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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

02 August  2020

The Black-Dog in Sri Lankan Politics

My logic says that where there is victory there is also a loss. That same logic says that where one recognizes win and loss at the same level at the same time, one is an owner. Where one recognizes only one – in oneself and / or the other in another one confirms separation as well as Equality.

Every year the Sri Lankan government celebrates victory of the armed forces against Tamil militants who are/were  children of Tamil civilians. They do not celebrate victory against Sinhala militants in South. This confirms Separation. We do not need to prove it to anyone. The truth exists even when there are no supporters. To the extent we support truth it supports us with interest.

Article 2 of the Sri Lankan Constitution states:

The Republic of Sri Lanka is a Unitary State.

Where a government celebrates victory  against another group – it confirms that they are separated in that activity. If therefore Sri Lanka is to be a unitary state that would NOT happen under a government that celebrates victory against another part of the land called Sri Lanka. But given that minorities in areas where majority are of an alternate race, have no choice of  ‘seeing’ themselves through the government, their vote exercised through parties that have different / Diverse forms to that of the majority they confirm acceptance of that separation from the government celebrating victory only in a local fight. That confirms a structure that is Federal but one without a Common head. Yesterday, in a discussion with fellow Tamil professionals who are medical specialists - about God as the superior identity that we pray to, one expert concluded as follows:

[This is pure and simple mind over body. There is nothing called miracle or supernatural. Think rationally and one can tap his own mental power. But there is a limit. Of those who go to  a GP vast majority just recover even otherwise but we are impatient. On the other hand through mind we may be able to overcome some diseases or even kill ourselves. Even the so called faith healing is one such thing but such diseases are purely mental state and not physical.  Holy devil, chasing the devil, kattadiya, kapurala, soonium are all such stunts. No devil, no soonium except our foolishness to believe in such things. But convincing such believers is impossible. Convincing a lie is easier than convincing a truth.]

I explained my logic as follows:

[Vast majority known to me pray to God as a higher person. I still do at Nallur, Kathirgamam and many other temples. Even in a Court of Law – lawyers ‘pray’ to the Judge. The Spirit of law is more in the judge who is impartial than in the lawyers who are partial to their side. My path of prayer took me to the destination of realising the god within me – known as truth and/or love.
You say ‘Even the so called faith healing is one such thing but such diseases are purely mental state and not physical.’
Likewise psychological disorders. Since many are on medication  which is physical pathway – one is entitled to conclude that Western doctors lack the ability to heal mind to mind.
Once there was this guy – about 20 years of age who was brought to Radha Aiyer who was talking to me at the temple. The relative of the guy said that Maadan / Vairavar was in him. The guy said things to Radha Aiyer with injections of ‘I am not the one speaking’. Radha Aiyer said ‘I know; I know’. At the end of that talk –the guy and his relatives went away. I then asked Radha Aiyer whether he believed the guy. Radha Aiyer said yes but after a bad experience he stopped such healing. In that instance he said he was not fully immune and after the session – he and his wife had diarrhea . Radha Aiyer then pointed to the point on the floor where the said guy was standing and said that the waste was there. It was a small pool of dark blood. Radha Aiyer asked that it be washed away without anyone contaminating it. Radha Aiyer is respectful of me and from time to time seeks my blessings  especially in relation to his health. I believe what he said was true due to the direct observation.
This doctor in the program is referring to faith in mind power. The question I ask is what is the mind? As per my knowledge – mind is a combination of body and soul – as liquid is a combination of solid and gas – as force is a combination of matter and Energy. As per my experience – we connect to each other’s minds through our bodies. In any sovereign environment, the sum total of the Energies in these minds is that Judge called the God. Another name is Common-mind as in Commonwealth. Its importance was felt by leaders like Scott Morrison who prayed in Parliament at the beginning of the virus crisis. Was that superstitious? Not to me. The way belief works is through the People. I started wearing the mask this week to reinforce that Commonwealth that the government can draw on.]

The political system in democracy – confirms that Divine power which is known to us through each other at equal level. This is the parallel of Radha Aiyer above believing and understanding the language of that patient. At that level any knowledge – however clever it may seem will not work in that environment. Had I said anything about how someone is treated in the Western Medical system – I would have naturally opposed the local system. Likewise in law. Hence the ban on dual citizens holding law-making positions in a democracy.

A government that celebrates victory against another group confirms that it is foreign. We have the choice of accepting or rejecting it through our Universal Franchise.

As per the Hindu article headed ‘TNA faces biggest test in post-war decade as Sri Lanka gears up for election’, about a voter from an area where the Tamil Tigers had their Administrative headquarters:
No matter who gets elected nothing changes in our lives. We vote because it’s our duty, not in eager anticipation that our situation will get better,” said Yesudas Jenova, seated outside her small home just outside Pallai town in Kilinochchi district. Jaffna and Kilinochchi together form one of the two northern electoral districts, while Vanni — including Mullaitivu, Mannar and Vavuniya — is the other.
As per my knowledge there is no lawful duty for the Sri Lankan citizen to exercise her/his vote. Hence where did this expression that it was one’s duty come from? It comes from the environment which believes in structured democracy which is an Administrative path inherited from our elders / ancestors. This confirms also that we do not believe in autocracy a professed in action by militants.
So who would successfully raise our belief from local to national and beyond – so we can continue to live in an environment that we believe in? There are indicators in the following section of the Hindu article:
[On the one hand is the TNA, which is witnessing heightened tensions within, seen in the vitriol targeting some contestants, and facing an increasingly sceptical electorate. On the other are critics of the TNA, including former Northern Province Chief Minister and retired Supreme Court judge C.V. Wigneswaran, who broke away from the Alliance, and the ACTC, led by lawyer-politician Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam — both known to have some support in urban Jaffna — who are contesting separately, as different camps.]

The separations happened due to the same reason as to why the government that actively professed Buddhism foremost and/or Sinhala only. They wanted separation and they got separation. TNA included militants in its grouping and to that extent it diluted its own investment in political pathway. That was not a team of common belief. It was a joint venture based on outcomes and is not different to Rajapaksa led SLFP including Karuna. In both instances they chose to ‘ignore’ the ‘separation’ factor that the militants had invested in through their actions which qualified as ‘dictatorship’. This separatism karma followed them like black-dog. Black-dogs cause depression of the mind. Lord Vairavar is a protecting Deity and is the Lord of Security. The vehicle of Lord Vairavar known as ‘Kaala Bhairavar’ - is the black dog – which is depression that automatically happens when we do not balance our desires with discipline. That is the way of Creation. 

In the case of  former Supreme Court judge C.V. Wigneswaran – the value to Tamils and generally to Sri Lankans was strongly negative due to breach of the Doctrine of Separation of Powers. At that time every Tamil leader who discussed it with me was happy about the switch. But I expressed concerns about breaching the Doctrine. As per my memory – Mr Wigneswaran also was against such breach in the dismissal of the then Chief Justice Dr Shirani Bandaranayake. That dismissal happened in January 2013. In October, Mr Wigneswaran acted in breach by carrying the title of Justice as a politician. Had he not opposed the breach by the Rajapaksas – there would have been no black-dog following him into politics. The fact that he did confirms that he had the duty to follow it himself when he became a politician. That is the way karma works.

We often use such principles to get the right tick. But if someone is demoted due to our use then we become shareholders in that black-dog – which in this instance is in the form of Separation of Powers. Hence, to my mind, Mr Wigneswaran strengthened the force of Separation while claiming to unite North and East.

It is this black dog that infects those  in country side who are lured by the benefits by cheap politicians. The above example happened in a village where Mr Wigneswaran presided over the opening ceremony of a building built on stolen land. How can we then claim to have the right to evict armed forces who occupy Tamil areas beyond their  needs?

Finally what does this mean to us as a community and nation?

Relative to the SLFP and its new version SLPP – the UNP’s separation karma is limited to its party. When UNP and TNA form a political coalition – including as an opposition – we would prevent the Black-dog from entering our minds through the Parliament. Every Tamil needs to vote for either TNA that is now less affected by the Black-dog than in 2015, or UNP to preserve our ancestral political powers.

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