Saturday 3 November 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam
03 November  2018

Three Sri Lanka’s

I was happy to note that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe saw the current crisis as one concerning lawfulness and not about individual personalities. In contrast, Mr Sirisena has performed poorly in a divisive manner. That is the way of those driven by immediate outcomes rather than policies and rights of Sri Lankans as per their lawful conduct.

I was happy in this regard to note the following report by Tamil Guardian: The TNA leader R Sampanthan met with Rajapaksa following the move and told journalists that the TNA was not concerned about individuals, but principles.’

I was however  disappointed to note the defection of Batticaloa MP  Viyalendiran confirming  the disunity amongst Tamil. This was already highlighted by an Indian Tamil intellectual. To my mind – which is a Tamil elder’s mind -  Viyalendran has succumbed to the divisions within militants. Unless cured during the active period they become our karmic genes and surface when there are strong energies to surface them. Karuna – LTTE’s eastern commander defected and now Viyalendran follows. The only reason visible to my mind is the lack of commitment to principles and common values. Principles and Common Values help us protect ourselves from temptations of immediate benefits which come with their fears – even though we do not recognize the fears when our mind is emotionally excited.

Swami Vipulanandar  of Batticalao says - Vellai nira mallikaiyo ... maamalaro Vallal adi inaikku vaaindha malaredhuvo Vellai nira poovumalla  verentha malarumalla, ullak kamalamaddi uthamanaar venduvathu  - which in essence means – the lord does not ask for the white jasmine nor any other great flower to be submitted at His feet; all that the lord asks for is a place to bloom in our hearts'

Obviously, Viyalendran does not have the blessings of Swami Vipulanandar nor Yoga Swami whose sacred feet also blessed Batticaloa.

To some, spirituality may be separated from Politics. But Spirituality underpins all our activities. In Sri Lanka, through Buddhism foremost article in the Constitution, one is entitled to actively use religious form of spirituality to express one’s beliefs and thoughts.
Prime Minister Ranil Wicremesinghe may be denied his rightful position to prevent  external violence by the emotionally driven. But  to my mind – as per my belief that I am Sri Lankan, he is the one that cares more about Sri Lanka than do his opponents in this issue.

As per latest news reports Mr Sirisena is reported to have stated as follows:
I had a very successful telephone conversation with UN Secretary General H.E. António Guterres last evening. I assured him that the appointment of the new Prime Minister has been done in keeping with the Constitution of Sri Lanka,

If indeed Mr Sirisena ‘believes’ that he has acted as per the Constitution of Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka is now further divided – with three independent nations – Tamil Sri Lankans, global Sri Lankans and Sinhala foremost Sri Lankans. UN has the duty to accept the interpretation of the global Sri Lankans. Pakistan came about due to such irreconcilable differences. Whether we recognize it or not – it is there – as per belief. Only global Sri Lankan would work the ‘common system’. Mr Sirisena has confirmed that he was NOT COMMON. Time has told us that he is very local in his thinking.  This is why he could not solve the ethnic problem which requires strong ‘commonness’.

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