of that structure.

Once during my pain at the University of NSW – the lesson I learnt in the morning while thinking about my experience - was that sound also is a weapon. I did not know why I had that ‘realisation’ but accepted it. Then I learnt from a Channel 9 program that in future weapons would use ‘sound-power’. I recall sharing this with a UNSW Academic – one who thought I had strong insight. Mr Gopal also confirms that all of us are capable of realising that nuclear power. This philosophy is presented by Poet Kannathasan as follows in terms of Tamils:

[There is no state without Tamils, there is no state for the Tamils.]

It’s catch 22 – the moment you recognize that Tamils have a specific country / state – you cease recognizing he formless state of Tamils which Mr Gopal refers to as Lemuria.
This is relevant to all minority powers who suffer discrimination pain.

The second experience this afternoon when I was seeking the Truth about the Lankan Presidency, happened through the Australian Hindu Council News letter which included an article headed ‘Ramayana Trail in Sri Lanka Tours’. At http://hinducouncil.com.au/new/ramayana-trail-in-sri-lanka-tours/?mc_cid=e354b62a38&mc_eid=df19ffa017

Sri Lanka during Ramayanam time was Hindu to the Tamil mind. Hence a mind that goes deep into Ramayanam will invoke those nuclear forces and their votes would exponentially empower the leader who feels for them or v.v. Tamils who endured discrimination pain without taking revenge have the deeper mind to invoke such powers in Sri Lanka. To the extent they feel Sri Lankan – the governance power chooses them as the media. The mind that produced Ramayanam – predates the mind that produced Mahabharatham which predates Lord Buddha. Buddha in India is more formless at government level whereas Buddha in Sri Lanka has been given particular form. One who is conscious of the form does not go deeper towards formless nuclear power. My husband who knows more physics than I confirmed that he had learnt that when sound waves are directed towards a particular area – they become lethal.  Likewise the Ramayana insight becomes intuitive power that destroys causers of discrimination pain.

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