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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

28 August  2020



Value of Belief

An intellectual analyst in our group began a discussion as follows:

[Religions too are like the corporate bodies that suck the people. Krishna in Bagawat Gita said "don’t expect any return, but do your duty". This is what Brahmin corporate bodies postulated thousands of years ago. It was in fact annexed to Mahabarada later on when the Brahmins got the taste of exploitation through caste system. How any living thing do its duty without expecting anything in return? Then it can’t be a living thing. Any difference with the multinational corporate bodies?]

My response was as follows:

[The return for your work happens automatically in a reliable structure which is the basis of position and therefore duty as per that position. Without such structure, we may desire more or take prematurely. Expecting as per one’s position is also one’s duty in some environments. I learnt this the hard way. ]

Often we get into corporate bodies including  religious bodies, for our own purposes. But sometimes we include ourselves for the sake of the whole. To my mind this is the essence of JFK’s message: ‘Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country

When I heard on the news that our Australian PM was indicating withdrawal from the controversial Belt & Road agreement with China, by Victorian government, I felt satisfied that my voice of belief has been included by the government. My contribution to this has been ongoing. I thought that it began in 2019 when I was seeking a belief based connection for the Easter Bombings in Sri Lanka. But later I found that my name also was in the Foreign Policy White Paper Public Consultation Summary Report on China's Belt and Road Initiative(BRI), during Ms Julie Bishop’s time (in 2017) as Minister for Foreign Affairs. In any case belief makes the connection – often invisible connection. But I like to recognize and highlight that this system does work for me so other seekers may also feel confident.

Later the essence of my analyses were included in their work by journalists Dr Chandrasekharan  and Mr Swadesh Roy, in relation to their BRI articles. To me such belief based connections are Yogic/Energy  connections. It is the pathway of Universal Franchise which is the basis of Democracy. A genuine vote of belief would connect naturally to the Energy of the issue that already exists. Hence the saying ‘There are no permanent enemies, and no permanent friends, only permanent interests’. The permanent interests are the consolidated Energies of all those who genuinely contributed to the issue / interest – beyond the relative benefits they received for such contributions. They are the soul-values of those interests. They confirm our Sovereignty.


Today I learnt about the expressions by a military officer of Sri Lanka, who is reported by Press Trust of India to have stated:

["Sri Lanka will not do anything harmful to India's strategic security interests," the country's Foreign Secretary Jayanath Colombage said.]

The report states also as follows:

[Admiral Colombage, the first-ever foreign secretary to have a military background, was appointed by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to head the Foreign Ministry on August 14….

…"Sri Lanka cannot afford, should not afford and will not afford any particular country to use it as a staging area to do anything against another country - especially India," he said.

Commenting on the Chinese investment in Sri Lanka's southern port of Hambantota, Mr Colombage said that Sri Lanka had offered India Hambantota first.

"India did not undertake it for whatever reason, then it went to a Chinese company," he said.

"Now we have given 85 per cent stake of Hambantota port to China Merchant Holding Company. That should be limited to commercial activities. It is not for military purposes," he said.]


The reason why India did not take Hambantota is obvious. The port was already named ‘Magampura Mahinda Rajapaksa Port’ which makes its status less than National – particular to a person. Had India taken it on – its internal relationships between Delhi and Tamil Nadu and its natural influence over Sri Lankan Tamils would have been seriously damaged.

The unsettled ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka has now become a security issue for the government which is torn between China & India. Ultimately belief will deliver for the true believer – in this instance in Sri Lanka.

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