Tuesday 25 August 2020

 Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

25 August 2020


Thank you Victor for your genuine response. This opens up channels of sharing that would be immensely valuable to Jaffna as well as Sri Lanka.


You state

[We, in the Diaspora community, to get information from our homeland, rely on the news

we receive via the internet based on publications, eyewitness reports, videos and other documents.

Obviously, we do not go to Sri lanka to verify the authenticity of those news.]



I guess this is where the difference stems from. I have been going to Sri Lanka regularly and have had the ‘EXPERIENCE’ . Different media report different manifestations – each as per their own priorities. As you know – I do not get much space in mainstream media  and no space in Tamil media. Hence I am ‘free’ of desire to be recognized by them. This in turn helps my own experience to travel through their – media reports of ‘what happened’ and brings me the ‘intelligence’ needed by me to serve my particular groups. My groups are those who are related to me through various structures – including professional and those who believe in me – largely because I have contributed to the satisfaction of their needs.


This is kind of based on the rebirth philosophy according to which we take only the sins and virtues into next life.


One such group into which my spirit was born is the village of Thunaivi – a toddy tapper village. It is in Vaddukoddai District. Its twin suburb is Sangarathai. We have an ancestral  Family temple there. Attached are indicators of my service there. The picture of Mr Wigneswaran with Thunaivi local youth leader would confirm that I valued the sharing of status that happened. These are published in my blog. This is what you would have seen as ‘fact’ if a local newspaper had published it. But the ‘experience’ that I had there was different. That building that Mr Wigneswaran opened on behalf of Northern leadership was built on someone else’s land. The money came from your parallel in the Diaspora. I urged those concerned to do a Deed of Declaration and then build the building which was primarily to promote that member of the Diaspora. This did not happen. Later when they did not even invite me for the opening ceremony I was hurt and I told them so. I said that they failed to honour me – the person without status but honoured Mr Wigneswaran who was Chief Minister. After that I did give publicity to through my mails – so the Vaddukoddai folks would learn of the progress. Such ‘lessons’ were needed to override the caste barriers in that area.


Victor, our family donated land for the building of Development Secretariat – so they would not do to someone else - what they did in the above case. Mr Wigneswaran and others make public speeches about land taken over by the government. They do not connect to the karma of locals who habitually occupy other peoples lands. At one of the meetings in the Development Secretariat one leader said that since GG Ponnabalam’s time he knew how to ‘capture’ lands. I told him that that building which was built on our land was strictly for Administrative purposes. They did not bother us thereafter.


During the above function presided by Mr CVW Mr Kanag Eeswaran PC – who was /is TNA’s lawyer did not attend even though his home is  closer than ours to the building. That was his reality. Mr CVW did not even visit that place thereafter. I did not expect him to after I did his job in taking up the case of a group of Nurses regarding permanency of their appointments after the 2015 elections. I led the group to the Department of Health in 2016 – few months before the above ceremony. They did approach Mr CVW but he did not get involved. I used my Energies to connect to the Administrators there – and when a group of more than 100 were made permanent – I felt that my energies had combined with those who had the power to deliver as per our combined karma. Since Mr CVW had by then already taken the path of praising rebels he would have lacked the natural connection to take this up. Had he not gone that way his position as former Judge would have gone a long way to get such results as I did. Despite all that they – the folks of Thunaivi forgot me once they got the benefits. 


Recently when a new Australian group contacted me in regards to Vaddukoddai I forwarded to them  details of the visit by Thiru – who was known to them –and who passed away recently. Thiru came to training centre and to our temple and shared his kind heart with the folks there. I wrote as follows:


[Our Tribute to Thiru is at http://www.austms.org/news_and_events/Thiru_visit_March_2014.pdf

In the alternative you would be able to access it through http://www.austms.org/  . It is listed under news and events – as item 2. Ragavan who joined Jetwing was also blessed by Thiru who received copy of this.  Another group associated with Vaddu Central Alumni – was helped to get building works through Thiru’s association with Mascons. They did not go far. The difference is the tribute to Guru


Now Victor you would appreciate that I interpret outcomes independently as per my experience. This is certainly different to that of Mr CVW.


Hence I leave you to work out whether your following  statement to me is based on ‘facts’ that were available to you.

[You may have some personal enmity against

Mr. Wigneswaran and consider Sumanthiran as an angel. I do not have to follow the same pursuit.]


I have no enmity towards Mr CVW. I strongly Oppose his attachment to the Judicial status while enjoying current status as Politician and also his ‘show’ of  apparent Hindu leadership which is in breach of  the principle of detachment to the past. You may ‘bribe’ him to keep him tied to that attachment. I oppose that too naturally.


As for Sumanthiran being an angel – he is the best out of a bad lot in Jaffna. Even then I did not express in his favour because I do not feel that way. From time to time I was critical of him also But through the 2018 Constitutional crisis I mind-merged with him at policy level. To mind merge you cannot oppose. I am not aware of any strong contribution by Mr CVW to that issue. As indicated above - in the clip about Thiru – Guru is important to me. There are times when my past is my guru. I present this as follows in the opening chapter of my book Naan Australian:


[Friday 23 November 2007 – judgment day  in matter Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam (GLP) v University of New South Wales (UNSW),  at  the full bench of  Australian Federal Court of Appeal.


I walked into room 21A – a majestic-looking room. At the computer below the Judge’s chair was a young man. There was no one else in the room. I bowed to the Judge’s chair and seated myself. I thought of Lawyer Todd Golding (from the Office of the New South Wales  Crown Solicitor)  who asked me earlier in the year as to why I was bowing when there was no judge in the chair. I said ‘I am bowing to the god of Justice’.  I felt that  Justice was part of me.  I felt that Justice came  with me everywhere I went. Hence in a way I was bowing to the god of Justice inside me. By manifesting my respect for THAT Judge, I believe I was placing there – the power / energy to develop a position fit for such a Judge and if there was already one within the system – for that Judge also  to receive my royalties / respects. This meant that we were sharing each other’s Energies. By doing that without the other side seeing me  or even knowing I was doing that – I was also invoking the Judge equal and opposite to the litigant through whose position I was in that Court. ]


This would help the independent seeker appreciate that I do not support someone based on their ‘form’ but that my Energies would naturally connect me to the most appropriate current medium. Sumathiran who has promised commitment to Business Development gets my natural vote. Those who depend on the past got Mr CVW and their Sinhala parallels got Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa.


You state

[Sumanthiran and his TNA were with Ranil's Government since 2015.  When Ranil had a legal problem

Sumanthiran unconditionally 'jumped'  to his rescue.]


Victor, since I also mentally shared my Energies with Ranil’s group – I am not able to identify with your measure. To me the 2018 Crisis was a battle between law and crooked politics. It obviously was not an experience for you. It ought to have been to Mr CVW whose guru ought to have been the law as interpreted by the Judiciary. When we attribute to Guru – our own mind-structure gets elevated to the higher level. We may have felt affection for the Rebels. But when we officially use their work it has to be positioned below those who have lived within the boundaries of law. Mr CVW’s expressions failed to confirm such positioning.  Your account of the Sashikala matter will not be upheld in a court of law of global standards for this reason. Now that Tamils as a community have escalated the war issue to UN level we have the duty to practice law at that level. In the article that started off this sharing, I have highlighted that pathway as follows:

[Deserving of support of Discretionary Powers ]


Discretionary powers at your own local level would not automatically  fit higher common forums which are topped by the UN. One who upholds UN values would naturally invoke its powers through those within the UN of similar standards. That is when they do not need evidence to rule to uphold our contribution. That is also when discretionary powers of a judge are appropriately used. This seems to have happened through Ms Navaneetham Pillai when the lady was within the UN. My focus is on developing this component including within the Australian Tamil community.


You state about the group at the Jaffna vote-counting centre:

[What I could surmise from this was that the antagonism and hatred towards Sumanthiran, was the reason why the TNA Party members were not applauded. Perhaps even a few TNA supporters there did not dare to clap, as they sensed the Crowd mentality and kept silent to be safe from any  abuse, verbal or even physical!  

Victor,  as per my knowledge of you – you would have knowledge of ‘Salangai Oli’ film. That film highlights how people applaud on the basis of outer covers. The hero Balu (played by Kamal Haasan) lived that art but was poor. He wrote a negative review of the performance by Sailaja – the rich artist very conscious of her status and looks. The audience except  Balu applauded her. In this instance you are acting like those who applauded whilst I am the parallel of Balu who highlights the fundamental errors in the performance of the young artist who was performing various art forms under the name of Bharatha Naatyam. I connected what happened to the voting system – as structured. The various forms are First Past the Post, Preferencial voting for Parties and Preferencial voting for individual candidates. Like Sailaja many have indiscriminately mixed all of them and you have not used any basis at all in your analyses.  Balu in the above film shows in action the difference between Bharatha Naathyam of Tamil origin on the one hand and Kathak and Kathakali – both of North Indian origin. The highlight of that episode was the sloka /tenet :


Yatho Hasta thatho Drishti, Yatho Drishti thatho Manah

Yatho Manah thatho Bhaava, Yatho Bhaava thatho Rasa’

Meaning –

Where Hands (Hasta) are (artfully held)  the eyes (Drishti) come

Where the eyes are focused the mind comes

Where the mind is focused Bhava / Soulful attitude  comes

Where the Bhava is Sweet  Experience happens


The parallel of the above in Politics is :


Yatho votes thatho sight of the People

Yatho Sight thatho Mind

Yatho mind thatho Dharma

Yatho Dharma thatho Belief



Victor, your eyes were on the visible outcomes pleasant to you. Your ears were with the applause given by audience like you.

If we voted on the basis of our independent belief – we would naturally begin developing common belief.


Thank you again

Anbudan / With Love




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