Wednesday 14 November 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

14 November 2018

Soorasamharam Happened
All Lankan leaders – take note

We talk about Gandhi; we go to places of worship when we want a certain outcome. But only a few become that force through true belief. My faith delivered for me yet again.

On 12 November, I felt the urge to write about Soorasamharam which I feel was due to my belief in Lord Muruga. After my Australian experiences, where the Australian Administration and the Judiciary failed to deliver as per my interpretations of the law – miracles ‘happened’ to confirm to ME that I was right. Back then, since I was attached to the outcomes of my work – I was in pain every time I was ruled as the ‘loser’ by the higher authority. But gradually, the returns ‘happened’ in natural environments and more importantly I was able to identify with them as the real outcomes of my work and sacrifices of earned benefits. Peaceful assembly is one such huge sacrifice.

When Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe remained in Temple Trees – he became the medium through whom I could show my own investment in Peaceful Assembly. That may have been a reason why I saw as per my Truth Soorasamharam happening in Sri Lanka. As stated in my article of 12 November, Sooran takes various forms of superiority. Lion personifies territorial ego which happens when one ‘occupies’ and extends power without having worked for it currently nor by paying one’s respects to the original power/ancestors.

Yesterday’s verdict by the Supreme Court was ‘Samharam’ / Natural Death Sentence to Territorial power directly exercised.

But there is still the Elephant ego – as indicated by GAJA cyclone – which message also was published in the same article of 12 November. Superstition and true belief are shown in the same form; but they are poles apart. One should not look for reasoning in either. Superstition has no reasoning and belief has full and perfect reasoning which need not be proven.

As per  report - ‘GAJA’ very likely to move closer to Sri Lanka. This indicates to me that the next form of Sooran is Intellectual ego – as personified by Elephant / Gaja. Intellectual achievements of the past need to be ‘forgotten’ and made formless ‘heritage’. Mr Sirisena has confirmed that Mr Rajapaksa was still his ‘boss’ and demonstrated bipolar behaviour . As per my discovery through my service work, including in the Silverwater prison where I shared cells with drug addicts,  Bipolar disorder happens due to lack of current working of the brain (on merit basis) and keeping the past work at the outcome level – as ‘attachment’ to dead matter.  Past becomes dead matter due to lack of belief in those who contributed to those past achievements and therefore possessing the whole as if we are the sole owners of that past. This is a real risk in the war-affected areas of Sri Lanka which are being excessively compensated to ‘show’ development work.

Lack of current work coupled with position benefits  is imaginary. Living in the memory of past outcomes without belief  is like living with the dead body.  The position of  CEO of a democracy was former to Mr Sirisena. The old position where he was heavily dependent on his boss Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa and the status of SLFP – Sri Lanka Freedom Party  – patronized  by Madam Kumaratunga – who failed to discipline Mr Sirisena publicly over his undemocratic actions – became deadwood which gave Mr Sirisena mental refuge when he wanted to be idle. These are common in most families but where family bondage is strong one makes up for the other.

In terms of karma – Mr Sirisena promised Tamils a better future under his presidency and got the votes. If Tamils were truly insignificant to him  - he would not have made such promises. To the extent the Tamils had real needs – to preserve their diversity – they had the power to take back the promises. Those with the strongest power were the uncompensated civilians who continued to live as per their current environments and taking the pain and losses on behalf of the whole community – a part of  which also contributed actively to the war. Their empowerment returned to them – leaving Mr Sirisena with his ‘traditional’ allies.

Mr Sampanthan declaring his plans for the elections in January confirmed his attachment to political power and his weak investment in Administration through national and global principles in Tamil areas.  He did not demonstrate strong faith to ‘wait’ for the judicial outcome.

Mr Sumanthiran  is reported to have stated [This is probably the most important order the Supreme Court has delivered in its history,” said Abraham Sumanthiran, a lawmaker and senior lawyer who had challenged the dissolution of Parliament.] New York Times

But when the Jaffna High Court which is the highest court in his electorate – failed to uphold the law – he did not share in the pain of the loser. His law brain is active in  his current residence – Colombo and becomes dead wood in Jaffna once he gets his seat in parliament one way or the other.
Sumathiran is part of the GAJA / Elephant-faced Sooran.

Mr Wickremesighe needs to ask himself why he worships at Hindu temples. If they are for particular outcomes – then he would not access the inner powers of ordinary Sri Lankan Hindus. If he believes that those powers have protected him – then he needs to SHOW that in order to prevent himself becoming dead wood to his heirs in politics.

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