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14 July 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam




A frustrated Tamil LTTE supporter, forwarded the Daily Mirror report ‘Jaliya’s confession and Gota’s failed attempts to protect him’

The email was headed:

[ For the blind bats and morons who still call Gota as "well done President". Just read this to know how corrupt these fellows are and why the youth is hell bent on getting rid of these rogues.]


A little later, an Indian directed me to the following article at In Sri Lanka, It Is Now Mob Rule and Not People’s Power | Sri Lanka Guardian (

In Sri Lanka, It Is Now Mob Rule and Not People’s Power

Daily Mirror has not published any of my work and hence my reading was based largely on the experience with the sender who, like the mob keeps insulting in the name of Opposition.

But in the case of Sri Lanka Guardian, I carry a rich heritage from completed work, over many years including during the height of the ethnic war. That positive heritage – known as karma, supports my journalistic work any time anywhere as per my need at that time, at that place. Hence the depth as if I had written it or that I oppose it. That is how karma/true ownership works.

In the first report about  Mr Jaliya Chitran Wickramasuriya, the following came to my attention:

Wickramasuriya’s Sentencing is now set for July 20, 2022, at 10 a.m. in Courtroom 9 (In Person) before Justice Tanya S. Chutkan. Sentencing Memoranda from the parties are due by July 13, 2022. Defendant Wickramasuriya remains on Personal Recognizance Bond.  

Both of the above dates are significant in the history of Executive Presidency in Sri Lanka. 13 July 2022 is the date in destiny when President Gotabaya Rajapaksa terminated his services, under pressure from the mob. 20 July 2022 is the date his successor is due to be elected by Parliament.

To some it may just be coincidence. But to the believer in time based commonness,  this strongly indicates that the issue has progressed to karmic level, which would naturally bring in global forces for and against Sri Lankan governance. It would therefore be foolish for any Sri Lankan group to think that it is in charge.

The positive aspect of this karmic judgment is that it would fit all true participants – visible as well as invisible. That is the way of great wars – such as Kurushetra war in Mahabharathm. Those who genuinely contributed to the common pool will realise Peace. Those who separated for selfish reasons will experience turmoil.

In its today’s editorial headed ‘Gota out, will Ranil be next?’ Ceylon Today presents as follows:


[Dollars needed to revive the economy are with the international community comprising the EU, USA and Japan. They were tight fisted when the Rajapaksas were in power due to their pro-China stance, coupled with corruption.

However, EU and Japan have come forward to aid Sri Lanka post 9 July after the overthrow of the Rajapaksas. EU in a statement on 10 July said they are assessing the available options to further step up their support to Sri Lanka, while the Japanese Embassy in Colombo on Tuesday said that they are determined to continue to build their great friendship in the years to come.]

The more disorder and separation we display to wider world, the more open we would be to ‘takeovers’ by individual countries. This risk is confirmed by the author of Sri Lanka Guardian article:

[Sri Lanka  is now getting huge media coverage all over the world on  a scale, which is much higher than what Sri Lanka has received at any time in the past. 

The media and journalists all over the world appear to be excited about the  recent turn of events  in Sri Lanka,  where some agitators have invaded  the Presidential residence  without being resisted  and the President leaving the residence fearing the invaders. ]

In its yesterday’s editorial headed ‘Aragalaya Losing the Plot?’  at ‘ , Ceylon Today lamented as follows:

[However, those three buildings – now ransacked and vandalised – are part of this country’s historical and cultural heritage. They contain historic documents, invaluable paintings, mementoes and souvenirs brought here by foreign dignitaries to mark their visits, all of which are part of this country’s heritage and should be preserved for posterity.]

The wrongs of the Rajapaksas, have been made sins by voters who pampered themselves by electing those who would favour them with handouts. By electing them as custodians of power, the voters kept promoting the handouts. Thus they rewarded the behaviour they  got. Now when the handouts have ceased they are separating themselves from the very leaders whom they pampered with votes. Hence the separation between voters and politicians.

The heritage value in the buildings and their contents is not in their money value. It is in their commonness developed through structured positions which attracted wider world’s goodwill to Sri Lanka. Those who damaged them are separatists.

Applying the same measure used on the LTTE on the basis that they were Terrorists, Sri Lankans have the duty to take action against these separatists in protestors’ clothes. That will save Sri Lanka’s soul from the influence of dark separatists and do so exponentially.

When each one feels the pain caused to  Commonness, and shares with their home group, Commonness will come to support Sri Lankans – whatever their ranking may be. A few of them could be in the crowd. But the overwhelming majority acted to separate in the name of ‘freedom’.





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