Monday 5 November 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

05 November 2018

Democracy – a Minority in Sri Lanka & Australia

Today, 05 November is the anniversary of the day Holy Powder materialised to confirm to me the power of Truth above all. I have included this in my book Naan Australian (Appendix)

Young Sri Lankans of global mind, understandably are strongly affected by the current political situation in Sri Lanka. Sanjana Hattotuwa, for example concludes his article ‘Rajapaksa Rising’ as follows:

[Coupled with a purchasing power measured in the millions of dollars, more than equal to the greed of politicians, Basil Rajapaksa’s brilliant political strategizing, Namal Rajapaksa’s rock-star appeal, Mahinda Rajapaksa’s undying charisma, Sirisena’s power and authority extending to the abuse of state resources, the near total control of social media framing and the blanket coverage of misinformation broadly accepted as factual, normal, legally sound or fair, I am not optimistic about a return to or restoration of democracy. We have crossed a Rubicon. I have been repeatedly asked this week as to what the future holds. Frankly, I just do not know, because as of October 26, anything goes. We should all be deeply anxious, apprehensive and angry. Tellingly, only a few of us are.]

The question we need to ask is which one is true of the Common Sri Lankan? – the caring one or the indifferent, selfish one? While I am part of  Ranil’s group due to my investment in common global structures – I am highly conscious that majority Sri Lankans practice the system of autocracy rather than democracy. To them the word of the  person in the highest position is the law. It is common knowledge about the judiciary – that the win or loss of a court matter depends on the dynamics of the lawyers and the judge. In democracy, the outcome would to depend on the dynamics of the ‘facts’ – including through affidavit evidence of participants – before the court. We, the ordinary citizens put up with lawlessness of the judiciary in regular life. We are now more stable minded than those with high status allocated by idlers. Relative to me – Mr Sanjana Hattotuwa has high status as a media person. But to care on behalf of majority  we need to FEEL part of majority – through common experiences. That sharing is often not consciously recognized by either side. But to the extent we feel part of majority by ‘including’ the common member of our group in all our activities – our sharing happens through natural forces.

I upheld the value of my Sri Lankan education at all times due to the above sharing. Hence when the Auditor General published the report that upheld my review – I felt supported by the Auditor General and thanked the Auditor General quietly within me. Such completions raise our Commonness to the higher level. The sharing is mutual.

Every true Sri Lankan sharing at the common level – would feel the pain on behalf of the whole – as if it had happened to her/him. Majority Sri Lankans did not feel the pain of Tamil civilians’ pain as theirs. This includes Tamils who were comfortably living in the company of higher classes – including those who were active in post-war development work. To that extent they profited from the war.

A Tamil Diaspora member with high status –shared  with us on Saturday, the message :

[Newly appointed High Commissioner of Sri Lanka  Her Excl. Manisha Gunasekara with the Deputy HC Sugeeswara attended 12.00noon Pooja (2/11) at Eelapatheeswarar Aalayam, Wembley. Archanai and blessings took place after the pooja.]
My first thought was ‘who appointed Ms Gunasekara?’ followed by ‘What is the connection between this message and the visit of Mr Reginald Cooray – President Sirisena’s representative in Northern Province?
To me he was an outsider to the current issue in Sri Lanka.  Would Mr Sanjana Hattotuwa reveal his feelings in this issue – concerning a person with senior status in social media? We need to feel connected to those in our ‘class’ / ‘independent group ’ to be able to have group power to include ‘juniors’. Then the Natural Forces deliver as per our true influence – to all of us without exception.  Those juniors would then express on our behalf at voting time and/or protesting time. Dr Dayan Jayatilleke’s note below confirms that he considers himself as an expert in ‘mass mobilization’.

Dr Jayatilleke enjoys the perks of high office and there is evidence that he  is invoking a coup against Democracy. One has to be living as part of the masses for mass mobilization to be true and democratic. His group is the Sirisena-Rajapaksa group  - living in high perks group and claiming to represent the common Sri Lankan.


Excerpt from Chapter 13 – Naan Australian:

Once we successfully override natural subjective discrimination based on gender, age, etc. we would naturally and comfortably use the wisdom in race also. At the lowest general level – one who discriminates on the basis of one subjective factor would discriminate through others also.  Likewise at the highest common level one who has successfully overridden such tendency through one factor would naturally have overridden discrimination tendencies through all such factors.

We therefore need to continue for ourselves. Deborah Miller of the Medical Faculty did say this to me when I was upset with the Administrators.  Deb said ‘Gaja do it for yourself’. The stronger confirmation came from manifestation of  KgfKmmf / Kungkumum – Red Holy Powder denoting Love on Thursday  05 November 1998 on my picture of Sri Sathya Sai Baba who at that time was to my mind,  a saint to whom many in my family and community prayed.  I was not a devotee but respected others’ faith.  Even when the Kungkumum appeared – I did not know its greater significance but just that the Higher Powers were with me.  I showed it to Param and Pradeep who was still living with us at that time.  The following day I went to the University to talk to Andrew Kell – who was the Assistant Accountant trained by me in democratizing the financial systems of the Medical Faculty. While I was speaking to Andrew in his office – Phil Dulhunty who like Debra is a ‘free thinker’ came over to me and said words to the effect ‘Gaja don’t go without speaking to me’.  So I went over to Phil’s office,  after I had completed my session with Andrew.  Phil then gave me a printout of a report that had appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald the previous day – 05 November 1998.   As per that report – the NSW Auditor General in essence stated the same criticism as I about the University’s Budgetary system.  I went further and structured the democratic system for which I was recruited.  They say in Tamil ‘m]i kdfdi[ maD eca[f[a EkkfKmf / Mani Kattina Maadu sonna kehkum – the word of the belled cow would be heard’. The cow with the bell was the Auditor General of NSW. The Sydney Morning Herald heard that cow but not this bear- necked cow from Sri Lanka.

But the report confirmed to me that my genuine work through my profession as an Accountant gave me the inner connection to the collective mind of the Auditor General’s office. It’s a chain connection. To me that is how the system of Truth works. We harness the energies of others through our own True work. Our main focus needs to be to get the job done. Institutions, families help us work out this connection in a way we can see and know. But beyond that to those who work genuinely for higher purpose and/or with feelings for those beyond their immediate circles – the whole world is their family. The energies of that family work for the person who has successfully performed her/his duties and worked beyond  the position boundaries. 

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