Friday 2 November 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

01 November  2018

Our Sri Lankan Heritage
This morning, here in Melbourne, while sharing Sri Lankan breakfast with our granddaughter who is in the middle of her University Entrance exams – that the food was Energy food.  The Energy is ‘Motivational Energy’  - Ichcha Shakthi personified as Valli – Consort of Lord Muruga .
During this Constitutional crisis in Sri Lanka I have been praying strongly to Lord Muruga at Kathirgamam – not too far from Mr Rajapaksa’s home area. To the extent I forewent pleasures to educate myself and others – they became natural structures through which my thoughts are processed.  To the extent I forego status as per that natural structure for the Common good – it becomes my Energy. In Hindu literature we read about the ability of holy men to leave their bodies and enter into the bodies of others.  My interpretation of this is that the minds merge as per the common form we give our Truth. That is how all of us have the ability to truly empower the leaders who hold leading positions. Elected leaders have the DUTY to be open to such mergers.
Mr Sirisena was elected as President by the marginal power that we Tamils hold in Sri Lanka. That was a vote against Mr Rajapaksa who is held as the leader responsible for civilian deaths during the 2009 war. It is the duty of every Tamil to oppose such a leader who has thus far failed to demonstrate remorse to negate the negative karma earned by Mr Rajapaksa through unlawful actions during the war and subsequently by celebrating ‘war-victory’ by claiming that those eliminated were Terrorists. Excessive use of such terminology against one’s citizens returns to ‘sender’. As per my understanding, this is also Lord Buddha’s message to his true followers.
Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa shifted to Kurunegela District – away from Lord Muruga’s Residence of Kathirgamam. That was how god disposed of those who polluted sacred land. China may possess Hambantota but India through its Tamil Hindu ancestors who sang the praise of Kathirgamam is part of the ruling spirit of Southern Sri Lanka which includes Hambantota. Heritage value is Energy based.  Energy is eternal.
According to the president’s  website report regarding the president’s meeting with the UN representative:
During this meeting, the President apprised the UN representative regarding the prevailing political situation in Sri Lanka, and assured her that the government has taken all the steps in accordance with the constitution of the country.
Mr Sirisena as per published information is not an expert in law. The best qualified to intellectually interpret the constitution are the architects of that constitution and that too as per their belief in law. An elected President has the DUTY to say – he believes that his actions were within the provisions of the constitution. This is the flaw I registered in the decision by Dr Laksiri Fernando who is an academic in Political Science and not in law; but he certified that Mr Rajapaksa’s appointment was Constitutional!  He had the duty to state that it was his belief. When we had the Dual Citizenship issue here in Australian Parliament – the Judiciary’s decision was sought for that reason. Obviously, Dr Laksiri Fernando was still living as per Sri Lankan political mindset.
Elected representatives have the duty to express as per their belief and not as per the law which majority citizens are not likely to understand in such issues. If indeed Mr Sirisena believes that his actions are within the provisions of the constitution – then it is my belief that under his leadership there will be disorder in the nation and more importantly minorities would lose any hope of solution through integration. One would need to assimilate or resign to their own local corners – as happened with Tamils. This would obviously invoke active minds within those communities – to join forces with external players – including Indians in the case of Tamils and Pakistan Middle East in the case of Muslims. These are the natural collusions that are likely to happen in return for the Separation Mandate that Mr Sirisena and Mr Rajapaksa are following. At their age all this would go towards a negative heritage for those who fail to oppose them – starting with their immediate families.

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