Tuesday 6 November 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

06 November 2018

Is Buddha Foreign to Sri Lanka?

"I ousted a vision that is incompatible with our local culture and values, and that works according to foreign agendas," – Sri Lankan President Sirisena – on 05 November 2018

As per information available to me I conclude that this includes India – as indicated by the allegations against RAW. (India’s Research and Analysis Wing).

When Sri Lankan Muslim Mr Kamer Nizamdeen was arrested on suspicions of Terrorism, here in Australia – not too far from our home - his uncle – who is a minister in the Government of Sri Lanka is reported to have stated:

["We love him - when anyone has done something wrong they should deal with them - but as a family we believe he's innocent. As a family we believe he hasn't done anything wrong, we're very confident of that but until the judicial system makes a finding we'll have to wait and see.”
"I don't want to pre-judge things... all that we can say is that we have love, affection, and praise for him."
"I think the Australian Government has a process with regards to at what stage [the family] would get access," Mr Musthapha said.
"We respect the judicial system, I know at the appropriate stage he will have access but the family's praying he will get access [to them] as soon as possible.”]
The questions we now ask  are :
 Is Mr Mustapha’s Political alliance demonstrating similar impartiality that would assure us parallel reliability in Sri Lanka?
Is he confident that his  party is interpreting the Constitution in such a way that would lead to us Australians to mentally contribute to reliable judicial outcomes in Sri Lanka? – including in the current crisis which according to his boss is to prevent ‘foreign agendas’
Do we have to be relatives of Australian Ministers to earn such privilege?’

If India is included in the above expression by Mr Sirisena, then Buddha is also a foreigner to Sri Lanka. One who believes is a co-owner. By law, India may be foreigner. But to the extent those to whom Sri Lanka is ‘home’ through belief – believe also in cultures practiced by other nations – they  also are home nations to such Sri Lankans. Law is also a culture. Through Roman Dutch Law and English Law – which our generation inherited – those nations from whom we inherited are also our home-nations.

Through mere physical demarcations – Buddha is also a foreigner to Sri Lanka. With Buddhism foremost Article in the Sri Lankan Constitution – Sri Lanka has an Indian Emperor!

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