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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

24 August  2020



 French Tricks copied by Sri Lankan Presidents?

Saint Yoga Swami said ‘Ennai Enaku Arivithaan Engal Guru Naathan’ / ‘My Guru taught me who I am’. In human form Saint Yoga Swami’s guru was Chellapa Swami who is presented in common form by Wikipedia as follows:

[Satguru Chellapaswami was a 20th-century Sri Lankan Shaiva Hindu Sage. He was guru of famous Satguru Yogaswami and was 160th Jagadacharya of the Nandinatha Sampradaya's Kailasa Paramparai. He lived in the Jaffna peninsula near Nallur Kandaswamy temple His guru was Kadaitswami.]


One of the heirs of Nandinatha heritage – Saint Thirumular shared his insight as follows through Thirumanthiram / Sacred Mantra:


[பார்ப்பான் அகத்திலே பாற்பசு ஐந்துண்டு

Paarpaan Ahathile Paatpasu Ainthundu
மேய்பாருமின்றி வெறித்து திரிவன

Meipaarumindri Verithu Thirivena
மேய்ப்பாரும் உண்டாய் வெறியும் அடங்கினால்

Meiparum Undaai Veriyum Adanginaal
பார்ப்பான் பசுஅய்ந்தும் பாலாய்ச் சொரியுமே

Paarpaan Pasu Ainthum Paalai Choriyume]



Sight of a seer recognizes five milking cows

When free they wander like under  intoxication

When there is someone to mind them and they become sober

The seer has insight of the shower of  all five cows ]

(The five cows are the five senses. Insight happens when they are Common)


Guru helps us regulate our knowledge so that we have insight into the sweet divinity in the nucleus of the Common sense.


The recent elections have divided the senses of Jaffna. Victor Rajalingam who supports Mr CV Wigneswaran wrote in response to my article headed ‘Separation of Powers Claim Dismisses Itself’ :

[Hi Gaja,

Sashikala Raviraj contested under TNA, and from what we heard,

that Sumanthiran manipulated and stole her votes. She was in the second place

and Sumanthiran was in the fifth place. With the help of Kamal Goonaratne, Government's

bodyguard for Sumanthiran, Sashikala's votes got Transfered to sumanthiran. Sasikala's

votes cannot go to Mr. Wigneswaran. CVW won his own votes.


I responded as follows:


If you decide on what you heard the contribution qualifies to be dismissed as frivolous – category 3 below.

As for Sashikala’s votes not going to CVW – I did not say that they did . Towards this CVW ought to have contested at Chavakachcheri.  The shift happened due to preference allocation at the bottom – to individuals. In that area – CVW got more than Sashikala. That part is NOT on party basis. Basis is individual. You yourself are not able appreciate this. How do you expect the less literate voter to?

Unless you have ‘evidence’ it is vexatious to accuse as you have done. I am Not surprised that Mr Wigneswaran has NOT educated you on the due process. He is obviously not committed to upholding justice



The Preferential voting system was copied from the French as if they were our Gurus. UNP copied it in 1978 and became the victim of its plagiarism in 2020. In the 2002 French Presidential elections this system delivered outstanding victory to  French leader Jacques Chirac


[At the age of 69, Chirac faced his fourth presidential campaign in 2002. He received 20% of the vote in the first ballot of the presidential elections in April 2002. It had been expected that he would face incumbent prime minister Lionel Jospin (PS) in the second round of elections; instead, Chirac faced far-right politician Jean-Marie Le Pen of the National Front (FN), who came in 200,000 votes ahead of Jospin. All parties other than the National Front (except for Lutte ouvrière) called for opposing Le Pen, even if it meant voting for Chirac. The 14-day period between the two rounds of voting was marked by demonstrations against Le Pen and slogans such as "Vote for the crook, not for the fascist" or "Vote with a clothespin on your nose". Chirac won re-election by a landslide, with 82 percent of the vote on the second ballot. …..

…..Although Le Pen's political party National Front described itself as mainstream conservative, non-partisan observers largely agreed in defining it as a far right or ultra-nationalist party. As a protest, almost all French political parties called for their supporters to vote against Le Pen, most notably the Socialists who were traditionally billed as the archrivals to Chirac's party. Chirac thus went on to win the biggest landslide in a French presidential election (greater even than that of Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte in 1848, the first by direct ballot), winning over 82% of the vote.] - Wikipedia


[In voting methodstactical voting (or strategic votingsophisticated voting or insincere voting) occurs in elections with more than two candidates, when a voter supports another candidate more strongly than their sincere preference in order to prevent an undesirable outcome]

The multidivisional Electorate is such a manipulation. It might have been injected through individual candidate listing in the bottom part of the ballot paper . The effect was to dilute the local power of village areas in North and possibly South where puppet leaders could be influenced by Extremists. In truth – Ms Sashikala Raviraj – a widow who took the position of her husband lacked the strength to oppose pressure especially from Diaspora supporters of rebels. Mr Wigneswaran would talk but did not speak the language of the rebels. So he became insignificant to the hard-core rebel supporters. Sumanthiran was their block to successful takeover of rural areas in North. Hence accusations against Sumanthiran by those who failed to use the intellectual pathway to defeat the enemy.


Chanakyan said

“The king who is situated anywhere immediately on the circumference of the conqueror's territory is termed the enemy.


That was Mr Wigneswaran who was on the circumference of Northern rebel circle.


Chanakyan said also


 The king who is likewise situated close to the enemy, but separated from the conqueror only by the enemy, is termed the friend (of the conqueror).


That was Sumathiran who is situated close to Colombo government but separated from the rebels only by Colombo is a friend.


The Preferential vote area for individual candidates was the area of manipulation through Tactical voting. Now Mr Wigneswaran has been moved to Colombo to ‘show’ Tamil Nationalism and upset the Sinhala extremists who are emotionally driven. It is no longer Jaffna’s problem.


The five senses in this instance are:


ITAK(led by Sumanthiran),

TMTK (led by CV Wigneswaran)

AITC (led by Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam)

EPDP (led by Douglas Devananda)

SLFP (led by Angajan Ramanathan)


At the moment they are the Meipaarumindri Verithu Thiriyum cows / Freely roaming intoxicated cows.


Australian Tamil – Victor Rajakulendran wrote in his response to Victor Rajalingam demonstrating some degree of common sight:


[If you all know the counting procedures there is no room for all these rumors being circulated as Sumathiran stole Sashikala’s votes. The candidates can enter the counting hall, in this case it was Jaffna Central College Hall and sit and watch the procedures of counting far away from the tables where the votes are being counted, and protest to the chief in that hall if they think there is some anomalies in the procedures being practiced. Election officials first bundle up the vote sheets into 50s. Then count the number of bundles to get the total votes cast. Check this number with the number voted during the day there according to the sign- up sheet used at the entrance of the hall. Then only they start sorting out according to the vote cast to the individual contestants. When the chief official is satisfied that there were no anomalies he announces the results if that center is the main one in the District, in this case it was the one for the Jaffna District. Otherwise he/she will send the counts to the Main centre of the District.]

The way we were seen by Sunday Times was presented as follows – under the heading ‘Priority to amend 19A; Basil to return to top post in Cabinet’:

[On Friday, there was a debate on the President’s policy statement. Gajan Ponnambalam, the Jaffna district’s newly elected MP, who represents Ahila Ilankai Tamil Congress (All Ceylon Tamil Congress), in his speech accused the Sri Lanka armed forces of violating international laws and committing war crimes. State Minister Sarath Weerasekera raised a point of order. He said no one had made such accusations. However, Deputy Chairman of Committees, Angajan Ramanathan, who was in the chair ruled that there was no point of order. Then, Mahinda Samarasinghe said that the ruling violated Standing Orders. The former Minister who had led Sri Lanka delegations to the UN Human Rights Council and a parliamentarian for 26 years, pointed out that Weerasekera’s objections should have been accepted. He argued that no one could mislead Parliament. The episode is no doubt a forerunner to what Ponnambalam, a hard-line MP from the North would raise in the future together with his colleague, former Northern Province Chief Minister and now parliamentarian, C.V. Wigneswaran, a former Supreme Court judge.]


Was it Tamil Nationalism intoxication that led to such claim of disorder? Has this been due to ‘free’ expressions that would intoxicate and weaken the brain ? The brain has the capacity to discriminate and align positives and negatives along the same plane at the one time and thus reduce polarization.


If we are true heirs of Jaffna Kingdom we have to demonstrate that in action – not to show but by being. Mr Wigneswaran went on and on – invoking the heritage – like President Xi Jinping invoked Silk Road heritage and all of us got punished by President Corona.

Claim by Mr Wigneswaran that Tamil is the oldest language of the world was disorderly in a democratic parliament which has the responsibility to confirm zero base – i.e. zero advantage at starting point. Mr Wigneswaran acted like a batsman claiming that his grandfather scored a ‘Sixer’  in the 19th century. In UN there is no language advantage allowed. That claim was in revenge of ‘Sinhala Only’ claim which reduced the SLFP party to a membership of 1 only and that too a Tamil from Jaffna. That Tamil Angajan Ramanathan was silent about this. The Tamil parallel of the SLFP is Mr Wigneswaran’s new Party – TMTK which also has only one seat not through Belief of a particular local division but due to Mr Wigneswaran’s past – Judicial status. Now they oppose each other – one to one. It would have been unwise to expect anything else from Jaffna where Mr Wigneswaran is not connected at grassroots level. The expressions by the likes of Victor Rajalingam are infatuation based – just like the euphoria over the nomination of Kamala Harris.


The 19th Amendment is an elevating adjustment to the law that makes Sri Lanka more democratic. According to Sunday Times the repeal of the constitutional restrictions  banning dual citizens from holding Ministerial positions is part of the plan, to accommodate Mr Basil Rajapaksa who is an American also:


[Basil Rajapaksa is likely to receive the earlier portfolio he held under President Mahinda Rajapaksa – Economic Development. Whether it would be accompanied by other portfolios is not immediately clear but what is now known is that he will play a key role in economic development and related matters. With this in mind, he is likely to move to the Treasury complex where an office is being prepared for him. At present, he functions from Temple Trees.]



If it were true - it confirms that those repealing the relevant articles – are disconnecting with global policies of democracy. At the global level – America and Sri Lanka are not taken as being equal in a ‘free’ environment. But one who thinks they are – is likely to copy and paste to impress his audience as Mr JR Jayawardene did in the case of Preferential voting system and the new Constitution itself.  If Mr Basil Rajapaksa were truly global – he would have confirmed it by opposing the withdrawal of commitment through UN regarding irregularities during the war . At local level he would have followed the existing law to support Public Service – as an advisor. Rajapaksa names are like the individual candidate names in the bottom part of the Ballot paper. They are everywhere – through SLFP in North also, through popular vote.

Now that the UNP that lead the 19th Amendment is no longer in power – their - work is a heritage. Like Buddhism Foremost Article we can leave this in the Constitution to support those who believe in Democracy and breath democracy as their  oxygen. The rest would then apply to those who desire autocracy – for which reason they elected the Rajapaksas. They would not  naturally connect to other democratic groups and enjoy divine global freedom that  democracy leads us to.


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