Wednesday 13 July 2022


13 July 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam


The resignation of the President and the Prime Minister due to pressure from alleged protestors is a serious blow to the Democratic structure of Sri Lanka. This damage has been aided by foreign media – especially Australian media and Australian cricketers. Foreigners have to keep their distance whether they are in agreement or disagree. Mahatma Gandhi said to his strong supporter – British Anglican priest Charles Andrews – ‘Indians needed to know that they can achieve freedom by themselves.’ That is the situation in Sri Lanka too.


Internally, LTTE heirs are getting even through the current even as if they were part of the reason why the President was effectively ‘dismissed’. One wrote:

[It is an obvious fact that Tamils and Muslims

rejected Gota as their president in the 2019  Election.

Sinhala people overwhelmingly voted for him and Gota

emerged as a hero for them. Unfortunately he is now a Zero.

What is the reason ? A Sinhala journalist composed a list

of his 'achievements' during the time of election in 2019

and I circulated the list to my friends during October 2019.

I feel it is relevant, at this time, for all of you to see them.

Please circulate to your Sinhala friends too.

Victor Rajalingam

The author of the list remains unknown  perhaps for fear of  a 'white van' going looking for him. ]


Where the origin is not known the messenger is taken to be the author. Hence one is entitled to conclude that Tamils and Muslims feared Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa and hence did not vote for him in 2019. In 2005 – they feared the LTTE and did not vote. That is how they brought Rajapaksas into power. One who fears confirms lack of belief in the group that reads her/his work. The Tamil Diaspora has a good percentage of such persons.

Victor has courage but as an LTTE heir -  he is an outsider to Sri Lanka.


Gandhi is the hero of Non-Violent Protestors. Gandhi renounced his high status to become part of the masses. That rendered him the soul-connection with the masses. Those in rural Sri Lanka go to practitioners of Native-Medicine. In Tamil areas – this comes with abstinence of tasty food and eating vegetarian food. Likewise when one is infected by Chickenpox virus. It is a kind of mental cure – as in the case of herd-immunity.

Last evening I received a  communication from Ms Marjorie O'Neill MP, which included the following:

[The Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants are spreading widely in NSW. These variants are more able to evade immunity gained from previous infection and vaccination, reinfection is more likely and possible just weeks after a prior infection]

But after  my relative in Canada was affected by the vaccine – I decided against any more vaccines, but decided to abstain from tasty food pleasures and thus connect to those who have natural immunity. That I believe was the fundamental reason for the success of Gandhi’s protests. This rendered him the natural connection to the community he felt part of.  

The protestors who invaded the homes of the President and the Prime Minister, confirmed that they did not make sacrifices, but rather desired economic comforts relative to that of  the leaders.

According to BBC report headed ‘Sri Lanka: President Gotabaya Rajapaksa flees the country on military jet’ at -  :


[Sri Lankans blame President Rajapaksa's administration for their worst economic crisis in decades.]

The above is a statement of ignorance. How could a leader bring about all by himself – such a collapse in 3 years?

Sinhalese desired ‘ruling power’ without earning it. This is confirmed in ‘Buddhism Foremost’ article in the Constitution. Given that Lord Buddha discovered the Absolute power of truth – this article is blasphemous. It naturally demotes all those driven by desire taking up the governance position.

As per the News – JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake is ready to be President. Given that JVP is a Communist Party, he would not be able to become part of the Buddhist Community – to intuitively connect to them through belief in Buddhism. He can truly lead only in Opposition which is independent of Buddhism. Both – Buddhism and its Opposition are needed in Sri Lankan Parliament. So says Buddhism Foremost article.

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