Tuesday 19 July 2022


19 July 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



The Daily News reports as follows:

An investigation has been initiated by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) regarding claims that three social media activists who are alleged to have received Rs. 15 million each from a foreign source. The total amount received by the three activists it is alleged is Rs.45 million.

The three persons are those who are said to be key figures at the Galle Face protest and reports suggest that they had recently opened three new bank accounts at a state bank and that on July 15, the three of them had received Rs. 15 million each to their three accounts from a foreign depositor.

“It is also alleged that they had arrived at the bank shortly after the money had been deposited and had withdrawn the entire amount. When the bank officials had questioned them regarding the source of the money, they had allegedly threatened the bank officials stating that they would surround the bank if they were obstructed,” reports say.

When the Daily News contacted the Police Media Spokesman regarding this matter, he said that the CID had initiated an investigation into these claims. However, he said that it was too early to comment on the progress of the investigations nor the legitimacy of these allegations. ] http://www.dailynews.lk/2022/07/19/local/283297/cid-probe-reports-rs-45-mn-received-three-key-figures-galle-face-protest


The Nation’s lawfully elected president has been forced to resign by the mob at Galle Face. The early indicators that they were not genuine were that they were singing and dancing instead of ‘fasting’ or confirming other forms of abstinence. Abstinence or forbearance    is essential in a non-violent protest movement. It is like meditation and takes the mind to truth. Jesus quietly absorbed the pain on behalf of the whole. Gandhi fasted when some in his group took revenge. That fasting was the soul power of Truth shared naturally with all those who had suffered due to excessive power by the British authorities.

The Galle Face group cheated. There may have been a few genuine protestors. But their Energy needed to be absolute to dethrone a duly elected president.

Whoever is elected as President tomorrow, has the duty to find out the source of the money about which the Daily News has reported. That is needed to repair the Democratic pathway of Elections.

The Daily Mirror has reported that the acting President Mr Ranil Wicremesinghe  is prioritising investigations into Easter Sunday attacks:

 RW to seek assistance of UK govt. & intelligence over Easter Sunday attacks’ at https://www.dailymirror.lk/breaking_news/RW-to-seek-assistance-of-UK-govt-intelligence-over-Easter-Sunday-attacks/108-241301

The Galle Face Green protest has fooled the world and has seriously damaged the system of democracy in Sri Lanka.  Repairing this needs to be the first duty of the President to be elected tomorrow. That is needed to maintain the Sovereignty of Sri Lanka. The rest will happen naturally.

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