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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

22 August  2020



One Motherland & Many Father-Nations

This is the Motherland of all of us. Hence, the time has come for all of us to join hands for the sake of the country irrespective of race, religion or party differences.” President of Sri Lanka


Mother, Father, Guru & God is the order of Hindu path to liberation. This is a pathway that most would identify with. The mother confirms who the father is and the Father entrusts us to Guru and Guru to God/Liberation. If we accept that Lanka is common mother to all its citizens we must accept also that our Mother is showing us that we have different fathers. If the above statement by the President is from his heart -  then  he would appreciate that his Motherland has produced children through many fathers.

Sri Lanka Guardian reports as follows in this regard, under the headlines ‘Sri Lanka: This is the Motherland of all of us – President’  :

[People gave a resounding victory to the Government at the recently concluded General Election. The Government aspires to serve the public while ensuring the public trust said the President adding that the trust people placed on him and the Government will not be violated at any cost.

President Rajapaksa made these remarks at the inauguration of the First Session of the 9th Parliament today]

The election process is not about the cleverness of winning. If taken so – it would lack governance power . It is about sharing our belief in our local areas / electorates with leaders who would then connect to others in wider world through global governance. Hence it is known as Universal Franchise. Belief is a Universal power and it works naturally. Victory is relative and needs merit based calculations to know whether one has won and the other has lost. To the extent Sri Lanka is common to all ethnicities or parties – there can be no internal victories, leave alone resounding victories. Hence the word ‘trust’ in this instance contradicts the claim of One Mother.

Mother is the person who connects us through belief to other members in the family – starting with the father. The father then connects us to Guru through his belief in higher common values. Guru connects us to Commonness itself. That Commonness is God/Nirvana/Soul of the Nation / Globe/Universe. To the extent mother believes – the travel is supported by Natural powers. Where mother ‘calculates’ the Universal pathway ceases near the mother. In this instance it is Motherland Sri Lanka whose children are being claimed by two fathers.

Wise King Solomon had to decide between two women who claimed the baby to be theirs. Since there was no scientific proof available,  the wise king used the pathway of belief – according to which the real mother would lose custody so the baby would live. The false claimant   was ready for the baby to die so she would have half.

To my mind the baby was the United Kingdom of Israel which was One during the rule of Solomon but split into Samaria (Israel) and Judah after King Solomon. Belief is the mother who unites and intellect is the father who logically separates on merit basis at the primary level. To unite intellectually the baby needs to be lifted to higher common level.

The real mother of Sri Lanka is a small minority of about 20%. A member of that small group of Commoners,  who is a clever user of Queen’s language wrote today:

 [Preferential Vote is a gross misrepresentation of the laymen who make their cross and eventually get crucified!]

To this my response was :

[In a way that made it easier for Rebels to ‘show’ parallels in their own areas through ‘isolation’  which is another word for alienation. Hence Tamil Politicians made their crosses and got crucified. Likewise SWRD and JRJ with wider world through India that capitalised on the July program. All due to greed.]

Now that the President has used merit basis through claim of ‘victory’ the alleged losers become the Mother. They combined forces in 2018 to save the Baby through Common Law. But during this session – Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam - the grandson of Grandmaster of Tamil Politics based on 50:50 ownership of Parliamentary powers – declared that Tamil was a separate Nation. If this were true he needs to craft today’s version of Theawalamai law and stay away from discussing and debating other laws in Lankan Parliament.  Gajendrakumar had a bit of the style of Grandmaster GG Ponnambalam,  but not his substance which is demonstrated to be the parallel of Preferential votes by JRJ:

[During election time when we were teenagers Federal Party (now ITAK) would handout Rs. 5 each to vote for them. GG Ponnambalam’s Tamil Congress would come after that and say we will double that if you return their Rs 5! ]

That was how Angajan Ramanathan’s simple vote doubled and trebled itself to give him the lead position to be crowned as Prince in the current parliament – all through the Preferential vote system copied from Grandmaster GG Ponnambalam’s 50% claim which evolved from the magic of Rs 5 doubling itself once it came to the palm of Grandmaster!

Now our King Soloman – the Judiciary - has to decide who the father of Sri Lanka is or risk the splitting of the baby into two dead parts – one taken by India and the other by China.

The Coronavirus thus attacked the Crown because that Crown lost its Mother-power of Belief in Itself. Instead it relied heavily on Father Economy who sold ancestral heritage to remain father. In Sri Lanka it will continue to evolve as war to make Lanka another Middle East – unless Common and Wise Mothers become the ruling power. This is achieved by living with local resources and realizing self-sufficiency and therefore self-governance. The rest happens through the Universal power of Belief.

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