Saturday 24 November 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

24 November 2018

Westminster system v Buddhism foremost system

Abuse of the Constitution has been strongly demonstrated by the De Facto Government of Sri Lanka.
As per ‘Mirror Citizen’ report headed ‘We no longer follow Westminster system: Dayasiri’:

[Cabinet Spokesman and Skills Development Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara said yesterday Sri Lanka did not follow the traditions of the British Parliament since it became a Republic in 1972 and that from 1978 onwards it was ruled under an Executive President. ]

 In Democracy – one is entitled to bring to the common forum one’s own produce – made independently. Belief is independent and hence Parliamentarians are entitled to present their belief based expressions in Parliament. Majority power works perfectly when Parliamentarians act as per their belief. Knowing whether belief is the basis is through one’s own belief.  One does not have to ‘prove’ belief. It is for this reason that deepest believers in a particular pathway and/or subject matter are placed in high status by their respective communities. Money level benefits need to be allocated on merit basis. A leader needs to know which one s/he is following.

So how is one to find out whether belief or merit has been used by a leader? The following email circulating within the Sri Lankan Diaspora highlights the need for Separation between Belief based pathway and Merit based pathway in the case of Sri Lankan Parliamentarians:
Reform Act of 2018

*01.*  Parliamentarians should NOT get Pension since it is Not employment but Election under People's Representation act, it has no retirement with bar on reemployment but they can get reelected to same position again, .. etc.  (Currently, they get pension after 5 years of service) .
*02.* Parliamentarians pay should be revised in line with Central Pay Commission.
(Currently, they increase/raise their salary arbitrarily by voting for themselves) .
*03.* Parliamentarians should lose their current health care system and participate in the same health care system as the general public in SriLanka.
*4.* All concession like free travel, ration, electricity, water, phone bill should be abolished.
(They not only get these concessions but they also regularly increase it - Boldly and Shamelessly.)
*05.* Parliamentarians with tainted records, criminal charges & convictions, past or present should be summarily banned from the parliament and CONTESTING election on any pretext or the other. Financial Losses incurred due to politicians in office, must be recovered from their , their families', nominees'  ,  properties.
*06.* Parliamentarians should equally abide by all laws they impose on the general public.
*07.* No surrender of subsidies like LPG by citizens unless all subsidies available to MPs and MLAs withdrawn including subsidised food in Parliament canteen.
*08.* Once they elected, they should remain in the same party and authority  to crossover should be abolished.
* Serving in Parliament is an honor, not a lucrative career for looting *

In the current crisis – between Mr Sirisena and Mr Wickremesinghe one with deeper belief in the pathway of the law has been proven to be Mr Wickremesighe – again on the basis of belief of  law experts. Mr Sirisena’s interpretations were entitled to be taken to be as per his belief if he did not state some other basis. The basis stated was inclusive of secular sections of the Constitution which were developed by those who believed also in the Westminster system. More importantly – the actions manifested almost at the same time confirmed the real reason – as interpreted by educated citizens with belief in the intellectual pathway – that being  Mr Sirisena’s dependence on Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa for extra belief enjoyment of benefits.   
Yesterday, on my Guru’s birth anniversary an academic  who values my work wrote from India that he appreciated the following in my article ‘President has proven that he has lost the confidence of the People’:

[Borrowing without the ability to repay results in  slavery. One who is a slave does not have the capacity to work Sovereign powers anywhere anytime.]

Votes that are not earned by one’s work and sacrifices, need to be treated as loans if one is not to lose one’s ability to work one’s sovereign powers. Knowledge of the constitution likewise, is borrowed until one performs in the leadership position to uphold and own those provisions. The Secular sections of the Constitution that President Sirisena used to show as the basis ought to be taken on merit basis and not higher discretionary powers that Mr Sirisena is yet to demonstrate he has earned. .
Buddhism foremost Article of the Constitution confirms such status. But then – Buddha being Indian – it would be inappropriate for a Sri Lankan only leader to show that as the basis – especially by one who refers to foreign powers and whose party members refer to the Westminster system as if it was a ‘foreign’ system. To the extent Sri Lankans in leadership positions use laws that include English law – especially case law decisions by British Judges – we are still in the British system also – just as we use Buddhism from India. According to that mind, therefore,  India is the foremost provider of structures that develop common belief in Sri Lanka. The moment Sri Lankan believes in that system it is regional and not India only.  Not knowing this if a believer is found fault with  - Belief being Belief will invoke the other side instantaneously – as in Equal Opposition in Parliament. Hierarchical arrangements are needed so that  respect for the elder by the junior would prevent the junior from taking ‘freedom’ at the junior level – as Sri Lankan militants did. This is why we need Respectable elders to prevent such militancy. Belief based karma is returned immediately if the true senior / elder is disrespected including by an apparent senior. Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara for example has invoked that power in those who believe in the global system and also are active participants in global governance.

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