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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

29 August  2020



Playing Politics with King Corona


Mr John Howard as Prime Minister failed to discipline Pauline Hanson whose attack on Indigenous Australians and Migrants were received by me as if they were directed towards me. That was when I resigned from my substantive position at the University of NSW (UNSW) where my contributions – starting with democratic accounting for Medical Research Funding were treated as enemy contribution. I resigned on 11 August 1998,  after hearing Pauline Hanson on ABC’s 4 Corners program on 10th night. Like the Corona victims, I had pre-conditions that Corona Hanson aggravated.  I stayed on to help Sports Medicine unit and when I was punished by Central Administrators in relation to that work also – I self-isolated and worked from home. Now I feel that that pain of isolation went straight to the nucleus and stayed there to Oppose the very negative Energy to dispel which  we, the new minds were allegedly recruited for. When Dr David Garlick – the director of Sports Medicine passed away,  came the Bruce Hall scandal – from within the medical faculty and was named ‘scientific fraud’. Pauline Hanson was the last straw that broke my migrant back and Professor Hall  was the last straw that broke the migrant academic back of  UNSW Medical Faculty. I ended up suing Mr John Howard who to my mind was ultimately responsible for the negligence of government – straw by straw negligence with migrant issues which have exponential outcomes with a first generation migrant who feels Australia is her/his home. Mere Thinking does not confirm feeling. Deep sacrifice confirms ownership in short period.

Later when Mr Kevin Andrews who is now  Father of the Australian  House of Representatives, cancelled the visa of Indian Dr Muhamed Haneef who was accused of Terrorism in 2007, Mr Howard remained silent despite Mr Peter Beattie, then the Queensland Premier, urging the PM to discipline Mr Kevin Andrews. Five months later Mr Howard lost his seat – as per the People’s verdict. Mine was one of the straws that were beyond the reasonable limit. I returned the Hanson return with compound interest.

Recently, The Age reported as follows about Mr Kevin Andrews – under the heading ‘Senior Liberal MP denounces 'totalitarian' Chinese rule on secret tape’.

[Liberal Party elder and former defence minister Kevin Andrews has launched a savage attack on the Chinese government in a private party forum, saying President Xi Jinping was running "the most complete totalitarian regime that we've seen probably on the face of this earth".

In what are among the most unguarded comments yet about China by an Australian government MP, Mr Andrews, who chairs the human rights sub-committee of Australia's joint standing committee on foreign affairs, defence and trade, accused the "regime of Xi Jinping" of "trampling on human dignity, on human rights in China"…..

Asked by one participant on the call if Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews had committed "high treason" with his Belt and Road Initiative agreement with China, Kevin Andrews said: "If we don't stand up to it now, it's going to do a lot more damage to the people of China and to the rest of the world."]


This negates the steps taken by current  Prime Minister’s move to discipline current Labor Government  regarding the BRI. To my mind, playing Politics with BRI is playing Politics with King Corona. One needs belief to criticize as a politician. Mr Kevin Andrews is effectively in breach of the spirit of Section  44(i) of the Australian Constitution which bans someone with the following to be ineligible to be member of Australian Parliament:


[Is under any acknowledgement of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or citizen of a foreign power]

The right to criticize a Chinese Politician is that of a Chinese. By entitling himself to that right – the Father of Australian Parliamentarians – acted in breach of the above law. No Belief – No Right. This breach dilutes our investment in Sovereignty confirmed through Australian laws.

As per the above report:

[In his comments to the Christian-aligned audience, Mr Andrews hit a number of hot-button issues, saying: "We've seen aggression in the China Sea, both the South China Sea and the East China Sea. We've seen more oppression in China. We've seen this bellicose nationalism from President Xi Jinping."Uighur people in Xinjiang province were "being transported to other parts of China to work effectively as slave labour", he said, and religious freedoms were being "trodden on" by the Chinese Communist Party.

He also accused China of "a complete trampling" of the agreement with Britain to allow Hong Kongers to enjoy more freedom than their fellow citizens on mainland China. "And we've seen people now being arrested in China, simply for proclaiming some sort of democratic rights and being told that they're being treasonous to China."

On the Belt and Road Initiative, China's plan to establish global trade links, aid, infrastructure and communications, Mr Andrews said it was "essentially about China projecting its place in the world, into every other part of the world" with the intention of making nations "essentially indebted to China".]

Unless Mr Kevin Andrews represented the victims in each of the above cases – he has no right to express on their behalf. When we do so – we see ourselves through them as their other side. Interestingly Wikipedia reports :

[Andrews has been associated with or given speeches to many organisations over the years. His most significant non-Parliamentary speeches are published in the volume 'One People One Destiny'.]

In Sri Lanka – the President recently delivered the parallel ‘officially’ as -  ‘One Country – One Law’ for all People which essentially promises the repeal of Article 9 which affords Buddhism the foremost place. We are waiting for the miracle to happen! Interesting to note that Mr Kevin Andrews is known to be a Conservative and a Catholic. The Sri Lankan parallel of that is Military Officer and a Buddhist. Both confirm attachment to the past achievements including by others. Neither confirms heritage of the religious leader in whose name the religion has survived the challenges of Time & Place displacements.


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