Sunday 11 November 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

11 November 2018

Which is my Democratic World?

The principles of Democracy state that the decision of  majority is the right decision. There are times when our logic refuses to accept such a decision. Then we become minorities in that forum / country.
Dr Laksiri Fernando has revealed – including through his Sri Lanka Guardian article ‘Ranil’s Flimsy, Strange and Untested Constitutional Theories?’ - that he is one such minority in media circles.  Even if Dr Fernando is proven right – the vote in the independent media shows the ‘opposite’ picture – that it is Mr Sirisena who does not have majority support in the common media. I referred to Dr Laksiri Fernando being un-Australian due to my belief that majority Australians in our common forums – the Sri Lanka Reconciliation Forum Sydney and the Sri Lanka Guardian – would not identify with the outcomes/judgments published by Dr Fernando, in this issue.

Majority in the system of Democracy get to lead but they may not be ‘right’ as per the common laws and principles. The average citizen likes to identify with the decisions made by someone in leadership who seems like her/him. Out of the two leaders – Mr Wickremesinghe and Mr Sirisena, I identify more with Mr Wickremesinghe.

Then we need to ask ‘what if I am wrong logically?’ – as per the law and/or my inner truth?  It would not matter to me because what matters is that we share within the group. Our lawyer daughter usually states that she does not remember Maths she learnt for her HSC (University Entrance) exams  even though she managed to get high grades which went towards her enrolling  into the course she wanted to. But what she does appreciate is that it became a common – high scoring subject in our family, confirming the common level of participation. To me it was an avenue through which the Energy of  us – parents – was channelled to motivate our daughter and now granddaughters.  
There is a time to go with majority and this is one such moment needed by Sri Lankans currently living in Sri Lanka. Majority Sri Lankans currently living in Sri Lanka may or may not identify with Mr Wickremesinghe. They may even find out that they are in disagreement with the terms of 19th Amendment.  Dr Fernando has highlighted his own opposition as follows:
[The 19th Amendment is one of the clearest root causes of the present crisis]
But the 19th Amendment opens opportunities for Sri Lankans to feel global through the laws of majority countries that Sri Lankans have migrated to – for a better life – and this includes Dr Fernando. Like Maths to our family, such provisions as were made in through the 19th Amendment would help them bond at the higher level within the global community.
In democracy we have to start with majority decision in our circle and then find the Common Value – the highest common factor (HCF) between the two sides. The level at which that happens – determines the height we have reached in relation to the whole. We would then comfortably work all those who are within the area at and below that level.

As an expert in Political science – Dr Fernando may be able to explain this more logically than I – especially to other Political scientists, through Psephology. But as the common subject in our family is Maths I find it easier to relate through HCF. At that level, I have the duty to respect the view of those who do not have  official positions but see and express a different side to mine,  as being my Equal partners and not outsiders, juniors or seniors.

The Australian government has upheld the stand taken by me in this issue. This means that I am endorsed by majority Australians and Dr Fernando is a small minority – given that no official or group of independent Australians has expressed support for the decisions made by Mr Sirisena which are being upheld by Dr Fernando.

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