Tuesday 12 July 2022

                                             PEACEFUL PROTEST WAS A SHAM

12 July 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

The pundits, including in law, called them protestors. I kept repeating that they were influenced by JVP-FSP. I am an heir of the true protestor Mahatma Gandhi. I therefore know that true protest by minority force requires sacrifice. Gandhi sacrificed at personal level. It was that sacrifice of the little he had for the Common Freedom that spread itself through soul-power.

Ms Bawani Fonseka – a Human rights lawyer, has been giving interviews including to Australian media in which she blames the government and shows support for the protestors. In her recent Tweet, the lady states "The president and the prime minister have yet to resign. There is a fear that they are dragging their feet and won't resign"

The above is ‘effects based’. She is not a frontline protestor. But used the effects of the Frontline protestors to her advantage. That is plagiarism.

When Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe’s home was invaded by protestors, the lady ought to have known that she was wrong. Ms Fonseka’s speculation is confirmed at the following: https://twitter.com/bfonseka?lang=en

If Ms Fonseka opposes both Mr leaders of opposing political parties – she is outside the political circle. Her duty is to observe and not recommend as if she were a participant.

The fact that Ms Fonseka  was wrong was confirmed by the frolicking activities of the crowd – which burnt ‘books’ in the PM’s home. But those who are driven by ‘effects’ get attached to them.

The problem for Northerners is that JVP will awaken its twin LTTE in North. There have been indicators of this through Tamil Diaspora – some of whom are the parallels of Ms Fonseka – driven by effects. This morning, I wrote as follows on this subject   to a Professor in Sri Lanka, in the common language of a lay person:


Dear Professor,

I notice that Dr D has addressed you as Dr P. This indicates that you are in this list because you are a medical professional. You have yourself confirmed that you are a Professor in Medical Science. Dr D’s sole purpose in responding to me seems to be to insult me – to elevate himself. To my mind, this is due to ‘retirement’ and instead of actively researching and publishing as a mind expert, Dr D has allowed himself to be influenced by ‘juniors’ who call him professor. It is a form of bipolar disorder which happens through acceptance of unearned credits. They are desire based. Desire is the Equal Opposite of Fear. When we work to earn credits and/or pay our respects to elders – we are free of fear.

As a Professor who is actively working, you may not have had this experience – especially if you continue to live in an area where others know that you are a Professor.  But those who have emigrated often miss that status and this causes them to go outside their professional group to get that status so others would listen to them blindly. This happened to President Gota too. Then there are the takers – like Mr KKK in this list. He was the first to promote Dr D as Professor in this generic group. Mr KKK is an Accountant from private sector. There money is the currency. But in Public Service and therefore in Public life, settlements, as in family, are through respect. In family, like in politics, respect is ‘shown’. To the extent one does not ‘show’ disrespect, one does not lose membership in that structure. But in Public Service, where self-governance is essential criterion, one needs to ‘feel’ respect to be a natural leader.

In terms of this particular topic, through which you responded – I referred to those who invaded the PM’s home as hooligans. Dr D on the other hand wrote to Mr KKK: ‘ KKK don't be hasty mate. Ranil is a slimy, opportunistic, power greedy fool.’

As written previously – Mr Wickremesinghe is well accepted in North -including by those without formal education. It is therefore very hurtful that he is ruthlessly taken out of his portfolio – so Dr D could preach to his ‘junior’.

Positions are important ladders through which we structure our life. A structured life is regulated life. In the midst of such rubbishing, a 21 year old Australian said to me  that the Australian cricketers were wrong in playing in Sri Lanka at this time. I said to that white Aussie, that she was my Sri Lankan heir.

If you still seek your name to be taken off my list, I will do so as a mark of respect for your job.

A true protestor in this would have sacrificed all that s/he had at personal level, in this regard. Such a person would have been supported by Gandhi Power.

The indicators I felt as a permanent protestor of corruption rendered me the insight that JVP-FSP was taking over the Protest . This was confirmed by the article Next Govt. should implement nothing but what Aragalaya campaigned for: Kumar Gunaratnam’at https://www.dailymirror.lk/latest_news/Next-Govt-should-implement-nothing-but-what-Aragalaya-campaigned-for-Kumar-Gunaratnam/342-240851

The report confirms confession by FSP leader :

[Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) which is a key proponent of the struggle (Aragalaya) said today the next government should be formed only to realise what the July 9 public uprising campaigned for and the adoption of a new constitution along with electoral reforms with approval of people by referendum had to be prioritised.]

So who is going to prove this wrong? – Ms Bawani Fonseka and the Centre for Policy Alternatives.

The First act of Peaceful Protest is renunciation of any personal benefits – including earned status. Then the third eye opens and one has insight into the Truth through that third eye.

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