Thursday 11 April 2019

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

11 April  2019

Pranic Healing for Autocrats

This morning I wrote about the value of belief in elections. In return, my attention was drawn to the Sri Lanka Guardian article ‘Tirupathi Factor’ in which the authors highlight the Indian-Sri Lankan belief factor in politics as follows:

[In tracing the recent history of number of official visits made by prominent Sri Lankan politicians to Tirupathi , it is evident how this spiritual mystic place has become a place of paramount importance to some key political characters in Sri Lanka. Starting from former President MahindaRajapaksa to current President MaitreepalaSirisenathe veneration of Tiru temple always have been crucial before they made any important political decision……. Most recently Sri Lankan prime minister paid homage to Tirupathi after performing an aged old ritual called “Tulabharam” , which is a tradition where a devotee wishes to offer sugar, rice, jaggery or amount equivalent to the weight of his or her body. PremierRanilWickramasinghe has known as a liberal minded statesman who is very much passionate in European liberal values, yet this kind of actions demonstrate the fact how spiritual belief in South Asian politics even in carving a mindset of a sophisticated liberal leader.]

I am an accountant and am known to be outstanding performer in democratic financial management. With all that, through an open letter, I urged LTTE leader Prabhakaran during the height of the 2009 battle, to surrender arms to Lord Muruga at Nallur. Obviously, Prabhakaran did not. I believe that had Prabhakaran invested in Lord Muruga he would have successfully established Tamil Eelam in a federal structure. But my prayers did open up opportunities for me to train young Northerners in democratic Administration and management which would lead to self-governance in wider world. That is how we become the beneficiaries of our own belief as per our need.

The above mentioned Sri Lankan Political leaders go also to Kathirgamam before elections. The most interesting experience I had in Kathirgamam was that the sweet rice that the priest directed towards a Sinhalese lady ended up in my hands! I was starving after travelling from Colombo to say thank you to Kathirgama Murugan, after the then President Madam Kumaratunge accepted my Tsunami Reconstruction proposal for Batticaloa. I felt that Lord Muruga had accepted my thanksgiving and hence the sweet rice sharing.
Where a system is disorderly and unreliable, one needs faith-based solutions. But one needs to beware of which temple/deity one chooses for a particular purpose. All religions are pathways  of Truth discovered by the minds of  those who raised the value of their work to absolute/energy  level. In academic world one achieves the philosopher status through systematic study. In religion one usually goes direct to experience based faith and connects to the philosophy of the original mind. A deep believer would be able to defeat an academic who is systematically following the structured pathway to PhD level. The value of structured pathway is that it covers non-believers who work for monetary and status returns. In such cases – the ‘system’ through which they do so becomes the medium through which they access the power of  belief.  The older the mantras the less logical they would seem. But they have perfect logic without which they would not have stood the test of time.
A tall relation in law of ours said to me that when she prayed at Kathirgamam after her marriage, she prayed to have a tall daughter – taller than herself. This tall lady did get a tall daughter but faces difficulty finding her a taller husband as per the traditional Tamil pathway!

Now let’s take the above politicians – especially Mr Rajapaksa who prayed at Kathirgamam. Lord Muruga being the second son in the family – represents minority power. That philosophy is represented by Lord Muruga renouncing all his parental wealth and establishing His kingdom at Palani hill. Hence,  if Tamils had prayed strongly to Lord Muruga at the same time as Mr Rajapaksa, Muruga would have given victory in the war against terrorism to Mr Rajapaksa but higher global power to the Tamil who also prayed strongly to Lord Muruga. To the extent such Tamil/s invested in global standards of democracy – the war victory would be followed by loss of  political territory – just as lack of marriage opportunities followed the fulfilment of ‘tall daughter’ prayer of our relative in law. We have not learnt that  any of these politicians prayed before going to the UN Human Rights Council!

In terms of Thirupathi – the minds that invested in Thirupathi – include a high proportion of Indian film stars. The key to their economic success is their popularity with the huge Indian audience who are entertained by film stars – enough to elect one as Chief Minister. Hence Sinhala Buddhist politicians who believe in Thirupathi would win the popular vote including by ‘acting’ – so long as a Hindu does not invoke Lord Krishna at Thirupthi – also for political wins. As per the mind of Viyasagar  - the author of  Mahabharatham, Lord Krishna, worked through minority side to restore good governance preceded by righteous war. It is doubtful that any of the Sri Lankan political leaders prayed for their war to be righteous and their governance to be good for the  nation. It is therefore up to each individual to pray at their respective local levels. When such prayers are genuine – they merge themselves naturally. One without belief,  looking  for logic  in such outcomes – would not find the logic. Their minds would be distracted by temptations on the way. Only believers would – even though most believers do not consciously seek such logic.

Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has become the face of the government that killed without the mandate of belief. If he surrenders totally to Lord Muruga – he would save himself for global life. May be in August the two brothers should follow the example of young Tamil men pictured above, during the next Chariot festival at Nallur and demonstrate their humility publicly so that the pure Energy will flow into them as democratic power.  

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