Saturday 13 April 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

13 April  2019

Julian Assange – Information Terrorist or Freedom Fighter?

As a person respectful of law – I did not use the information about Sri Lanka by Julian Assange. I classified it in the group of ‘stolen cheques’. The pathway through which we receive is the natural basis of the way we use/spend. One who receives through the structured pathway would tend to use through the structured pathway. The question arises as to whether as per my knowledge of the USA which listed the LTTE / Tamil Tigers as a terrorist organization, the USA used the same footing with the Government of Sri Lanka in terms of breaches of rules relating to war with an outsider. An insider disciplines and an outsider punishes without sharing in the pain of the punished. Given that Julian is Australian, I need to ask myself whether Julian is morally wrong. I believe that my conscience based judgment would support Julian through natural path of Truth. Every true Australian has this power to protect Julian’s work.  What action has the USA taken to inquire into the allegations that  Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa who as an American citizen ordered the killing of Sri Lankans? Is it because it is acceptable to the American government on de facto basis? If yes, does the American government have the authority to take action against Julian Assange? If Julian is not above the law – then neither  is the president of America.

Dr Binoy Kampmark of RMIT University reveals as follows through his article ‘Shredding Asylum: The Arrest of Julian Assange:
[President Donald Trump has been even more brazen on the subject of Assange’s arrest, feigning an attack of amnesia.  “I know nothing about WikiLeaks. It’s not my thing.”  During the 2016 campaign, WikiLeaks had been very much Trump’s “thing”, praised some 140 times for revealing email correspondence from the Democratic National Committee.  “Oh, we love WikiLeaks,” he cheered at a North Carolina rally.  No longer.]

In 2011, when Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe assumed duties as  Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Australia he used the Terrorism label to describe the Tamil Tigers.  When it was my turn to speak – I said that if he did use that label – then he would not win the confidence of the Tamil community. This is because only the Truth discovered in war mode needs to be taken as energy into peace mode. That is the Hindu philosophy regarding rebirth. We now have a Tamil with a business background as the high commissioner. I concluded that my true contribution also went towards this. Truth goes to the issue – with or without our medium. Our Truth informs us when we feel ‘free and focused’ – as in meditation.  We need to always be conscious of whom we represent in official engagements. In the world of Truth we represent all those who are true to themselves in that issue. The networking is done by divine forces. Hence the power of intuition.

If Julian was representing global journalists – then what he did was on de facto basis given that war crimes were committed.  Each time a foreign government gets involved with foreign militants with whom they do not share common faith, and the latter get defeated due to that ‘foreign’ force – war crimes are committed. Belief is the basis of natural law. Next best is the law common to both sides. Usually there is a gap between the two. If that gap is filled by common processes  that both sides are able to follow – then it is a just war and the outcomes would confirm good order.

The Sri Lankan parallel of Julian is Daya Gamage who published inside information through his book “Tamil Tigers’ Debt to America” – presented as follows by Wikipedia:

[Tamil Tigers' Debt to America: US Foreign Policy Adventurism & Sri Lanka's Dilemma is a book written by Daya Gamage, a retired public affairs assistant and political specialist of United States Department of State. The book provides an analyses and interpretation of Washington's covert and overt foreign policy adventurism on Sri Lanka and practices that revived the country’s domestically annihilated military organisation Tamil Tigers (LTTE) in the global arena.
The author, Daya Gamage was a public affairs assistant and political specialist during the 1970-1994 at US diplomatic mission in Sri Lanka. He won a Meritorious Honor Award for his superior performance and professionalism in 1988 from the U.S. State Department.[2]
The book describes how Washington created a conducive ambience through its foreign policy to make a respectable global recognition to the Tamil Diaspora, to bring Sri Lanka to the UNHRC in Geneva and possibly for war crimes at ICC in Hague, after its disappointment in failure to salvage the leadership of Tamil Tigers, the organization which was designated as a foreign terrorist organization (FTO) by America itself under US Federal laws, at the end of the Sri Lankan Civil War. Also it documents about how then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had used her authority to suspend IMF funding to Sri Lanka during the last months of the armed conflict as a way of put pressure on the Rajapaksa regime to halts its military offensive against Tamil Tigers to facilitate Prabhakaran to leave the battle ground.]
The publishers state as follows about Mr Gamage:
[During his professional engagement with the U.S. Department of State (1970-1994) in the areas of public affairs and public diplomacy, Daya Gamage was privy to Washington's play book of foreign policy dealings with Sri Lankan issues. He gained extensive knowledge how U.S. Foreign Service Officers, and their counterparts in Washington, made crucial decisions, influencing factors on decisions, their mindset formation, and had access to their sensitive thinking. This wide understanding became rich fodder to the extraordinary analyses and interpretation of this book disclosing a link of that mindset formation to Washington’s trajectory hauling Sri Lanka to Geneva. The author's research, analyses, investigations and privileged conversations with American officials who enjoyed high security clearances, and interactions with US Congressional delegations - CODELs, vastly enriched his understanding the manner in which Washington managed and conducted its overseas foreign policy agenda in South Asia. The author was in a unique position to unlock his understanding of American foreign policy trajectory toward Sri Lanka, hitherto unknown to outsiders, to take the conversation toward a different direction and contribute to the already existing rich literature on these issues. Daya Gamage earned a Meritorious Honor Award for Superior Performance and Professionalism in 1988 from the U.S. State Department. He is currently political-foreign affairs correspondent to the online daily newspaper Asian Tribune.]

If as stated above, Daya Gamage was honoured by the American government as  ‘Superior  Performer and Professional’ – then Julian Assange also has earned that status for revealing ‘insider intelligence/information’. At global level – the commonness basis needs to be high. Higher the commonness stronger the assurance of Equal Opportunity.  Confidentiality is needed to keep insider intelligence within the family and v.v. A family works on barter system whereby each person performs what s/he is best at and is needed by others in the family. Where one lacks such skills – one needs to take junior position to the service providers. A junior is not ‘free’ to reveal insider information to those outside the family. That is the subjective hierarchy needed in family / institution. Mr Gamage fails that test.  Using that basis – Julian was NOT insider to the USA. Hence he did not break any laws of morality. He was just cleverer than those insiders in American government. It is then an ego problem and no more.

The Australian government which is currently active in Sri Lanka’s globalization, has the duty  to protect the rights of Julian Assange at the global level. If this government fails to do so – the investment made by Australians in de facto relationships would be seriously devalued. Where there is no global law to measure – one needs to seek and find a true parallel and use that as the case law. That is when Australia would be blessed by Natural Forces – especially to protect against alleged Terrorism acts by those who have no knowledge of our laws and therefore act as per their own conscience in their territory. Our home structure  is our natural authority.

If Americans punish Julian Assange – and Australia remains silent we would import revenge attacks by those who were punished unjustly by their governments. We may not win but getting involved helps us to share our concerns about the excesses of Big Brother. Australians must live their life as we structured it. If we do not take a stand and structure – others will takeover and use our opportunities as theirs. Australians are not orphans at global level.

 As stated in India’s National emblem – ‘Truth alone Triumphs’. Truth protects our access to Soul Power. One who accesses such Soul Power is truly ‘free’.

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