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31 July 2022

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['If not now, when?': Albanese suggests wording for referendum question on Indigenous Voice…..

Albanese said the proposal was "a straightforward proposition".

"A simple principle. A question from the heart," he said.

Albanese said his government, if the referendum succeeded, recommended adding three sentences to the constitution:


A simple principle. A question from the heart," he said.

Albanese said his government, if the referendum succeeded, recommended adding three sentences to the constitution:

1.    There shall be a body, to be called the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice

2.    The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice may make representations to parliament and the executive government on matters relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

3.    The parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws with respect to the composition, functions, powers and procedures of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.]'If not now, when?': Albanese suggests wording for referendum question on Indigenous Voice (


The question here is whether Mr Albanese by belief, represents the Indigenous community or mainstream community? The place where a community makes its declaration of belief is its Natural Parliament.

In Northern Sri Lanka, Vaddukoddai Resolution 1976 was the parallel of the First Nation’s Uluru Statement from the Heart 2017.

Sri Lanka’s Prescription Ordinance 1871 is my guide to confirm whether a declaration of belief is valid in the eyes of the law. Section 3 highlights the essential criteria:

[Proof of the undisturbed and uninterrupted possession by a defendant in any action, or by those under whom he claims, of lands or immovable property, by a title adverse to or independent of that of the claimant or plaintiff in such action (that is to say, a possession unaccompanied by payment of rent or produce, or performance of service or duty, or by any other act by the possessor, from which an acknowledgment of a right existing in another person would fairly and naturally be inferred) for ten years previous to the bringing of such action, shall entitle the defendant to a decree in his favour with costs. And in like manner, when any plaintiff shall bring his action, or any third party shall intervene in any action for the purpose of being quieted in his possession of lands or other immovable property, or to prevent encroachment or usurpation thereof, or to establish his claim in any other manner to such land or other property, proof of such undisturbed and uninterrupted possession as herein before explained, by such plaintiff or intervenient, or by those under whom he claims, shall entitle such plaintiff or intervenient to a decree in his favour with costs.]

Any law needs belief . Where there is a lawful owner, such as the Australian Government in relation to Parliament in this case, this Alternate Government is confirmed to have priority rights in issues affecting its community. Yesterday, after I published my article – ‘ABUSE OF COURT PROCESS BY FORMER COMMISSIONER  - HRCSL’ , I was referred to the interview at  One of the comments was ‘this lady is a qualified and accomplished human rights spokesperson, frank and fearless

I responded as follows:

[This lady is in the opposite pole to indigenous Tamils. The two make the Tamil community revolve around itself . Ambika talks about arbitrary arrests in Sri Lanka, on the basis of her investment in International law. Here in Sydney Australia, I was arrested 4 times – that was also arbitrary. But I went through the experience sans my earned status – as if I were indigenous Australian.  Hence I don’t accept Ms Ambika as a ‘fearless’ Sri Lankan.  My mother came to court and used her power as an aged lady to ask the Registrar to give an early date. This did not happen but I felt supported by my mother]

Indigenous groups and mainstream lawmakers are two poles of the one nation. After my above mentioned experience, I felt indigenous and therefore the permanent Opposition to the officially recognized government, in terms of community issues. This is healthy in Democracy. My Opposition is expressed through my written communications. They work, even if no one in Government reads them. In belief, I am the government and I am the People.

The wonderful manifestation of this in Sri Lanka happened through Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe,  who became Prime Minister and then President of Sri Lanka. His community of Belief is the Colombo Community. Mr Wickremesinghe who entered Parliament through the National list after he  was rejected by the voters, became the First Nation representative – in Parliament, This  ancestral power  which is stronger than  the lateral power Democracy, abused by majority in official Parliament, has taken over Governance of the Common Nation neglected by Separatists.

The National list is explained as follows by Wikipedia:

[Following the establishment of the Senate and the House of Representatives in Ceylon under the Soulbury Commission, the House of Representatives had six members appointed by the Governor-General, on the advice of the Prime Minister to represent important interests which were not represented or inadequately represented in the House, they were usually from the European and Burgher communities and on occasions from the Indian Tamils and Muslim (Moors or Malays) groups. On a few occasions caste groups from within the Sinhalese and Tamils also obtained representation in Parliament as appointed members. In the Senate, 15 members were elected by the lower chamber, the House of Representatives and the other 15 members were appointed by the Governor-General on advice of the Prime Minister and generally consisted of distinguished individuals. The senators were known as "Elected Senators" and "Appointed Senators" respectively. The Senate was abolished in 1971. During the 2022 Sri Lankan political crisis, national list MP Ranil Wickremesinghe was appointed Prime Minister by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and weeks later succeeded Rajapaksa as President of Sri Lanka, after Rajapaksa fled the country and resigned.]


When the Galle Face protestors expressed Opposition to the Parliament, Mr Wikremesinghe’s  Party – the UNP which formed the first government in Sri Lanka after British Rule, awoke Itself. Now with Sinhala Nationalism and Tamil Nationalism driving the country at the two ends– Mr Wickremesinghe has become the minority of One – representing Sri Lanka the forgotten Nation. The protestors came to the place which is the centre of Sri Lanka – the common nation. It is Ranil’s Uluru. That force would naturally Oppose the separatists and do so exponentially.  Belief works exponentially to uphold justice for the believer. This is true even when we do not express it.

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