Sunday 18 November 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

18 November 2018

State Terrorism & War Crimes

Tamil leaders said it during the height of ethnic conflict. Now the party with majority support of the people is saying it :
 Mr. Premadasa who also commented on yesterday’s ugly incidents in Parliament said what was experienced was a conflict between state terrorism and democracy.’ Daily Mirror
The state here is President Sirisena driven by Mr Rajapaksa. The feelings of Tamils were not given foremost importance at that time. When the effective period expires, and the issue continues to be divided – one becomes punniyam (virtue) and the other paavam (sin). Both are sovereign powers. Like parliament being driven by majority vote – these powers also function as per the net of the stronger power. This is often the least known factor in common manifestations.

In the recent manifestations in Sri Lankan Parliament I identified with this power as punniyam from the Tamil side that I am naturally seen to belong to. In fact I feel that I intuitively influenced this support and this is confirmed from my regular sharing – often by escalating the feelings of ground level investors to the higher common level but without rejecting any opposition. The recent display of disorder in Parliament under the direct leadership of President Sirisena confirm that the war-crimes allegations were far more disorderly than these manifestations. Now that that issue has been left at the back of the shelf by mainstream politicians – it has become punniyam/virtue for Tamils and their representatives and paavam /sin for their opposition – the SLFP.
The power of belief is absolute/sovereign. Beyond a certain point – that power acts for the believer – even if s/he is a minority of One. I have learnt this through my personal experience.  Hence the manifestations that happened from time to time confirmed to me that I enjoy the continuous flow of blessings of those who attained Nirvana.

The first lesson I learn about Lord Buddha’s teachings was ‘Aasai Aramin’ which as per my understanding is renounce desire. Desire comes with its equal and opposite twin - ‘fear’. I believe that the Equal Opposition in a democratic parliament is to maintain this Sovereign balance. In 2015 when Mr Sirisena opposed Mr Rajapaksa he was blessed by Tamils who were true victims of abuse of power by the Government forces who desired victory. The deepest victims are those who truly suffered due to their exercise of true sovereign powers. Those who fought as a job in a de facto army in return for money and status do not have this power to influence the manifestations directly through the official system. JVP – born out of militant feelings, had that opportunity in this instance due to UNP’s continuous investment in the  official system.

Shows of  Respect by the junior and Concern by the senior have to be Equal in the orderly system. To the extent there is imbalance – it is a de facto system and not structured lawful system. As per position hierarchy – the President is the senior and the Prime Minister I the junior. The President had the DUTY to ‘show’ concern for the junior – as if the junior was part of himself. The Prime Minister in turn had the duty to show respect for the senior to the extent the senior demonstrated that inclusiveness. Dismissing the Prime Minister without any express cause – confirms de facto pathway at best. If this is not within the boundaries of belief in oneself  as the leader – the President is confirming serious disorder karma – confirming the effects of failure to address the weaknesses demonstrated during the war.

Adaderana  report headed ‘Mahinda could have waited for a year and half, but can the country? – Gotabaya’ strongly indicates the return of war restlessness in the Rajapaksa camp:
Former Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa says that Mahinda Rajapaksa could have become Prime Minister with a two-thirds majority in Parliament if he had waited for elections in a year and a half, but questioned whether the country could wait that long.

Mahinda did not get even simple majority in Parliament – the official institution through which the People’s mandate is escalated through law – to confirm balance sovereignty to wider world towards intellectual participation. By stating that Mahinda would get two-thirds majority – Mr Gotabaya Rajapaksa is confirming de facto power. But then between SLFP / SLPP and JVP – de facto power authority rests with JVP just as Tamil de facto power rests with  Militant parties within TNA. They will be invoked if Mahinda comes to power through de facto power. They in turn will invoke the kings of de facto power in Tamil Nadu and another war.

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