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04 July 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



The first Executive President of Sri Lanka was Mr JR Jayawardene . The position was created under his leadership. On the basis of my own experience as Sri Lankan, I identify with the following:

[A controversial figure in the history of Sri Lanka, while the open economic system he introduced in 1978 brought the country out of the economic turmoil Sri Lanka was facing as the result of the preceding closed economic policies, Jayawardene's actions, including his response to the Black July riots of 1983, have been accused of contributing to the beginnings of the Sri Lankan Civil War] Wikipedia

Buddhism Foremost is a Political article in the Sri Lankan Constitution. It was in Article 6 in the 1972 Constitution and is in Article 9 of the 1978 Constitution. Equal Opportunity declarations were in the Fundamental Rights chapter in Article 18 in the 1972 Constitution and in Article 14 in the current Constitution.

The article number is like the age within the constitution. The senior is the natural person to give birth to the junior. In both Constitutions – the Relative is above the Absolute. Equal Opportunity articles are therefore confirmed to merely ‘showcase’ and were not belief based. Buddhism foremost is a relative of the whole that is Sovereign. It  can  naturally give birth only to a more junior relative than itself to the whole.

At the level of citizens, those who identify with Political sections of the  Constitution, would be leaders in politics only. Those who believe in the whole would work within Article 14 and no more. Their returns from come from those who practice Equal Opportunity laws. Hence the support from British media and USA government, to the Tamil community, after armed the war ended.

The current Labor government in Australia is also playing politics with Sri Lankan Tamil voters and hence their ‘refuge’ to the Tamil family during election time. This would result in more illegal arrivals including on planes. We need to be true to our policy to deserve its natural exponential spread.

As per my belief in Sri Lanka, Mr Jayawardene’s natural culture of the affluent influenced him to retain the showcase of Fundamental Rights. Mrs Bandaranaike who also was from an affluent family, introduced austerity measures, confirmed as follows by Wikipedia:

[In contrast with his predecessor, Sirimavo Bandaranaike, Jayewardena's foreign policy was aligned with American policies (earning him the nickname 'Yankie Dickie')]

The China influence over the Bandaranaike government, was thus broken by Mr Jayawardene’s alliance with Americans. Hence, despite the 1983 pogrom   in multicultural areas of Sri Lanka, where Sinhalese were the majority race – he was not disciplined by the Americans through the UN.

Interestingly – JR as Finance Minister experienced economic challenges, presented as follows by Wikipedia:

[Jayewardene struggled to balance the budget, faced with mounting government expenditures, particularly for rice subsidies. He was re-elected in 1952 parliamentary election and remained as finance minister.]

This was a heritage that influenced the need for foreign capital and open market. But the Rajapaksas  inherited the China-Alliance from Mrs Bandaranaike. The current President, who is reported to have been  influenced by Americans of  Sri Lankan origin, removed the  fertilizer subsidy – without its compensating open market economy . Hence the collapse.

The current Prime Minister lacked the leadership Energy to become President. He wanted to be everybody’s ‘goody two shoes’. Now he is the President’s ‘goody two shoes’.

Now that the Chinese debt has become a ‘sin’ Sri Lankans would inherit their poverty as well as the government’s military control.

Those who practiced article 14 values – would offset some of the negative heritage values. When they are at the top – democracy will automatically downgrade autocracy and the Executive Presidency would die to make way for Governor of Belief.


The 19th Amendment was about Equal Opportunity principles. In reality, during the time of Mr Sirisena as President, Mr Wickremesinghe failed to work the partnership as if he were the real President. Even during the Constitutional Crisis – he merely held the No 1 – board and let the matter go to the Supreme Court. This confirms that he had failed to inherit his senior JR Jayawardene’s feisty nature . Like the dutiful government officers – he occupied the positions that his uncle and Political senior - J R Jayewardene developed. Hence the Constitution after 19th Amendment did not work to support his leadership.


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