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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

08 August  2020


Rebels Won in Southern Sri Lanka

Rebellion by juniors against seniors is a continuous pattern in Sri Lanka. SLPP is a breakaway group led by the Rajapaksas, which won majority seats in Parliament in the 2020 Parliamentary elections. Likewise, SJB broke away from the UNP and won the position of Leader of the Opposition. They both confirm greater power allocated to juniors over seniors. To the extent the elections were orderly, and to me they were – thanks to the armed forces – one can read the natural mind structure of the group that has predominant power to elect government. In the language of the ordinary person – it is child taking over the parent – invading parental position. Hence one is entitled to conclude that majority Sri Lankans are thinking they are promoting continuity of  hierarchical leadership demonstrated by the Rajapaksa family. That which is disregarded is the Political institution structured by this family which confirms ‘separation’ from the original root – the SLFP. In the case of the SJB of Premadasa – the root of this political party is the UNP. This was confirmed by former minister Vajira Abeywardena, whom I met in Jaffna last year:

[When asked about the SLPP forming a government with two-thirds majority, he said that the main group responsible for that is the Sajith Premadasa faction.

He also claimed that Premadasa ruined himself and the UNP along with his political campaign.  Abeywardena stated that they gave their full backing to Premadasa at the last presidential election, but he failed to win and now the 5.5 million votes have dropped to 2.6 million. ]

To my mind, Mr Premadasa was like a junior to Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa even back then. To oppose effectively, one has to be of diverse mind structure.

When we do not groom our heirs – juniors by position who think they have greater power tend to take over through rebellion. The catch in democracy is this weakness of lack of will to groom heirs. But UNP’s strength to Sri Lankans is essential in Sri Lanka’s globalisation. UNP has far greater supporters within Tamils than SLPP which is a separatist group. Globally also, UNP enjoys far higher level of goodwill than any other political party in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka needs business structures to develop Equality as well as become more self-sufficient economically. The Parliament is not the only way to develop this. In fact it might be a blessing in disguise to be free of the parliamentary pressures while focusing on repairing the roots of the UNP heritage by the young and the restless. Towards this business partnerships with minority communities would certainly go a long way and would promote global investments by Sri Lankans. Now that TNA has won under the leadership of Mr Sumanthiran, there are naturally alliances open to them through global projects. This was confirmed within the Tamil Diaspora (TD) as follows:

[TD1: I see a silver lining in the dark clouds surrounding the Tamils in Sri Lanka. That Silver Lining is none other than Mr. M.A. Sumanthiran.

Most of the Tamil Diaspora and Tamils in Jaffna do not have the intellectual capacity to understand and appreciate Mr.Sumanthiran's Thinking & his "genuine" efforts. There is a lot of fake and malicious propaganda by the diaspora Tamils who do not have the commonsense and capacity to think rationally.

He is truly a genuine man dedicated to the cause and Incredibly talented! 

I wish him well & sincerely pray for success in his efforts to win the rights for the Tamils in Srilanka . 


God bless Mr. Sumanthiran , Oh Sivaayanama ... 

TD2 : TD1’s sentiments are the same as mine. After all Jaffna people proved that they know who will lead them!!

Gaja: My articles will confirm that my natural vote was for Sumanthiran at this juncture. He has firmer structure than any other in terms of National Politics. He successfully diffused the continuous flow of discouragement from many parts of the Tamil Diaspora – which were in favour of CVW who sang the song of separation. The way I interpret his (CVW’s) win is that the Tamils said ‘thank you’ . Beyond that Sumanthiran has proven to have the confidence of majority Jaffna Tamils to lead the question of Equality – for which one has to have common investment as the foundation. Separation does not need common investment and therefore participation in National politics. Sumanthiran was honest about it whereas others including CVW and Ponnambalam were being hypocritical to get the votes. Ultimately the outcome delivered for me. ]

Given that Mr Sumanthiran is a Christian and his leadership has resulted in majority seats in Northern Sri Lanka for ITAK,  religious commonness in Northern Sri Lanka where majority are Hindus, has been confirmed. Hence to my mind it is really a win-win situation for Sri Lankan Nationalism led by minorities who in Sri Lanka win through intellectual leadership. This was confirmed in 2018 during the constitutional crisis brought about by deviators. It is healthy for Sri Lanka which is no longer a separate entity but part of global structure – dependent on Global sovereignty.

Southerners have promoted rebellion and therefore will tend to separate even though they may show financial prosperity through welfare monies. It is now the job of Mr Wigneswaran and Mr Ponnambalam to ensure that they oppose Southern Separatists so strongly that Northern Separatists would feel the discipline.

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