Sunday 25 November 2018

Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

25 November 2018

Opposition Leading the Sri Lankan Parliament

The strength of democracy in Sri Lanka is being proven through those opposed to the ‘appointed’ prime minister. The Truth in majority Sri Lankans would classify the occupation of the position of prime minister by Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa as a top-down appointment and not as confirmation of a person  already elected by the people. The person gets elected by voters as per the picture presented by the respective political parties – showing who their leader is. The ‘appointment’ does not confirm the vote of majority.

The Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe continues to be the democratically elected Prime Minister. Hence in a way – the current conflict in Sri Lankan Parliament is between Autocracy represented by Mr Rajapaksa and Democracy represented by the Hon Wickremesinghe. One who is truly democratic knows and does not fear any ‘shown’ outcome. If majority vote in favour of another and make one the ‘Opposition’ such a leader would recognize that majority Sri Lankans have the need to be more democratic to maintain their relationships with their juniors and also merge naturally with wider world.

I myself experienced the parallel in Northern Sri Lanka over the past 10 days in Vaddukoddai area where the first political declaration of self-governance was made in 1976. The outcome of the elections in 1977 confirmed this by Tamil Political group becoming the leading Opposition in National Parliament. That was the parallel of that in Australia would be the Greens who often support Tamils of Sri Lanka. Within Sri Lanka the role of Tamil Political group is as a Centrist party to keep the balance between the two main political parties operating lawfully or by adding its power to the side that is damaged due to unlawful actions by the other. This is the role that TNA and JVP are now playing in Sri Lankan parliament – where they are both largest minorities in their respective cultures.
Separatists often seek majority power themselves and hence would fail to appreciate the opportunity available in larger structures. An example of this was played out in Vaddukoddai during the Karthigai Theepam festival. A young guy of toddy tapper community, holding a government job, instructed young men in that area not to burn tyres and pollute that area. Youth in the vicinity of our family temple which is also the home area of TNA’s legal representative, did habitually burn tyres to celebrate   Karthigai Theepam festival – a bit like supporters of militants combining the two. Culturally there was no opposition to this as per my observation. I did not comment either way but merely observed. But this new leader with government position who is also the nephew of a local councillor took it upon himself to ‘tell’ others not to do something they had been habitually doing. On Friday, I learnt that the situation became tense between youth of two caste groups ‘competing’ with each other around the Sangarathai-pond where majority are of toddy tapper caste. Due to caste-based battles in that area – the adults warned each other to stay indoors on Friday. One such message came when I was taking an English lesson through Skype. The person concerned was more interested in that ‘fight’ than focusing on the education of his children. I terminated the facilities when he started ‘telling’ me how to advise him. The reason for the termination was  so he would not use my status to empower himself against the less educated in the Farmer caste – the caste I was born into. There I became the balancing power by removing support to the side I was ‘seen’ to be with. Usually when Farmer caste are excluded or demoted – I add my status to theirs to maintain the equal balance between two groups using obsolete measures to allocate status. Caste is thus not eliminated but made Equal.

Mr Wikcremesinghe has empowered Democracy in Parliament through Peaceful assembly  as Opposition. Likewise TNA and JVP have confirmed their commitment to Democracy by rejecting Mr Rajapaksa’s ‘appointment’ which at best is anti-democratic. The reasons stated by the president confirm that his actions were based on rights and wrongs as per his mind-structure. Belief based vote/action has no reasoning. Lawful pathway has reasoning and in democracy a leader/administrator / judge   has the responsibility to be transparent about such reasoning to the extent the junior / other side is required to provide ‘evidence’ to confirm damage.

Escalating  an experience to the higher level  helps us to appreciate the Natural support of divinity that each one of us is capable of invoking from within. Once we raise our truth to Energy level – we are supported by Universal Energy Itself. That is how globalization happens in the case of the citizen without portfolios.

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