Monday 15 April 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

14 April  2019

What is my Contribution worth?

The Subject matter of the email went as follows: 

[Challenge is not only for Geneva but for every Tamil who still feels that he is a Tamil, not others who don't care other than their own pockets.]

Feeling Tamil and thinking Tamil are different. Feeling Tamil would entitle one to naturally access any Common Tamil Resource. But this does not extend to the UN which is mandated to be ‘issues’ based and is not be particular to any entity through cultural faith. Every person who invests in global values – will naturally access the common value of the UN.

Just because we are seen in Geneva does not mean that we are global. Likewise just because we stamp ourselves as Tamils does not mean that we are Tamils. Once we feel we connect to all feelers even if they are not Tamils. Hence global investors in the issue of excessive punishment which leads towards torture. If the outcomes are personalized / particularized,  the benefits ‘taken’ by one comes out of the more deserving victim who often does not have access to common authority.

The legal notices served by Ms Yasmin Sooka of International Truth and Justice Project facilitates the Tamil victim   concerned to raise his pain to the global level. But then the benefits need to be not used locally for particular persons and groups.

I raised my pain here in Australia, as per my investment in common Australian law. I did not win in Court but because it was true pain – as per my Belief – it got raised to global level through invisible forces. To many those values may not mean much. But to me the experience has confirmed that ‘Truth always Triumphs’.

It is important to ensure that global outcomes are used through global channels and not locally for selfish purposes. When they are, they damage our own investment global level. Then we do not leave any heritage for the next generation.

The traditional Tamil culture is hierarchical and relies on juniors paying their respects to seniors. Where Human Resources are greater than money resources, one needs the hierarchical structure through which energy is shared vertically. One who believes in such a traditional structure would respect the senior and thereby access the common powers. This to my reason was a huge reason why Tamils were successful as minorities. But by joining forces with others – for example India’s Tamils we lose this strength and get tempted by majority power. Tamil cohesion at global level is driven by Hinduism. Belief is a global connector.

But we – the victims of racism need to seek and find multicultural pathways that would cover all Sri Lankan Tamils who by policy have become second class in Sri Lanka.

When I write as per my belief – the pathway through which I realized global feeling is strengthened for my heirs to use. I do not need anyone else’s endorsement. I know and that is what confirms feelings. To the extent I ‘wait’ for others’ endorsement I am thinking.

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