Sunday 10 July 2022


10 July 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam


As per my understanding of the way Truth operates, when we die, both our positive truth as well as negative truth remain in our ‘home-environment. Those who are independent of the person who died inherit the positives/virtues and those who owe them inherit the negatives.  Both are genes. In the language of Astrology – we call them Punniyam and Paavam. Neither is in direct control of us. Rights and Wrongs are milestones and not the destination. The work in respect of which

LTTE killed the Politicians who had the positive karma as well as negative karma.  Vaddukoddai Resolution was developed by politicians and was confirmed by  Truth to be of positive value through the 1977 elections in which Tamils became Equal Opposition through Due Lawful Process. If Mr J R Jayawardene had accepted that as a true manifestation, he would have retained the system through which he received a majority of 83% of the seats in National Parliament.  Then in 1978, he killed the very structure that brought him this victory and showed his cleverness through the 1978 Constitution with himself as the Executive President. As per the fundamentals of majority power – he ought to have come to power on that basis. Killing the very constitution that brought him to power was like killing his father. The citizen’s truth  is the mother and the Constitution is the father of the leadership position.

As equal opposite to the Executive was born in Tamil community through LTTE formation. This was confirmed by LTTE’s first major attack happening on 23 July 1983 – 2 days after the anniversary of the 1977 elections. Those are indicators to guide a belief based  owner.

When the LTTE killed the Political leadership, it inherited the negative karma / sin left behind by the Tamil Politicians. That which was secret in politicians – became transparent in LTTE and hence their ruthlessness through assumed executive position which eliminated opposition for its own survival.

When the Sri Lankan government forces under the leadership of the current President killed the LTTE ruthlessly they were even. But the negatives  in the kingdom of the LTTE – especially dependence on a leadership that killed to takeover leadership was inherited by Sinhalese soldiers who abandoned the fundamentals of war with an enemy or the duties of a senior disciplining a junior. To the extent the civilians followed the law in that area, their positive karma was inherited by the law abiding soldier and through her/him – their home-community.  The negatives were inherited by the ‘free soldiers’ who killed to win. This was in turn shared with their home community of which this government became the Executive leader.

If the LTTE had been in power – Tamils would have experienced the challenges that the Sinhalese are experiencing due to Executive power that killed Democratic power of Equal Opposition.

This President protected the unruly forces on the promise of ‘internal mechanism’. That internal mechanism is like the LTTE rule with Prabhakaran as the Opposition leader. When both leaders abandon positions that they had not earned through democratic process – their followers would takeover as is happening now in Sri Lanka. The above confirms that each citizen opposing is an Executive President. That is how demonic powers spread themselves. If Tamils had won in the armed war – this picture would have been produced there also.



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