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Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

17 February   2021






Numbers by themselves  confirm what happened. They do not tell us why it happened. Most of us know that the Corona virus spreads uncontrollably if we live like we did up to  2019.  Now we know through trial and error that its spread could be limited to low level through certain measures. To prevent it, we had to go deeper and find the vaccine.


Government related wars are also like the Corona virus. The numbers tell us what happened. They do not tell us why and therefore how to prevent it. As per yesterday’s Daily Mirror report ‘GoSL may ask UNHRC to set up data base on war time dead

[Accountability can be established only when the data is based on proper scientific collection. Justice cannot be rendered if the background information is flawed, he said. Further, if accountability is to be established, and LTTE cadres who had committed acts of terrorism will also have to be punished. If this is so, then, many of the 12, 847 cadres who had been given amnesty and rehabilitated by the Sri Lankan government would have to be arrested again and proceeded against, he said. 

“But I would not like them to be arrested. I have interviewed them and found them to have changed completely. They are now living normally in society and happily too,” Dr.Gunaratna said.]

Collection of Data – however accurate it may, be would not prevent the war-virus from attacking us. In fact, the war between LTTE and the Lankan Government may be a small manifestation of what is to come if we do not use it to make an anti-war vaccine. The spread is already indicated through China’s entry in Northern Sri Lankan shores. Strangely it seemed to have the support of some Northerners. The credit goes also to Tamils who continue to indirectly support the LTTE. Promoting LTTE is promoting war. This  of course would facilitate China’s presence in North. All because we did not discover an anti-war vaccine. Yesterday, I quoted Ms Pillai as follows:

[The last six months of Sri Lanka’s civil war in 2009 were played out live on world television screens. We watched the Sri Lankan army shoot to death the alleged leaders of the terrorist group, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), even as they raised white flags in surrender. We watched extensive aerial bombing of Tamil civilians and destruction of their homes, hospitals, and places of refuge. The onslaught continued well after the capture and killing of the alleged terrorists. We heard the last cries for help from doctors who were treating the injured in hospitals that were being shelled.

….Indeed, the LTTE  was responsible for a reign of terror, but now that terrorism has ended, why is “Gota’s war“ continuing to be waged against human rights defenders and democratic institutions?]

Ms Pillai did not go into ‘why’ the indiscriminate bombing happened nor why majority race in Sri Lanka brought Mr Rajapaksa back to power. Dr Rohan Gunaratna has indicated ‘why’ through the following declarations:

(i)             Accountability can be established only when the data is based on proper scientific collection

(ii)           About ex LTTE ‘I would not like them to be arrested. I have interviewed them and found them to have changed completely

If indeed, the former  LTTE have changed completely then they should never be arrested for that reason. Once the threat is ‘shown’ it means that the person showing does not believe that the change is at root level or that the government cannot be trusted.

As a Tamil, I would say that all ex LTTE would return to fight in another war and those who don’t were civilians and not combatants. Civilians who used weapons to defend themselves are NOT combatants. Ms Pillai does not know this because she is not Jaffna Tamil nor its Opposition.

Dr Rohan Gunaratna knows it but does not feel it. Only feelers can confidentially transform. One of my readers wrote to me in March 2019:

[Dr Gunaratna’s credibility has sparked questions to such a degree that a few years ago, the British publisher of Gunaratna’s book, Inside al-Quaeda, took the extraordinary step of issuing a disclaimer as a “Publisher’s note” advising the reader to treat the book’s contents as mere “suggestions”.]


Of serious concern is the indicator through Republic world article headed ‘BJP To Expand Abroad? Sri Lanka's Election Commissioner Takes Note; Explains The Terms’

[Sri Lanka on Monday responded to Tripura CM Biplab Kumar Deb's remarks that India's ruling party BJP has plans to expand its footprint in the neighbouring island nation and Nepal. Sri Lanka's Election Commission Chairman Nimal Punchihewa shot down reports saying the country's electoral law does not permit such an arrangement.

"Any Sri Lankan political party or group is permitted to have external links with any party or group overseas. But, our electoral laws do not permit overseas political parties to work here," Punchihewa told reporters. Interestingly, last year, President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa's brother, Basil, had said he envisioned modelling the ruling Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna either on the lines of the BJP or the Communist Party of China, PTI reported. 

According to a report in news portal East Mojo, during a party program in Rabindra Satabarshiki Bhavan on Saturday, Deb said that former BJP president Amit Shah during his visit to Tripura, in a tea party with the state leadership, said that he plans to establish the party in neighbouring countries after winning in most of the states in India.]

 To my mind, it must have been the Truth in me that wrote under the following heading on 13 February: - ‘BUDDHISM & COMMUNISM IN NORTHERN LANKA?’ . The above warning about BJP was published on 16 February. Telepathy?

Telepathy is presented by Wikipedia as follows:

[Telepathy  "feelingperceptionpassionafflictionexperience") is the purported vicarious transmission of information from one person to another without using any known human sensory channels or physical interaction. ]

When two believe at depth  - the communication is mind to mind through telepathy. This would be immeasurably valuable to the Lankan government to confidentially know the Common Indian mind.  This was indicated by my following expression on 10 February when I wrote under the caption ‘BUDDHIST DIGNTY FROM INDIA & NOT CHINA’

“Indian leaders need to know that come what may – Tamils will share their true investment in Hinduism with India. With this, it is time for India to establish the regional management system to preserve common heritage and not for current economic purposes.”

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