Monday 26 November 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 November 2018

Who Addresses the Root Cause?

In his Financial Times space, MTI CEO, Hilmy Cader has written  as follows:

Tracing how Parliament became a marketplace for buying MPs
[Every human action, barring insanity, has a reason behind it. Their reasons could be self-justified or driven by others. What we see in Parliament is only the manifestation. Therefore, instead of reacting to their manifest behaviour we need to get to the root cause. This requires a simple tool called a ‘Reverse Tree Diagram’, where you start with the ‘leaves’ you see and work your way to the root of the tree. You keep on asking ‘Why?’ – starting from the manifested behaviour you see – until you cannot answer ‘Why?’ anymore; and therein lies the root cause that must be addressed]

That sounded very like Lord Krishna’s explanation of the wish-fulfilling tree about which I wrote as follows on 31 December 2014:
[As Lord Krishna states in Bhaghawath Geetha – about Kalpagatharu – the wish-fulfilling tree – the roots are in heaven and the fruits are in earth – with the tree hanging upside down.  The fruits of the independence tree is the physical ‘freedom’. When enjoyed at a level higher than the independence felt at the root – such freedom leads to excessive authority being taken over those with apparently lesser status in the physical environment. This was the case with LTTE and is now the case with many sections of the Tamil as well as Sinhalese Diaspora. The  Common Sri Lankan, like the Grandparent without active status but strong feelings for family – continues to quietly maintain the root connection through the tiny spaces available in a society busy showing outcomes towards majority win.] - Strengthening the Root-Connection -
As Mr Cader whose name suggests that he is of Muslim culture – states,  the answers to the question ‘why?’ takes us to the next step towards the root. The root cause that we find however, is not that of the person/s manifesting the main outcome  - in this instance the dismissal of the Prime Minister and the appointment of another by the President. We discover our own root cause which in turn would provide us with a vision of the one we identify with most in the big-picture.
Being in the root-cause is peaceful. Living off the fruits takes us up and down. When we feel an issue we are in its roots.
As per the Economy Next report headed ‘Sri Lanka President says scrapped Chandrasena, Godahewa appointments’, for example:
[Sri Lanka's President Maithripala Sirisena said he had opposed the appointments of Kapila Chandrasena as Chairman to SriLankan Airlines and Nalaka Godahewa to Sri Lanka Insurance.
"The person at SriLankan had been removed," President Sirisena told Colombo based Foreign Correspondents Friday.
"We opposed the appointment as soon as it was done."
I am connected to the roots of Sri Lankan Airlines / Airlanka and hence my question ‘why were they appointed so hastily by the new occupier of Government position’ led me to the root cause – that I identified with  immediately -  that such appointment was unlawful and confirmed attempts to cover up financial fraud that happened at the National carrier during the Rajapaksa regime. Then I ask the question as to why the President did not foresee such irregularity  and prevent such appointment? Airlanka at the roots communicates to me – the following satisfactory answer:  Mr Sirisena has been distracted by the fruits of  Premiership as quid pro quo for appointing Mr Rajapaksa temporarily to win general elections and then for the two to swap positions.
Those who FEEL Sri Lankan would identify with the Truth as to ‘why?’ by working through their own hurt feelings. Those who feel Sinhalese will identify with the Sinhalese and those who feel Tamils would identify with the Tamils. All such feelings merge as common ownership. I cried when I learnt about the dismissal and the de facto formation. I cried not because deep identity with Mr Wickremesighe but because I am firmly committed to the path of law for which reason I went to prison here in Australia. Then the root connection empowered other migrant staff at the University – who probably did not know me or about my actions. Their approach uprooted the Vice Chancellor who sent me to prison.
The more Sri Lankans ‘feel’,  the stronger the uprooting of undeserving leaders who have grabbed positions through the back door. This would be from the world of global minded Sri Lankans truly committed to law and order. When each feeling Sri Lankan identifies with her/his own root reason for the pain or pleasure in relation to this – we would naturally empower Sri Lanka to attain Nationhood.

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