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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

16 August  2020


Chinese Go &  Lanka’s Chess

The 1972 Constitution in which ‘Buddhism foremost’ became law of Sri Lanka, Buddhists became  the pawns in the Election game in Sri Lanka. This Article 9  to my knowledge is never activated but exists to confirm that the King is Buddhist.  In 1976 Tamils declared Independence through Vaddukoddai Resolution to confirm Tamil Kingdom.


The Queen guarding the Buddhist king fell in 1977 and Tamils became the Opposing side.  The new queen guarding the Buddhist king was more intellectual than the old queen and got  83% of the seats in Parliament. 


So this queen wanted to be the visible  King and changed the Constitution so the invisible Buddhist king was more or less replaced by a version of Arthnatheeswarar  (half male-half female form of Shiva) .  Since he converted from Anglicanism to Buddhism for political reasons – he did not have the depth to keep it – his investment in Buddhism - invisible at root level – but rather needed to ‘show’ at least at Equal level. The Lankan form was born in 1978 – with Half   Intellectual King and  Half Buddhist king in that order.   


The 1978 Constitutional changes in Sri Lanka included also changes in the electoral system along the system of  attributing marks for class participation in the Australian Education system. Therefore the votes of those below rank 3 and above were redistributed to the first two unless the winning candidate got 50% plus one of the votes in the first round of counting. This is my understanding of the system.


Like in the case of  Arthnatheeswarar , both are visible if one got at least 50% plus 1 at primary level. The second winner was elected to Equal position as Opposition raised through the invisible power of the law which is ever present  as Shakthi / Energy. This is the ever present Energy that supports the Democratic structure we have inherited.  That which is short by numbers in political belief is balanced through the law to show Arthnatheeswarar – where Shiva/Consciousness is heads and Uma who  is part consciousness and part invisible law heritage – is tails. This power overrode male political power in 2018 through the Constitutional crisis.  


In 2015 when King  Rajapaksa who seemed like the heir of Asura  King Ravana seemed immortal, the heirs of 1978 king and 1972 queen got together to churn Lanka’s ocean as gods and Asuras churned the ocean of milk in the Hindu legend depicted by the sculpture at Bangkok airport. They set out to show Buddhist king as President and Intellectual queen as Prime Minister. China did not expect this and the outcome did not suit China. But then China is clever with ‘Go’ which is ‘Territory capturing’ game. So here is what it is alleged to have done  in 2020:


Economic Times in its article ‘China cultivated parties ahead of Lankan polls but India moved swiftly to engage Rajapaksas’ presents the following picture:


[China cultivated a wide array of political parties in Sri Lanka ahead of the general elections there on August 5, a break from its earlier practice of backing one party in each of India’s neighbouring countries.

ET has reliably gathered that Chinese emissaries held closed door behind the scenes meetings with Lankan political leaders across parties ahead of the polls that made Mahinda Rajapaksa the prime minister for the fourth time. In 2015 in Sri Lanka and later in 2018 in the Maldives, Beijing was taken by surprise when its favourites lost polls in both these countries]

In the meantime, Northern Tamils who are heirs of India were continuing to play chess with Eelam as their Queen and Law as their weak king. Weak because some Tamils who did not know how to play chess played the Go game of capturing territory. The result was show of ignorance by nominated leaders in the Preferential Voting system which is like gobbledegook  to the voter strongly influenced by rebels who had negative heritage in Politics.


The two traditional parties – ITAK which lead the Tamil Alliance in 2015 and AITC whose founder the Intellectual Tamil who laid the foundations of intellectual leadership through his 50:50 proposal, got first and second highest votes - according to figures published by Adaderana. But due to the ‘Go’ experts,  Rajapaksa mate Ramanathan occupied first place with just one leading position out of 11 divisions (sub-electorates) in Jaffna main electorate. According to Adaderana – he won 6214 votes.  More interestingly, Ms Sashikala Raviraj who won first place in Chavakacheri sub-electorate, who won 8931 votes as per the above source did not get any seats at all. Even more interesting is that as per the above source’s published results – Mr CV Wigneswaran’s TMTK group won 2nd position in Udupiddy where the Rajapaksas won the Go game and Chavakachcheri where the losers in the Go game contested through its new name TMTK - got a seat but not Ms Sashikala Raviraj who according to Adaderana, polled 3,084 votes more than TMTK – the heirs of Rajapaksa’s Opposition in combat.


Now we are  wondering whether Mr Modi of India has forgotten the mother of Chess  - Chathurangam - begun playing Go game through Cash swaps with the Rajapaksa government.  


The simple truth is that belief based vote travels naturally to empower the leader and for the voter to enjoy the leader’s achievement as hers/his. At family level majority Sri Lankans do not have the structure of Equal leadership between working parents. Widows of slain leaders get to lead politically in most instances – including in the case of Ms Sashikala Raviraj who has a loooong way to go before representing intellectually driven women, leave alone men like Mr Sumanthiran who has fought hard to win through the game of Chess.


Let the Tamils resourced by the Diaspora who played the Go game  and those who beat them continue with their Go games. Those who continue to play Chess will become the Puthi Jeevi’s and play the academic  game, including beyond Lankan borders, to get equal and even through non-violent pathway – as Rajapaksa’s legal counsel Dr Ali Sabry has recommended. Hope he knows the difference between Go & Chess.

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