Friday 2 November 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

02 November  2018

TNA Leadership is also being tested
By staying on in his position as per his belief in law  and the belief of his party in him – Mr Wickremesinghe has already become the hero of all law abiding Sri Lankans. That is what Gandhi did  in parallel circumstances.

The partnership between the President’s group and the UNP was largely coexistence. One needs sacrifices of personal nature to lift coexistence to institutional level. It’s genuine sacrifice that consolidates the Energy of  others who have also sacrificed towards commonness. Out of the two – Mr Sirisena and Mr Wickremesinghe – the self-discipline demonstrated by Mr Wickremesinghe confirms the stronger mind within, relative to Mr Sirisena who has acted as if he were the executive president. To my mind, Mrs Wickremesinghe is a strong source of  continuous flow of this institutional Energy  shared with all those who have faith in her and in whom the lady has faith. Mrs Rajapaksa has demonstrated negative institutional values – especially through the appointment of her brother as chairman of Sri Lankan Airlines which in real terms is in ‘liquidation’ state.

Mr Sirisena came to power on the promise of abolishing Executive Presidency. Each time he acted as if he were the Executive President like his previous boss Mr Rajapaksa, he earned negative karma for himself and actually brought upon the curse of the Common voter by belief – on the Executive Presidency. That was how he became the puppet of Mr Rajapaksa who has acted in breach of the fundamental value of sacrifice that elevated Buddha to the highest level any human could achieve. Buddhism is a structured institution due to such natural leadership.  All it takes is one true Sri Lankan believer in Buddha to release the karma against Mr Sirisena and Mr Rajapaksa.

To my mind, whether Mr Wickremesinghe has majority or Mr Rajapaksa has majority is secondary to Tamils being protected from  this negative karma that destroys institutional values. Tamil citizens have already protested against Mr Sirisena – calling him raw traitor/pachchai throghi. They are the faces of the Common Tamil that I also am. Tamil Diaspora leaders are also beginning to listen to such voices instead of acting on their own. It would be in the best interest of Tamils for TNA to actively vote against Mr Sirisena who is for the Executive Presidency for Rajapaksa. The quid pro quo for Sirisena is the Prime Ministerial position – one that he aspired to before Mr Wickremesinghe forewent fighting in the 2015 Presidential elections. That man’s mind does not extend beyond that position. A true Sri Lankan would identify with this pattern of mind in a junior – that Mr Sirisena has become.

When Parliament reconvenes the test would not  only be for the two leaders – Mr Wickremesinghe and Mr Rajapaksa. All members would be voting whether they need to go global or stay local as per the respective leaders. If latter then they would need to learn to live within their local resources or risk becoming indebted to those nations that provide them AID. Debts unpaid become the source of  Servitude – as Mr Rajapaksa demonstrated during his time as Executive President.

Tamil National Alliance’s independence would also be tested. They ought to have clearly declined to deal with Mr Sirisena or Mr Rajapaksa at this stage. I believe that Gandhi would have.  Without the support of the law – as interpreted by global governors – Tamils in Sri Lanka would be limited to majority thinking and therefore assimilation instead of integration. Through Integration we become co-owners of the whole of Sri Lanka and are not limited to leadership power only in North and East. The Common Tamil needs this co-ownership power that we migrants enjoy in nations like Australia which by law facilitates practice of  Equal Opportunity values. I took action through that law after merit basis failed. The Courts gave me ‘failure’ grade. But the Court of Natural Justice gave me high distinction by common global citizen placing the book I wrote ‘Naan Australian’ in the National Library of Australia. Hence those being tested are also the individual parliamentarians for their institutional powers.
 If TNA looks for ‘benefits’ to show its voters – it would also become like Mr Sirisena – in the eyes of the Common Tamil.  The Hon  Vijay Thanigasalam has already taken a stand on behalf of Tamils in Canadian Parliament.  This is how the Global Tamil mind would work. 

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