Friday 23 November 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

23 November 2018

To Judge or Not to Judge?

Today 23 November is my Thanksgiving day, because it is Swami Sathya Sai Baba’s Incarnation day. I understand that it is black Friday for Americans. Thursday was Thanksgiving day for Americans and it was Thanksgiving day for me also. It was on this day many years ago, that Swami Shridi Sai Baba’s picture ‘came’ to our Coogee home. To me that was the birth of Lord Muruga of Tamil Eelam in our home. The picture was confirmation of shared feelings with a mother who believed in self-determination of Tamils of Northern Sri Lanka due to the environment which to her was ‘home’. By bringing home that mother’s form of Belief – I relieved her of problems for the big picture that some parts of her family had gotten involved in. It happened to be Karthigai Theepam day – the birthday of Murugan, common to Sinhalese and Tamils. If by numbers Sinhalese are majority in Sri Lanka, Tamils are majority devotees of Murugan. But a Sinhalese who has deep belief is Equal to or is greater owner than the Tamil community with the power of  consolidated belief that is less than weaker than the belief of a  single Sinhalese with absolute belief.

The shrine of Sai Baba where the sharing happened was the place where I discovered also that the Karthigai flower was the Tamil Eelam flower and the flower of Muruga. The Jaffna mother declared the former and the Indian Brahmin mother declared the latter. To me the fact that I brought it to that shrine without knowing either was significant. This I believe was due to my common belief in Australia and Sri Lanka – through Murugan and Sai Baba forms. The Indian lady pointed out that the  Karthigai flower had six petals. Today (23 November 2018)  I learnt that Karthigai flower was the national flower of Tamil Nadu. I learnt about it when my mind was with the Hindu article ‘JVP and TNA must fight together’ by Ms Meera Srinivasan. To me the JVP and TNA working together means also the merger of Tamil and Sinhalese militants/freedom fighters. That may be the reason why I discovered the common symbol of  Tamil Nationalism – the Karthigai (November) flower.
Ms Meera Srinivasan is the Journalist who Published in the Hindu on 16 October that , President Sirisena had alleged that the 
[“Indian intelligence agency RAW was engaged in activities to assassinate him” but “Prime Minister Narendra Modi may not be aware of the plan”.]

Ten days later, the President dismissed Mr Wickremesinghe and appointed Mr Rajapaksa as Prime Minister. Many agreements and disagreements have been raised about this ‘Dismissal’. Mine was published by Sri Lanka Guardian on 28 October 2018. On 20 November 2018, I started including Professor Suri Ratnapala in my lawyers’ email group  – probably because I noticed through his article ‘Sacking RW, Appointing MR & Dissolution Of Parliament Are Unconstitutional’. Last night, I received from a Sri Lankan Diaspora leader an email regarding the above with the special note as follows:

[Suri Ratnapala is an Expert in Constitutional Law, Who Was consulted for the 19th Amendment....]

My first email was headed ‘Belief Foremost in Parliament’
This means to me – that the Parliamentarian has the duty to base her/his decisions on belief. Many do not appreciate the difference between Belief and Relativity. Belief is the root force. This morning I recalled many instances when I felt protected by my belief in Swami Sathya Sai Baba. Belief could be manifested in any form. The believer is entitled to give it the form that s/he feels is most appropriate. If given a form that is greater than one’s belief – this usually is due to ‘external’ values being included in the picture we produce. Unless they are passed through their respective theories of relativity, they are superstitious and dilute the value of belief underpinning their manifestations.
To Professor Suri Ratnapala for example, the culture of rural Sri Lanka is likely to be ‘external’. He would therefore identify more with the likes of Mr Ranil Wickremesighe than with Mr Sirisena. It is a natural connection through their common culture based belief. What was therefore the component in 19th Amendment for Mr Sirisena’s belief that rural Sri Lankan driven more by belief than by intellectual logic – could be president of Sri Lanka, with the power to judge OR not to Judge another through Constitutional provisions that apply relatively? Rights and Wrongs are part of relativity.
One who applies rights and wrongs at early stages does not have the power of belief to escalate the issue to the highest level which covers all. One who reaches the peak – identifies with the connection between causes and effects. Such a person has the ability to cure problems at the roots. Such a person is a true owner.

The 19th Amendment ought to have been in consultation with such a person connected to the grassroots. That person would have identified with the root cause from Mr Sirisena’s side instantaneously. Professor Ratnapala wrote after three weeks – confirming that is was not part of his own roots.

Whether  Mr Sirisena actually demonstrated such a belief is secondary to such provisions in the Constitution. As per media release Mr Wickremesighe identifies with this need as follows:
  • Tells organisers time to build support for Constitution at grassroots level’
The flaw is not in ‘Telling’. Today when one of my adult-students in Northern Sri Lanka to  whom I do not ‘tell’  ‘told me’ that the early morning advice disturbed him – I told him in return that I would cease the sessions and all activities that facilitated his learning. This is the huge challenge that all of us face with democracy and Equal status. Sometimes it feels as if ‘telling’ would be more acceptable to them. But then what about democracy?
Belief is the Energy that develops when we lose consciousness of the diverse ways in which we enjoy or work to earn that enjoyment. The brain is the source of our intellectual pleasures. Our academic achievements confirm this. But Swami Sathya Sai Baba in whom Madam Kumaratunga and her mother had faith – did not carry such credentials. He is the best confirmation of belief-based leadership known directly to most of us in that region and/or are of that origin. Even Gandhi qualified as a lawyer. Hence that knowledge could be taken to have led  to higher thinking covering the whole of India and relevant parts of the British Administration. But not so in the  case of Swami Sathya Sai Baba whose divinity was directly confirmed by Swami’s expressions of wisdom before which Sri Lankan Political leaders are also confirmed to have bowed. These are the hidden Treasures that connect us to Nature / Truth.

I recently asked the Brother in law of a guy who expressed doubt over his wife’s chastity – whether he believed that the guy actually believed that his wife was unchaste? He said yes, because the husband kept accusing the wife to such an extent that she decided to come back to her parents. But deeper inquiry revealed to me that the husband wanted another wife due also to wanting additional dowry that that family to his mind, could afford . If the Brother in law had used the measure that was used by majority in their village – he would not have thought so harshly about the husband. The parallel of that husband is the rural representative with little expertise in applying the common law that Professor  Ratnapala is using in the case of this dismissal. In other words – they want not two governments but a mistress also –

(1)  the government of belief that they naturally identify with
(2)  the government of their popular choice to show wider world (through relativity including the constitution and economic relativity
(3)  the de facto government that entertains their sensational urges.

The voters to the extent they prayed with faith would have received all  three. But the leaders who prayed to Lord Muruga would have only two – those who identify  with them through belief and those who relate  with them through laws.  Mistresses have to partnered in privacy until Sri Lanka adopts such laws due to majority identifying with militants more than structured governments.
Below is a posting in our blog Australian Tamil Management Service in an article that carried Nallur Murugan with Karthigai flower at His feet on 11 January 2015:

Did people in the North oppose MR? Was MY3 elected by the eelamists?

[The former president Mahinda Rajapaksa addressing his supporters said that President Maithripala was elected by the eelamists. So I looked at the numbers. In 2010, when MR was elected for the second time, Northern province cast 72,894 votes for MR and 184,244 to the main challenger Sarath Fonseka. These numbers changed to 108,831 (MR) and 394,991 (MY3) in the 2015 election. More than 35,000 new votes were cast to MR in the 2015 election. This number is about 15% of the total new votes (241,618) cast in the 2015 election. MY3 got 87.2% (yes it adds up beyond 100% due to all the other candidates receiving lesser votes and due to an increase in the rejected votes). ]

The dramatic increase as per my belief is due to Mr Wickremesighe who carries the best ability to develop and maintain a common  multicultural structure. Mr Maithripala (MY 3) Sirisena would have had to sacrifice to become common. Mr Wickremesighe already carried that trust through Tamils to whom education was high priority. Mr Wickremesighe stepped aside for Mr Sirisena to bring into the pool the rural votes against Mr Rajapaksa. Now Mr Sirisena has relieved Mr Wickremesinghe and Northern Sri Lankans would overwhelmingly vote for Mr Wickremesighe – as confirmed by TNA. JVP in turn will bring in the rural votes to add to that which is already UPS’s. Except where Truth rules, it is better to be a lawful Opposition than a de facto government.

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