Thursday 7 July 2022


07 July 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



This morning, I received a message that began as follows:

[JVP is planning to overthrow Gota and the SLPP Government in one clean blow by the end of this week with the help of FSP. Then the JVP leader Comrade Anura will assume Executive Presidency and form a JVP-FSP Government making Comrade Kumar the Prime Minister. Comrade Anura will call a state of emergency and take charge of the triforces and the police. They have an impressive plan to radically transform Sri Lanka. Following is the 6 months plan which Comrade Anura was alluding to just yesterday]

The message was a bit shocking, but did not feel true. It could have been initiated by someone who seeks to be ‘sensational’. Then there was this about Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe:

[Ranil however was JR's 2nd choice as his successor after Upali died in a still unsolved plane crash.

History repeats like coincidences  and Einstein says that a  way God shows his hand?

Former Indian PM Indira Gandhi (JR's nemesis) had Sanjay lined up to take over some day as PM but he too died in a mysterious Plane crash., and the job fell into the hand of Rajiv unexpected, and so these things happen for good reason. ]

To my mind this was also Rajapaksa pattern of top-down flow of authority. 

In Democracy, the authority comes from  the People. It is difficult for the average mind to perceive how authority could flow from bottom to the top? On merit basis, it does not. On Belief basis, it spreads laterally, so long as we are true to each other. Hence I responded as follows:

[I met Ranil at North Gate by Jetwing, in 2019. Must say he was not up to my expectations. But he did go out and meet the tuk-tuk drivers. That is his appeal. It was also Rajiv’s.

In democracy, once we know the limitations of the leader, we need to ‘fill the gap’ and self-govern. This renders exponential power at our level.]

As per my discovery, when a leader is Sovereign, and operates within her/his circle of Sovereignty, there would be harmony within the group that considers her/him to be a leader. Often, in democracy, leaders tend to ‘show’ cleverness, instead of being humble. That blocks the pathway of power-sharing. One who believes in the whole, but accepts another as leader, spreads the power of belief laterally. Hence, receiver of  majority vote gets to lead. Such a humble believer does not need any executive power. Belief in the self  spreads naturally – as in herd-immunity.

Most of us believe at least in ourselves.  Coupled with humility, we would naturally share our belief with those who seem junior to us. Then the lateral Energy spread happens naturally – as in osmosis.

A leader who is humble, is assured of success in democracy. When such a leader sacrifices at personal level – to ‘seem equal’ to the common member of the group, self-governance is naturally achieved. Then one does not need much money to govern.

 Socialism leads to natural governance through the above spread. Communism is based on ‘calculated’ spread of authority from top to bottom.

As per the communication regarding JVP-FSP takeover :

[First thing they will do is immediately nationalize large private properties such as tea and rubber estates across the country owned by local and foreign nationals. They will also nationalize top export businesses including MAS and Brandix. The JVP-FSP government is planning to nationalize private banks such as Commercial and Sampath as well.]

That to my mind, is enforced socialism known as communism.

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