Monday 18 July 2022

 18 July 2022

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam



Some ailments need only pain killers, to facilitate natural healing. Others need stronger medication. Few are genetic. When there is a pandemic, the ‘whole’ group needs to be treated. The Covid virus has challenged this generation and we are still not sure what to do. At personal level it seems to manifest as per the individual’s pre-existing ailments. At group level its spread has to be contained within sovereign groups. The smallest of such groups is the family and the largest is the widest  group one has invested in. Within a sovereign group, the Energies merge naturally, and positives automatically offset negatives within the group. Hence the theory of herd-immunity. Family is the smallest group driven by belief. To most of us the nation is the largest grouping we invest in.

In its report headed ‘The hard choices Sri Lankans must make now’ BBC reports as follows:


[With Mr Rajapaksa gone, protesters have turned their sights on Ranil Wickremesinghe, the unpopular former prime minister.

He is seen as someone with close ties with the Rajapaksas, a powerful dynasty that ruled Sri Lanka for nearly two decades]

The Protest-group is the parallel of  Covid patients who blame the government for the pandemic. Reactionaries would change the reason, that suits them. Hence from Gota to Ranil. That is herd-infection.

Gota’s personal ailment was war related and the war-crimes allegations at global level. Ranil’s is his natural way of going with the flow. His investment in the West is far stronger than that of the Rajapaksas. Opposition to Ranil, confirms opposition to structured economic pathway – especially through the IMF. The more disorganised the protestors are, the less likely would be a structured solution.

A member of the Australian-Tamil diaspora, asked me about my reasoning that it was JVP that caused the economic collapse and not President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. I gave the example of the Common building in Thunaivi to build which we donated temple-land. That building is like the Parliament of that local area. The building was built out of grant through NECORD (North East Community Restoration and Development). The building was being hardly used, due to community disorder in the toddy-tapper village . During our stay earlier this year, we organized some online classes during weekends and school holidays. The NGO responsible, informed me that there were many such ‘idle’ buildings in Northern Province.  They confirm lack of trust by the structured systems, in the villagers, due to lack of lack of relativity but plenty of emotional freedom of the kind the ‘protestors’ in Colombo are demonstrating. To minimise frequent conflicts within factions, we separated them through our temple’s boundary wall. I asked this person, whether he would invest in Thunaivi and he said ‘NO’. I said, likewise, investors looking for reliable returns would  not invest in Sri Lanka where rebels have frequently damaged official structures.

As per the latest ABC report ‘Acting President Ranil Wickremesinghe declares state of emergency in Sri Lanka amid ongoing political turmoil

[The Acting President of Sri Lanka has declared a state of emergency amid ongoing protests just days after the nation's former leader was forced to flee.

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