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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

15 August  2020


Tamil Independence Structure Damaged in Jaffna

Today is India’s Independence anniversary. To my mind it is Gandhi Heritage day. It is sad indeed that on this auspicious day, I have to be reader of the serious damage caused by greedy Tamils, to the Independence of the Common Jaffna Tamil. I refer to today’s  Daily Mirror article ‘Did Sumanthiran Win In Jaffna By “Stealing” Sashikala’s Votes?’ by D.B.S. Jeyaraj who demonstrates reliable logic based connections. The Hindu Holy Ash which majority Jaffna Tamils apply as confirmation of the philosophy that wisdom is born by burning by the fire of knowledge. To me, this wisdom underpins the knowledge that D.B.S. Jeyaraj has shared with us in relation to the political structure of Jaffna.

On 07 August, the first email I received about the elections was from Victor Rajalingam who not only funded Mr CV Wigneswaran’s election campaign but wrote strongly in his favour. The knowledge that seemed to unpin the support was based on the expressions by Muthaliar Chenthurselvan who wrote highly of Mr Wigneswaran who to him must have seemed like Kamala Harris to many Tamils with much idle time and idle mind-space. This promoter from Switzerland wrote on his Facebook page on 13 August:

[Today morning at 11 am, the parliament member of the Tamil People's National Alliance and the team's head, former High Court Justice K. V. Vikkineshwaran sir

Mullivaykal started his parliament journey after lighting the lamp in the 'Martyrs Memorial' and paying the oath of tribute.

Former Parliament member, Vice President of the Alliance and Joint Speaker Suresh Premachandran, Former Parliament Member Sivaji Lingam, Former Northern Provincial Minister Ananthi Sasidharan, and the candidates of the coalition and the public participated in this event.

This was a heart touching event and again proved that the Tamil People's National Alliance is a movement of the brave men and the people who died in the war of liberation, carrying the dreams in their hearts.]


This was however ‘dismissed’ by Shiva Shiva who wrote :


[A clever Political Actor. You said you have not qualified here to mark Tamil rebellions as right or wrong; You said you are committed to non-violence; How do you qualify to light the lamp of those who died in armed combat for the stated goal of Independence of the Tamil Community? What is your Policy? This is the sacred soil purified by the  path of great heroes ; Do not pollute it with your feet dirtied by corrupt politics. We the Tamil Community have  no more to lose. Please do not use them for your desires. Let them live in Peace]


Tamil rebels did not win. They achieved more. They contributed to defence of Tamil Independence. I did not use their pathway but I did not take any credit from their structure to advantage me. In my own way I helped them structure within their Administration, orderly pathways that would facilitate all participants to derive their just shares of satisfaction. Hence I am able to observe and know whether one is sincere or one is ‘stealing’ credit.


DBS presents the ‘stealing’ allegations as follows:

[The one-word answer to the question “Did M. A. Sumanthiran of the Tamil National Alliance win in the Jaffna Electoral district by “stealing” the preference votes cast for another TNA candidate Ms. Sashikala Raviraj? is NO! Yet the 2020 Parliamentary poll in the Jaffna electoral district comprising the Kilinochchi and Jaffna administrative districts was marred by untoward incidents based upon unfounded allegations that Sumanthiran had “transferred” the preference votes of Sashikala in his favour and won the election. Moreover for the first time in Sri Lanka’s electoral history the Special Task Force (STF) had to be deployed to chase away a mob trying to invade the chief or primary counting centre of a district and seize ballot boxes therein. Furthermore, the Jaffna poll incidents are still being distortedly falsified, maliciously misrepresented and disproportionately blown up by vested interests in a propaganda blitz to vilify and undermine the wrongly accused Sumanthiran.]

The question here ‘Who is stealing whose credit?’ . A study of what happened interpreted by us through personalities with whom we share ‘Common’ pathways would lead us to the truth we need to know. Those like Victor would ‘see’ through their investment in the likes of Mr Wigneswaran who has become a traitor to the lawful pathway. By carrying his title as Justice he confirms his Dual Memberships in two separate and independent entities – the Judiciary and the Executive that he is part of as Opposition.

While there was much publication against Mr Sumanthiran in the weeks leading to the elections, I would have been very surprised if Mr Sumanthiran had not been elected by the folks of Jaffna, in whom I invest continuously. Every stroke of work with their welfare at heart becomes common work. Every unit of sacrifice made independently at my level is taken to the total level through our soul-connection. That is what Universal Franchise is about.

The surprise was that Mr Wigneswaran won. But the real value of that seat would evolve only if he represents the Armed Rebels in Parliament. He cannot do this logically while carrying the ‘Justice’ title when claiming to represent Rebels. The title Kootani / Alliance was stolen to cheat the Tamil People who trust him to be honest and just. To many who follow blindly he would have been TNA. That was CHEAP!

The two groups are presented as follows by the Centre for Monitoring Election Violence:


Electoral District - 10 - Jaffna

Ahila Ilankai Thamil Congress


Thamil Makkal Thesiya Kuttani


Under the above TMTK are the names of the following nominees as highlighted by the Sunday Morning as follows on 16 February 2020 under the headlines  ‘New Tamil alliance under close scrutiny’:



[The Thamizh Makkal Thesiya Kootani led by Wigneswaran’s Thamizh Makkal Kootanii (TMK), includes the Eelam People’s Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF) led by Suresh Premachandran, Tamil Thesiya Katchi led by Attorney-at-Law Sri Kantha and M.K. Shivajilingam (Secretary), and Ananthi Sasitharan’s Eelath Thamilar Suyaatchchi Kalagam. The alliance members signed a memorandum of understanding last week and submitted documents to register it as a political party at the Election Commission (EC). Defence sources said that there are concerns over moves by the alliance to draw support from the Tamil Diaspora and Tamil Nadu politicians.]


Surface readers would not care to question why TNA is listed as ITAK, the parallel of which is Thamizh Makkal Kootani, TMK formed by Mr Wigneswaran. The word Alliance has been inserted to include the above which is politically correct but  carried the grave risk of misleading the voter. It is brainwashing the illiterate, emotionally driven voter. All those who did vote for Mr Wigneswaran who as per my assessment pretends to be holy by applying the Holy Ash have been disrespectful of Hinduism. In Nallur division his Alliance came 4th almost like an equal opposition to the Sinhala Buddhist party SLFP. With all that display of holiness his party  did not come first in Nallur.


If Mr Wigneswaran did not know that he was cheating / stealing / misleading – he needs to stay away from any intellectual presentation of issues affecting the Tamil Community whose intellect he has insulted. If he knew – then he would be good opposition to the Sinhala Nationalists but not to those seeking Independence through Equal Opportunity to be part of a multicultural society.


I take the single seat Mr Wigneswaran got as a thank you send off gesture. To assume more rights would result in negating his own contribution through the judicial structure. In the Hindu hymn ‘Manthiramavathu Neeru’ there is a line that says ‘Sathiyamaavathu Neeru’ / Holy Ash is Truth.


Mahathma Gandhi did not fill his forehead with holy ash. He was Neeru/Sathiyam/Truth. That brought Independence to India – as every Independent Tamil does to her/his Nation, because s/he is true to her/himself.  

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