Monday 12 November 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

12 November 2018

Soorasamharam in Sri Lanka?

Now it is fasting time to be blessed by Lord Muruga who eliminated Soorapadman – the Asuran  (one driven by physical power). As per my understanding of  the Hindu legend underpinning the value of Energy, Lord Shiva through His third eye  gave birth to Murugan. Mother Shakthi / Energy came through the third eye of Lord Shiva – in the form of Son Murugan with six faces. To my mind, the six faces denote the five physical senses and the surface brain that registers them in common. Together they become Absolute power to destroy evil due to excessive use of the physical.
As per the legend, one of the forms taken by Soorapadman to show off his power was that of Lion. Another is Elephant. As per my discovery – the lion denotes ego due to territorial possession – as in majority power. The elephant denotes intellectual ego. Ego is the excess of mental pleasure over mental pain due to mental work. It is imaginary and takes one towards negative energy.
We have witnessed both of these forms in Sri Lankan government during recent period. While I was wondering about the significance of this period which preceding Sooran Pohr – the Sooran war ,  especially the ‘intellectual analysis’ by G H Peiris  under the heading ‘Confusion worse confounded’ my observation was drawn to the following
‘Titli today, Gaja tomorrow; here’s how cyclones are named’ – › Wow Facts
To me these are intuitive communications towards finding my own connections to a problem and its solutions. Gaja means Elephant. Hence to my mind,  intellectual ego was also a reason for the political tsunami in Sri Lanka.
The average Sri Lankan does not understand the provisions of the Sri Lankan constitution any more than the average Australian understanding the provisions of  Australia’s  Racial Discrimination Act 1975.
Initially when I was hurt by custodians of power at the University of NSW – which in terms of practicing the law is not far ahead of the Parliament of Sri Lanka, I intuitively connected to Sir Anthony Mason’s mind – which I believe was due to my belief in Our Lady. Belief helps us to tap into each other’s minds and co-own  wisdom. The Judiciary continue to fail the above law but Natural pathways opened towards sharing my wisdom with other victims and also other seekers.
In terms of Sri Lanka – I am sharing with victims as well as seeking why – the perpetrators are acting as they are. Hence my attention was drawn to cyclone Gaja – the name of the current cyclone in Sri Lanka.
If the President of Sri Lanka lacks the capacity to interpret the laws that make up the Constitution, he needs to have the express Confidence of majority Sri Lankans in a particular issue during the active period of a problem. As per Associated Press news report headed ‘Sri Lanka leader acted 'to avoid fights':
[Sri Lanka's President Maithripala Sirisena says he decided to dissolve parliament and call fresh elections to avoid possible violence in parliament.
Sirisena said he wanted to avoid violence if a vote was taken to decide who commanded the majority support to become prime minister.]

In other words, President Sirisena was confessing to the his feeling that he did not command the confidence of majority in Parliament. That is how Soorasamharam happened in Sri Lanka during this holy period. All three leaders – Mr Sirisena, Mr Rajapaksa as well as Mr Wickremesinghe are known to seek the blessing of Lord Muruga at Kathirgamam. Murugan blessed them to go through Soorasamharam – so those who seek pardon would become His vehicle – peacock as Sooran did.  Muruga is the Lord of Democracy with Itcha Shakthi (Motivational Energy ) and Kiriya Shakthi (Work Energy) as the two balancing powers on either side – personified by Devayanai and Valli respectively. In this instance Devayanai is the Constitutional power inherited and Valli is the free lateral power of majority ‘owners.

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