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12 July 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

The Island  – EDITORIAL– ‘Avert bloodbath’:

The Rajapaksas ruined the country by taking the credit for saving it from the LTTE.

If one takes the above as a ‘fact’, that would support the following in the same editorial:

[…..President Rajapaksa, who is planning to resign despite having secured as many as 6.9 million votes]

One is then entitled to conclude that President Rajapaksa was voted to power to prevent Blood bath. This mandate was fulfilled by President Rajapaksa, during whose tenure – Sri Lanka did not have a war – be it internal or external. One is therefore entitled to conclude that President Rajapaksa and his team carry positive karma in terms of preventing armed-war.

The measures of Karma are beyond the human brain. We can identify with Karma through our Truth but cannot measure it.

If the Rajapaksas did economically ruin the country – that was because they rewarded themselves as per their own ‘system’ – the same way, the LTTE rewarded itself through underworld activities. Without this parity they would not have known the other side. Equal Opposition in Democratic Parliament is based on this Truth. The protestors who were genuine and independent of the Parliamentary system, had this power. Not any political group . This is because they have to be Independent of the official system. This is the foundation of Prescriptive Title, which confirms the right of a believer through adverse possession. It is that adversity as per the official system, that makes the believer independent of the official / documentary title-holder. In this instance government by Majority. The reason is Belief – which is Absolute Power.

Democracy works reliably on the basis of belief. If therefore, the voters of Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese  community had ‘believed’ that they needed to protect themselves from major powers such as India in the case of Tamils and Middle-East in the case of Muslims, they would have had the intuitive intelligence to protect themselves. The minorities in Sri Lanka are the bridges of Belief to connect to wider world. Due to lack of belief, the votes have shrunk the voters to ‘dependents’ of the government’s handouts. This included the war victory.

The voters have the duty to find fault with themselves for rewarding a leader who avoided global measures after taking the ethnic war to global level.

Tamils, especially LTTE supporters escalated the war issue to global level. But the Sinhalese President escaped through the ‘domestic pathway’ loophole. That was when structured global powers became the Opposition of the Sri Lankan Government that resorted to prescriptive rights but without belief – the  absolute power.

The economic collapse is the manifestation of this ‘separation’ from the global community.

The editor goes on to recommend as follows:

[The least President Rajapaksa could do by way of making amends for having plunged the country into unprecedented chaos and inflicted so much suffering on the people who reposed trust in him is to appoint a new Prime Minister in consultation with the party leaders before he resigns so that the appointment of the Acting President will not provoke the public into pouring out onto the streets again]

A leader who fulfilled his duties as per her/his understanding of her /  his position, but is dismissed unconstitutionally has no moral authority to use the constitutional structure to appoint or dismiss. The Island is insulting the Constitution itself by so proposing – after the President announced his proposed resignation. The President has the moral obligation to withdraw his announcement before acting constitutionally.


This principle was upheld by the heroine of Mahabharatham – Throupathi who was dragged to the king’s court as if she were a slave – lost in சூதாட்டம் / Soothaattam / skilled gambling. One who ‘lost’ her was her husband Dharmar – and did so without her consent and in her absence. When fighting for justice – Throupathi argues that once her husband lost himself he did not have the right to offer her as an award.  The king – driven by his attachment to his son failed to hear her. The winning side started stripping her of her sari. The lady called out to Lord Krishna in her heart and Krisna keeps supplying endless replenishment until the guy who striped the lady gave up. That is how soul-power of belief works.


The parallel in any community is that the elected leader has no position power to represent the community until s/he is re-elected. Anyone can through belief. This applies particularly to LTTE, & JVP who tried to takeover power through armed victory.



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