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19 July 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



[Countries with high debt levels and limited policy space will face additional strains,” said IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva on Saturday. “Look no further than Sri Lanka as a warning sign.] Collateral damage: China, Sri Lanka and a developing debt crisis at https://www.smh.com.au/world/asia/collateral-damage-china-sri-lanka-and-a-developing-debt-crisis-20220718-p5b2d0.html



The lower limits on policy, began in 1956, with Sinhala only official language policy in Sri Lanka. The high debt by Sri Lankan government was a manifestation of its narrow policies. Yesterday I wrote:


[Within a sovereign group, the Energies merge naturally, and positives automatically offset negatives within the group. ]


As per the SMH article:


[It’s a sign of our times, first, because Sri Lanka’s debt crisis is not a one-off but likely the first in a new wave of national sovereign debt disasters.]

How we deal with it is as per our true Policy. Sri Lankans have confirmed that our policy is to kill (North) or chase away (South) the politicians. Every politician in Parliament, inherits the policies completed by Parliamentarians and/or laws practised by  citizens. Those that are idle, become demons of tempting desires. Sinhala only language policy of 1956,  mutated as Buddhism foremost article in the constitution of 1972 and has been inherited by the 1978 constitution. This idle article, due to lack of respect has become the demonic Energy / sin, which like the pandemic has its own mind.  President Rajapaksa’s reasoning – that the pandemic was the cause is confirmed by the following in the SMH article:

[Capital has started rushing out of the rest of the world and gushing into the US. As a result, the greenback is surging against other currencies, even reaching parity with the euro for the first time in 20 years.

This just makes it even harder for poor countries to pay for their imports and service their foreign debts. In fact, most of the world’s poor countries – 60 per cent of them – are now in debt distress or at high risk, according to the World Bank.]

Then comes the trump reason – the genetics:

[Others high on the danger list include Laos, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Maldives. And guess who has been a big lender to all of them? Their friendly neighbourhood ATM, China. As one commentator put it, “China’s Belt and Road program has hit a major pothole”.]

It is to avoid such disasters that the common Sri Lankan uses horoscopes as the Rajapaksas did and were ridiculed for doing so. In my article of 15 July, headed ‘13TH AMENDMENT DIES WHEN EXECUTIVE PRESIDENCY DIES’ , I highlighted as follows:

[In the interview, both Ms Bawani Fonseka and Mr Sumanthiran, ridiculed the particular culture of Astrology, which ridicule was effectively is in breach of article 14 (1) (f) which is an Equal Opportunity article. It is equal in status to article 14 (1) (b) which protected the rights of peaceful assembly.]

Astrology is part of Common Sri Lankan culture. It bypasses intellectual discrimination. It could be belief based or superstitious. Where it is based on science, it facilitates the merger of belief of the customer and the belief of the Astrologer. The customer who has a need will mind-merge with the Astrologer – the same way a patient mind-merges with a doctor.

In terms of the pandemic, my belief based reasoning was published by me, many times, on the following basis:

The Silk Road - Wikipedia

[a wide variety of people utilized the routes, including migrants, refugees, missionaries, artisans, diplomats, and soldiers. Diseases such as plague also spread along the Silk Road, possibly contributing to the Black Death]

China’s Belt and Road program” was reopening of the Silk Road which was listed as heritage. Every completed program becomes a heritage where its Assets are stronger than its Liabilities. In accounting, prior period items are not mixed with current period costs and benefits. As per the science of astrology also – it is the same. The horoscope confirms the Balance Sheet of the individual at the time of birth. The closest parallel I can think of is the Gene Balance Hypothesis.

China’s Belt and Road program, due to being motivated by profit, effectively invoked past costs and did so exponentially. Hence the pandemic. In Sri Lanka, Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa consulted with his Astrologer, in 2014, on the basis of his personal chart, to declare early elections. Each sovereign group has its own Balance Sheet/ Chart/ Genes. Sri Lanka’s and Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa were not along the same lines after the ethnic war in 2009 in which  civilians who also believed in the horoscope system were killed without regard for their karmic entitlements. That became a genetical problem for the Rajapaksas. Victory celebrations, in Sri Lanka were the parallels of China’s Belt and Road program.

The common Sri Lankan would not relate to economic theories ; but most of them would relate to horoscopes. Sri Lanka’s Paris Club is its Constitution, copied from the French. Its ATM was China. Hence the economic collapse.



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