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28 February   2021



Are Tamils Self Governing?


As per the conduct of Tamils of Sri Lanka over the past 40 years, we have developed Autocratic system, parallel to that of the Sinhalese led by Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa. Tamil side’s structure is confirmed by Mrs Ambigai Selvakumar at who claims to represent the Tamil Community as a whole. Anyone who does so – is taking the position of monarch. As the representative of Tamils Mrs Ambigai Selvakumar is ‘pleading’ and thus defeats herself. To give him his due, LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran did not plead. He was a Vanangaa Mudi/Crown that never bows.


I smiled reading Gejendrakumar Ponnambalam’s comments on this – ‘Sounds very  Sri Lankan to me!’


 Qualifications needed to become President of the Tamil Community

A leading member of the Tamil Diaspora included the following in his response to  my article ‘EASTER SUNDAY REPORT AND UNHRC’:


[To become  president there should be at latest an A L qualification. and basic knowledge of the constitution How can h take the oath as president unless he knows the constitution It is only a drama such as taking oath in front of the Dutugemunu Statue ]

I then asked:

[So according to you LTTE leader VP could never have been Eelam President. If you know the answer and remain silent – your intelligence will become more disorderly]

A wise Tamil responded as follows to the above:

            [How about Kamaraj of India?]

My response was:

[The Hon Kamraj was true to himself and this confirmed that he was wise. He did not need formal education. Such souls come to uplift us when we feel a need – including the need for higher mind structure. Gandhi gave up to become a man without portfolio. The Hon Kamraj was born with such simplicity – meaning he already had gone through renunciation in previous life. ]

The Hon Kamraj was born king maker. The indicators are in the following presentation by Wikipedia:

[ Kamaraj was born on 15 July 1903 in VirudhunagarTamil Nadu, to Kumaraswami and Sivakami Ammal. His name was originally Kamatchi, later changed to Kamarajar. His father Kumaraswami was a merchant. Kamaraj had a younger sister named Nagammal Kamaraj was first enrolled in a traditional school in 1907 and in 1908 he was admitted to Yenadhi Narayana Vidhya Salai. In 1909 Kamaraj was admitted in Virudupatti High School. Kamaraj's father died when he was six years old, his mother was forced to support the family. In 1914 (aged 11) Kamaraj dropped out of school to support his mother]

Self governance is an exponential power. Every person who is self-governing in a particular environment, has greater powers than those who have relative powers through Executive positions. To my mind, with the development of democracy the British leadership had two parts – the crown and the elected government. Likewise, in any area where the investment in democracy is greater  than the investment in autocracy and v.v.

The  Sinhalese community of Sri Lanka as well as the Tamil community became autocratic when they allowed themselves  to be ruled by the JVP and the LTTE respectively. As per the science of the mind, when autocracy dominates Democracy becomes passive in a sovereign group. Where both are active, they become the seeds of conflict in any area. This confirms also that it is NOT a Sovereign group.

There are accusations from some parts of  the Tamil Community that  Jaffna MP – Mr Sumanthiran is meeting UN members on his own. This makes perfect sense to me because educated politicians who think globally have become minorities in the Tamil community. Those with the genes have been exported to Western countries. That part that remains in Sri Lanka are supporters of autocracy and they vote to be ruled by the leader and not to become self-governing.

The Tamil community that seeks to keep the 13th Amendment to the Constitution confirms that it seeks to be ruled by Indian leaders. This is now extended to other nations such as the UK, Canada, USA & France. It is therefore structurally very different to Sri Lankan Tamil structure of my times and Sumanthiran’s times.

Sumanthiran therefore cannot be king of Tamils who seek to be commoners for the reason why the Queen of England is not elected by the People. By the same token, Mr Wigneswaran nor Mr Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam who included the LTTE credit as theirs are not eligible to form a government for the whole of Tamil community which includes a good proportion that actively rejected the LTTE or any armed leadership for the same reason Prince Edward VIII abdicated for breaking tradition of autocratic rulers of England.

We are all empowered by the true structures that we invested in. This may be different to the apparent one. Those who stay within those structures – as I did within my Lankan education – upholding its dignity here in Australia, become gods of that system due to the sacrifices they made to uphold that dignity of Sovereignty. The structure may be as small as Jaffna or Valvettithurai. But the power is Absolute and leads and supports through our subconscious mind. If Sumanthiran goes on to accept relative portfolios at global level he would lose that power of self-governance and demote himself to relativity.

LTTE chief Prabhakaran was true to himself and hence would not and did not do a Karuna. He is king of Tamil guerrilla forces and not king of official Tamil armed forces. Those who are in official government through Democracy would not be empowered by LTTE power. If Mr Wigneswaran looks within – he would know that this is why he failed as Chief Minister of Northern Province of Sri Lanka. An elected member has duty to the current voters and not to the past kings including guerrilla force kings.






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