Monday 26 November 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

26 November 2018

Sri Lankan President fails the Buddhism Foremost test
["Even if the UNP has the majority, I told them not to bring Ranil Wickremesinghe before me, I will not make him prime minister ... not in my lifetime," Sirisena said, referring to talks with members of the deposed leader's United National Party.] -
Democratically elected leaders have the duty to share their Belief based learning with their citizens – in the language of the citizen. So let’s see what that lesson seems to be. The following confirms the lesson:
["He is corrupt. His economic policies are not good for local industries. He pursued an extremely liberal form of government that is not compatible with our culture."]
The ‘corruption’ allegations are explained not through ‘facts’ but on the basis of projections. Projections are like Budgets / Thoughts. They could be based on Truth or they could be based on hearsay.
I believe that Lord Buddha attained Nirvana by foregoing lower level pleasures which then elevates one’s mind to the formless state. We are all capable of attaining this state. Those who enjoy pleasures as per their physical abilities – need to stay within that which is truly theirs - to coexist – as animals do with their own respective species. They live and love at the physical level and die. Those who ‘take’ pleasures out of opportunities shared by others accelerate their ability to enjoy and therefore burn out.
The President with executive powers has the DUTY to take Administrative action against the Prime Minister by passing his complaints through Due Processes. One who fails to do so is unfit for executive powers.
As a Governor, a leader shares her/his goodness confidentially including through termination of the relationship so the weaker person does not abuse the powers of the stronger person. I did just that with someone Northern Sri Lanka junior in position to me ‘told’ me how to structure our work in a project in his ‘home area’ where he had majority support. That support was largely at physical level through quid pro quos. Mine was more or less power of one. The service value of my work – confirmed my governance power but when distracted by his own environment – the junior could not keep his mind within his earned position. Hence he started ‘telling me’ – the way majority power is often abused by not only Sri Lankan leaders but also Australian leaders lacking in Governance power. I informed him that his conduct was inappropriate and then I distanced myself from him and asked him to handover his active responsibilities to a person from Colombo. The governance power he had earned was his forever. By taking away the administrative powers – that he had not earned despite the opportunities to do so – I prevented reverse administration by use of majority power. I did so on behalf of my group on caste basis to neutralize the majority power taken on the basis of his caste. I was able to so diffuse – due to my governance power which helped me pick the coming risks intuitively. Later I did hear about such a risk between the youth on the day of Karthigai Theepam. I turned off the tap of excessive status assumed by the junior caste guy due to my partnership.
If therefore Mr Sirisena who is the senior by position in this relationship, had had powers of governance he would have picked up any weaknesses in Mr Wickremesinghe and distanced himself, as I did.  But then if that is true – he would have resigned from the cabinet position he held during Mr Rajapaksa’s regime. One is entitled to conclude that Mr Sirisena did not have such intuitive power of governance in Finances or Mr Rajapaksa did not have the weaknesses in Financial Management that have been exposed since 2015.  
Mr Sirisena has confirmed yet again that he is guilty of breaching Article 9 of the Constitution that requires him to escalate his thinking to the higher level towards Governance level.

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